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  1. @Janarthan what a treat! Thanks for the challenging and fun drive! Lengthy periods of radio silence tell of the challenge and concentration needed! Learnt loads from you and @Foxtrot Oscar 🙏🏽 … felt like a student throughout! @TT_Dubai great to see you again and flawless SL. @Abdul Rafay-S making these drives look effortless! The convoy was superb throughout.. and the breaks to cool down the cars were welcome and in beautiful spots! @Enrico Biscaro your drive report shows how self aware you are and humbling to see self reflection and learning published for all to benefit from
  2. Perfect advice from @PaoloMaraziti when you look at the cars, the stock tires are Dunlop Grandtrek AT22 - these are highway tires and not Offroad even though they carry the AT label. So don’t be put off if you see these on the car (or if the seller attempts to claim these are All Terrain tires). Don’t change to genuine AT until you have driven a few times with stock tires - the leads when setting the convoy order do also consider your tires and position you to compensate. @Wrangeld is the infamous Marshal going everywhere in highway treads!! Showcasing skill/experience/control o
  3. @M.Seidam cannot wait to finally join you on a drive! and am humbled that you are not put off with my portrait photography skills!
  4. @Gaurav I will accept the thanks and hate! Congrats on the 3kg and happy to bring my unflattering lenses on your next drive to continue the motivation/therapy
  5. @Alain Canivet-Abikhalil many congrats and well deserved!! 🎉🎉
  6. many congrats @Dodi Syahdar - what a great recognition and look forward to joining a drive with you again soon!
  7. Absolutely well deserved!!! Congrats @Alex Raptor !! we are a better convoy whenever you are part of it!
  8. we Japanese car owners see this as 'features' that highlights our cars 'serviceability/repairability'
  9. thanks for all these tips guys. @topgear also see this from the video i sent https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/1005002434786686.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.7c403c00TqqX7G&mp=1
  10. @Mehmet Volga you are absolutely right - I was able to watch over both from the back and knowing at the end this was actually there first full FB drive - even more impressive! Every refusal was self recovered and I'll share some further feedback: @Adam James initially you had a few minor refusals and what I could see, this was due to 'easing' off the throttle as you climbed to cross a dune (maybe you didn't want to carry to much speed once at the top which is natural) = Immediate lost momentum.. That said as the drive went on - not a single further refusal and i could see you really use
  11. @topgear not sure if you resolved the rattling … I found this video that may be helpful if still investigating https://youtu.be/ptGmKzmkrtg
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