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  1. Hi @Islam Soliman I was planning to bring Y62 tomorrow and was very excited for the drive with you but due to some personal reason I won’t be able to come, so can you please give my spot to someone else. Thank you.
  2. Wish you very very happy birthday Srikumar
  3. Thank you very much @Wrangeld and I appreciate your and the team's support in taking me and my car out of the risky situation yesterday. @Watteau I am grateful to you for stopping me at the right moment and for the help you gave later. Also thank you so much to the entire team of yesterday who helped and encouraged me. @Islam Soliman thanks a lot for taking my son out of that situation and then helping me. Credit also goes to @Watteau for using the winch with accuracy. There is a lot to take in from yesterday's drive, and I believe that yesterday was an amazing day for me that I have learned a lot without causing an accident. When I was inside the car, I felt that it might be my last drive, but when I came back out and the confidence received by @Wrangeld, I felt great and was able to complete my drive. I don't have many words for this but I thank each one of you for your help and support.
  4. @Chaitanya I want to cancel this drive bicoz my car the engine light and beep sound started, so please give my spot to other member.
  5. @Vanessa8580I want to cancel this drive because today during my morning drive, in my car the engine light and beep sound started, so please give my spot to other member.
  6. This morning when I reached the spot for the drive, the engine light and beep sound coming in my car, so I spoke to the leader and canceled my drive.
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