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  1. Apparently i am installing an extra fan, but other works came up as well which i am currently doing so not joining the weekend drives this week. Thanks for all the advises much appreciated ...
  2. During off roading getting hot oil sign on the dash . Tried putting water and carry on but not helping . I drive 2010 Jeep Wrangler 2010 . Is an extra fan in front of radiator a solution or any suggestion ?
  3. @Vanessa8580great evening drive, I enjoyed the weather as well the challenging dunes as it’s was my first fewbie drive . @Srikumar always there with the helping hand and guidance . Also my first drive in the 5th position on the convoy, Which made it easier to judge the paths laid by the leads . @Desert Dweller thanks for helping with the deflation’s as well the hand water can .Had taken few pictures & have uploaded in the gallery . See you next week and keep safe everyone !!!!
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