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  1. I am in discussion with the owner, he is the second owner from 2015. Need your advice on: Technically what Key Points in X-terra I should Check.? What should be the Price.?
  2. @Wrangeld kindly unlist me from this convey list.. due to some personal commitment i will not be able to reach Qudra on time.. Apologies for late reply ..
  3. Hey Richard @Wrangeld, Though the list is long.. But try to see if I can accommodated for this Drive. Kindly add me to the waiting list.✌️
  4. Thanks captain @Ale Vallecchi.. This being my first Evening Drive, I had similar concerns as @Andrei. 😃But will follow your tyre marks.. See you tomorrow..✌️
  5. Hey Captain Srikumar, Pls find below details as required: 1. Which 4x4 do you drive? >> Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2017 2. Confirm your vehicle has a front and rear tow hook. >> Yes 3. Do you have any previous offroading experience? >> No For your first offroad adventure, please bring along a deflator and pressure gauge. Pressure gauge - Yes. Inflator - Yes Deflator - No. (😓 Amazon will deliver on Sunday). See you on Friday...👍
  6. Hardik Mody

    Hardik Mody

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