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  1. @Brette how is your alignment after the last act of our adventurous and dramatic escapade yesterday? Also if your friend agrees to 150 rate for balancing + alignment please share his details, im sure he can count on regular support from the community if the workshop is not too far. Yesterday was a lot of fun - I'm working out every day yet haven't got such sore muscles for weeks which proves shovelling at various angles is a great full body workout guys 😂
  2. Hi @Brette tried yesterday but could locate leave button under Liwa - will have a look again.
  3. Thanks @Chaitanya D but it's not about the level but simply the date - I just can't join you on Monday and could only do Tuesday- i don't mind if it's f+ or int. Anyway, hope you have a fun drive and maybe see you in 2021 Cheers
  4. Hi @Chaitanya D I can't do on 14th unfortunately but missing only 1 of 10 f/f+ drives so if there'll be still place for this drive closer to the date let me know, will be great to see you. Otherwise maybe next year. Best, P.
  5. @sertac what's the final line up for tomorrow? Great to know if I should head to bed early or not
  6. Felt like a shaman trying to explain using sand in my hands and a graphic sign language what happened and what needs to be done at several local tire shops where we left the desert when Google failed miserably and hilariously with Farsi and Arabic translations 😂
  7. Ill attend this one then (fewbie plus). Thought the other drive was actually on Wednesday so it wouldn't make sense to wait till wedneday with a confirmation but let me double check an sign out from that one. Best, P
  8. Sounds awesome @Chaitanya D! Any chance you could put Jorge and me together in the convoy order for the drive?
  9. Amazing guys - we have such an exclusive and nimble convoy that im sure it's going to be an exceptionally fast paced and dynamic afternoon drive that will put intermediate and advanced groups to shame! 😊
  10. @Frederic, please kindly add me to the waiting list. Many thanks!
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