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  1. @Vanessa8580please add me to the waitlist. This will be my 1st drive. Thank you. Please ignore, I just got a spot in the Qudra drive. Thanks.
  2. Hello Ale. Sorry for the end moment notice but my holiday for tomorrow has been cancelled unexpectedly and I will not be able to join. Thanks and see you on the next drive.
  3. Thank you, Rahim Bhai. The feeling us mutual, hope to drive with you soon.
  4. Congrats @Shaaz Sha, will be seeing you around as always.
  5. I am really excited and eager to explore the next level of desert adventure...! Thanks a lot @Gauravfor this promotion. Thank you @Frederic @Tbone @Anish S @Ale Vallecchi @Mohamed Seidam @Wrangeld for your wishes. See u around.! 🙃
  6. Thanks Rahim Bhai for a lovely morning. Also the entire convoy enjoyed the playground. As @Rahimdadtruly mentioned- When the cat is away the mice will play 😁 @Athula Dharmadadahope to see your Jeep back in action soon. After your incident, we all were very apprehensive to do the sidey and there was a big moment of silence when you were being towed. The tension and fear was in the air and i guess everyone was thinking whether to go ahead and play or not. But eventually we started playing and took extra care of maintaining the momentum at the bump. many of us doing repeated rounds of
  7. That was a great TROUBLESHOOT, i was really happy to see the gear working and functioning after everything around the transmission gear was removed...! new learning again.
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