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  1. Cool idea, I'd love to test, but they only have straight, my led bar is curved...:-(
  2. Hi guys! I started this thread a while ago. Got mixed info. I was worried about 2 things with extra lights: glare and sound. I now got myself a ledbar. Glare is not a problem at all. But...sound is. I was surprized how much noise it makes. Part of the problem disappeared when I got a leather cover, and up to 120km/h it’s ok. Above that the sound is clearly heard, and there are some vibrations in the roof. Tested the light during a drive with @Chaitanyarecently, and it is very good. But I am honestly not 100% happy with the noise... Putting a light in the smaller grill on the ho
  3. Very sory to hear you cancelled, and feel a bit responsable...but it also means we’ll do this another time...?😬👍
  4. @Emmanuel I am very, very sorry for this, but I have to bail out from tonight’s drive, due to unforeseen family duties (which I cannot skip = my wife would kill me)...really sorry guys, I had looked forward to this.
  5. @Emmanuel I just got word I need to work this weekend😩! I am so sad I have to remove myself from the drive🥲🥲
  6. Shit, thought the flying part was a “french affair”...😱😱😱...Luckily I do have a Pilot License...don’t know about my FJ, but we’ll try😂😂😂
  7. I am so happy I snatched the last place!!! Same place we drove with @Emmanuel like 2 weeks back. It was absolutely amazing then, so my expectations are high!!!
  8. The rules are changing all the time, but still clear. No DPI twice in a row. And non paper results, you have to present the Al Hosn app... I had PCR last time, but to be on the safe side I will do PCR later today. I really don’t want to miss this drive😬😬
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