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  1. Wow, thanks for all the cheerful encouragement and the promotion! I really look forward to more driving and more things to learn. It is amazing how this Carnity desert driving has developed in very short time to have a given place in my life - the weekly week-end drive! It is also fortunate to feel that there is always a next step to look forward to, more to learn, more to explore. Thank you all the marshals for your commitment and continuous support, and not least your endless patience... See you out there!
  2. Thanks! Looking forward to playing like a maniac at the back, knowing I have such experts behind me, scooping me up If needed😂😂 And yes, it is a FJC, but I wouldn’t call it golden...😜
  3. @sertac Sorry, but I just pulled out of this drive, cause I found out I need to work on Friday...But I also found a spot on Saturday's drive.
  4. @Chaitanya D I just joined the drive since I cannot drive on the planned drive on Friday, didn't see any waiting list here (strange), can you please confirm my spot...?
  5. @Rahimdad Sorry for the late notice, but an unexpected problem makes it impossible for me to join the drive tomorrow. Hope some other lucky guy gets my spot!
  6. @Mehmet Volga Congrats buddy, very well done, and well deserved! See you out there!
  7. @Wrangeld Congratulations for the promotion, well deserved! I've done several drives with you, and I frankly just assumed you already were a marshall from the way you have been leading!
  8. I cannot imagine going to the desert without my buddy @Tamas Hoffmann....😂 @Ale Vallecchi, sorry to cancel now, but I won’t be able to make to the this drive...😩 Congrats to the lucky guy on the wait list!!
  9. @Ajiesh George Kannankara I agree with @Tamas Hoffmann, absolutely stunning pictures, are you working professionally with photography? Btw: anyone having a picture of my and @Tamas Hoffmann double-cresting??
  10. @Emmanuel Can you please do me a favor? I can’t still get it out of my head how it happened that I was sure to be on this drive, and then suddenly I wasn’t. Can you check the logs? Did I take myself out of the drive by mistake? Or any of the admins did? Thanks.🙏
  11. Some thoughts from the rear perspective This was my 11th drive with Carnity, and possibly the most fun I have participated in!!! No, we did not make a lot of kilometers, we didn’t reach the planned destination and we got warned by the police for busting a restricted area 😆. It was my first time as sweep, and didn’t know what to expect. I have had a shinny new rope and shackles for a while now, but I actually lost track of the number of times the rope was used today!!! Shovel got used as well (the 30-dhs-Dragon Mart proper one, and not the 200-dhs-“tea spoon” as Richard has named it previously...). What a physically challenging ride!! But it was soo fun, all the recoveries, the getting together, digging together, discussing together etc! I think it was very good to actually see and learn all the different problems from pop-out to stucks in different positions. Thanks @Wrangeld for the continuous support and your relentless driving up and down the convoy to assist us in the back. I am amazed that you so easily can handle the responsibility of getting 10 cars out in the desert like that, and more importantly also getting them out... A special thanks to my “brother in arms” @Tamas Hoffmann and his crew for his work!! The moment both of us gut stuck, crested besides each other, pointing in opposite directions, and needed @Wrangeld to pull us both, was simply priceless!! I also have to mention @Ajiesh George Kannankara and the black Patrol crew, who where always helping out - great job!! Thanks all for a great ride today!! I have taken exactly 1 picture only for the whole trip, so I’m looking forward to all nice pictures you guys must have!
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