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  1. Hi Gaurav i need to drop out due to some work commitments, apologies for the same see you next time
  2. Beautiful drive @Vanessa8580 thanks for leading us. @Arman great job on being the second lead hopefully you can drive the beast f150 next time. Great to meet @Warren Flay and tim. Thanks for the great support morale and Tim I am glad the cruiser tasted the sand today Warren the garage I was talkin about was radical in ras al Khor/ have a good weekend guys see you around next time.
  3. Great post @Frederic, I did face the transmission over heating issue on my very first newbie drive last week, this happened when I was stuck in a bad dune for about 20/30 mins below is the detail of my car 3.8 L, 2014 LWB kms done -70k transmission oil change- Not sure as I bought this car from someone else drive in - D mode tyre pressure - 15 psi i went to a garage last week for skid plates and they told me over heating tranmission is common problem with Pajeros post 2012 models, they told me a external fan would fix the problem, th
  4. Hey Mels where did you get this done from and how much did it cost? Could you guide be a bit here please
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