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  1. The rules are changing all the time, but still clear. No DPI twice in a row. And non paper results, you have to present the Al Hosn app... I had PCR last time, but to be on the safe side I will do PCR later today. I really don’t want to miss this drive😬😬
  2. @Emmanuel first time I am urged to sign for a drive 😬😬. Much honored.🙏. As soon as I saw the drive I immediately wanted to join. I’ll do what I can to secure a spot! See you!
  3. Today’s drive was one of the best drives I have had with Carnity so far. After 2 drives in Abu Dhabi which were so cool in their own right, I was surprised to see today’s relatively big dunes in Dubai (I have never been to this specific area before). I was so thrilled by the prolonged and very intense periods of driving in mixed terrain at sustained high speed. The feeling of absolute concentration needed is very addictive. From the discussion after the drive I understand everyone felt the same, all concentrating on their own performance and the car ahead. It was helpful that we were few cars (5) in the convoy, but still cool to move together so fast. We didn’t have any significant stucks or refusals. Another sign of the good tempo we had, was that we finished way earlier than planned (which I have never experienced before). Thanks @Emmanuel and the rest of the team for this great drive! Please, please, pretty please, more drives like this🙏🙏😀😀. P.S. During today’s drive I realized I will “need” to maybe modify the suspension on my FJ, felt like a bit harder shocks would have been better😬. Sorry @Gaurav, but not everybody can afford a car with adjustable suspension😂😜
  4. Thanks for this suggestion!!! Where would I find that kind of shop?? I saw (I think) @Chaitanya had one of those...
  5. Hi guys: just an update on my initial question. So I installed this nice LED bar. Light is great, both front and sides. There is NO glare at all from the hood. But... It does make sound🙁🙁. Between 20-80 km/h there is a whistle kind of high pitched noise. 80-130 there is more “normal” wind noise. Above that, the entire roof has a slight vibration/noise. So not at all perfect. Right now I can stand it. If the radio is on, it doesn’t bother me. But it is definitely all about expectations: I did not expect it to sound THIS much. I am thinking either to remove it later or try to install a wind deflector behind the bar...I don’t really know...
  6. @Srikumar I withdraw my spot since I was accepted into Emmanuel’s drive. Hope to drive with you another time!
  7. @Frederic please don’t scare people away, I am soooo much looking forward to this drive....:-) @GauravSoni I was planning to camp, but I will arrive very late on the evening, so I don’t know yet if I make it at all...
  8. Easy...just go the evening before, and camp at the meeting point...(of course not together, we have to maintain distancing). Anyone thinking the same...?
  9. @Emmanuel sorry for this, but changed family plans doesn’t allow me to go in the afternoon, so I have to give up this...I thought I could make it somehow, but have had no luck...
  10. @sertac Just saw the drive was cancelled 😞. What would be the minimum nr of people...? No chance to re- open the drive, maybe more people would be interested since Monday...?
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