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  1. @Janarthan Thanks! Good to have you in front! You and me were alone quite many minutes while @Gaurav was away digging somebody else out :-). I don't know about the distance - I find it the most difficult part - you loose your concentration just one second, and you either are too close >need to brake>get stuck (this happened to me when I crested), or you keep better distance>loose the track... But I guess more practice will fix that... I have some nice GoPro video, mostly of your car...
  2. @Gaurav It's as I said very funny, I was begging to join you at the same time! Anyway, thanks for the promotion and for the all the work! Looking forward to the drive tomorrow, sounds like a very nice one!!
  3. @Gaurav What?? So you meen mu promotion was not due to my question...? In that case very funny! Anyway, looking forward to more action tomorrow! Thanks!! 🙏
  4. Done deal! Thanks! @Lisa Pemberton
  5. @Lisa Pemberton Don't worry, it's not very urgent, so I will see what to do...Thanks!
  6. @Gaurav Thanks for this morning's drive. It was great. My problem is I have not had enough...I don't see any drive for my level (Newbe) for tomorrow, but found this last spot for tomorrow in this group...Do you think I could join? This would be my 5th drive with you...
  7. Yepp, my build in compressor in the FJ broke down 2 weeks ago. Turned out it was just the fuse (which I checked directly, but not the proper fuse, which was hidden behind the battery, so it took a trip to Toyota to sort out). Now working, but I thought I should have an extra compressor just in case - this one seems at least to be ok quality vs price balance...
  8. Christian Andras

    Christian Andras

  9. Hi, what is the verdict for the compressor? Worth the money so far?
  10. @Lisa Pemberton I am going tomorrow also, I am very curious to see that compressor in action 😀
  11. Hi! Done again. Is there any other place in the system I need to do this on? Just to get it over with, and focus on the driving than on the covid.
  12. Ok, thanks. So no point buying recovery hook (see picture). Anyway, looking forward to meeting all on Friday and getting some more answers Anyway, I bought a proper 14 tonnes kinetic recovery rope and 2 soft shackles, so I hope to make it. /Chris
  13. Dear Frederic, It’s a 2017 FJ Cruiser, no modifications other than really good off-road tires. The car has original tow hooks back and front, but also a tow hitch, however I only have the “ball” adapter, I don’t know if I should use the hitch or the original hook if I have to pull somebody out. In that case I should buy a proper adapter for the hitch. I also plan to add a 10 mm aluminum skid plate in front instead of the original one, but I won’t make it this week, I hope though I don’t need this for a Newbe tour...:-) I have never driven in the desert with proper car, however I participated in a 6days race in Marocco desert with a 30-y old Fiat Panda 2x4...So I definitely see myself as newbe...
  14. Hi Frederic, I am new to everything. To the site, as member, to desert driving. I want to join this Friday’s drive, I’d bring a friend along. Just want to make sure I have joined the drive ”properly”. Of the equipment I think I’ve got the essentials, but not the radios... Please let me know if I need to do anything more at this point. Looking very much forward to this!! /Christian
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