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  1. Thank you @Islam Soliman, @JeromeFJ and @Adam James for a fun and safe drive. A view of our sunrise this morning.
  2. Hi @Srikumar, I've been added to the Al Qudra drive so I just now removed myself from this drives waitlist for someone else to take my waitlist spot. Have a fun and safe drive, Emanuel
  3. Hi @Gaurav, You guys are very quick! Yes, just accepted the morning drive and was about to remove myself from this waitlist. We'll see you on another drive. Have fun, Emanuel
  4. Hi @Islam Soliman, How do my odds look for joining this drive? I've been asked to RSVP on the afternoon drive from waitlist but would prefer this one. Let me know so I can confirm on the other thread. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, Thank you Brette and Islam for a safe and enjoyable drive. Have a great week, Emanuel Here's a photo from early on our drive this morning.
  6. Thank you @Brette, @Nathan and @Shaaz Sha for a fun and safe drive. Have a great week everyone.
  7. Thank you @Ale Vallecchi and @Russ for an enjoyable drive today. Like most of us probably, I also had a wadi in the streets of Dubai to play in for a bit while on my way home.
  8. @Ale Vallecchi looking pretty wet here Dubai at the moment. Please confirm if we'll be driving this morning. From the attached screen cap of from National Meteorology Center looks like Lahbab is included in this zone.
  9. @Ale Vallecchi do I now have to remove myself from the other drive waitlist or will the system do that automatically?
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