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  1. It was a wonderful drive with lots of learning for me, especially proper way of handling the vehicle crossing a crest. Thanks a lot @M.Seidam @Looper @Davie Chase. All my drive mates were excellent and showed super skill. Have a nice rest of the weekend guys!!
  2. Hi Gaurav, this afternoon i opted out due to some unforeseen personal commitments coming up. Regret for this. Wishing all a fun and safe ride tomorrow.
  3. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi for your guidance and support and your solid leadership skills. @Foxtrot Oscar ( Angela) thank you for your super rescue skills and really appreciate effort. This session was a good learning experience for me yet again.
  4. Thank you @Wrangeld & @Lorenzo Candelpergher for excellent support, guidance and advice throughout the drive. Amazing learning experience for me. I am improving my skill sets slowly but surely. The descent from Fossil Rock which initially was seemingly impossible, with your guidance was well executed and whole lot of fun. Gives more confidence on the capabilities of 4X4 vehicles. Looking forward to my next drive with Carnity so very much.
  5. Sorry, could not join the drive as i was not feeling that grt. In order not to take any chances it was best for me to call off this drive at the last moment. Feeling much better now and ready to enroll myself for the upcoming drive coming Friday :-)..
  6. Was great fun and learning experience. Credit to Carnity, especially to Gaurav & Vanessa for managing the whole drive with absolute professionalism. Looking forward to have future such drives with Carnity.
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