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  1. Hey @Chaitanya D I only noticed that i wasn't in the rsvp anymore until i didnt see my name in the list? was there a problem? or am I still in the drive?
  2. An honor to be driving under your lead once more @Chaitanya D. Cannot wait to see you and my good ol' pal @Gok Krish again! See you on the sand!
  3. Lots of familiar faces and lots of new ones. I was equally happy to see both. Our group was diverse just like the drive and the dunes. Setting off into the sunset and exploring the night desert at a serious pace. Thank you @Chaitanya D and @Hisham Masaad for organising and leading. It was also great catching up with @Pacific. See you again soon buddy! Thank you @Russ and @Rawad for watching over the convoy as a whole. The rest of you... never stop digging, never stop clawing! Additionally, I would just like to add that I appreciate what we all have here. Carnity is not just a club, it is a community where I personally feel geniuenly welcome every. single. time. We must cherish and preserve that! Stay safe and until next time lads, G out.
  4. Great to see that @Pacific is joining the drive. Hopefully I will be infront of @Russ so I don't go deaf 😂. Thank you for organising the mid-week drive @Chaitanya D 🙏. See you all soon in the sand.
  5. Yes it is truly a beast with lots of power. Hence my catch phrase is dig and claw!!! haha. Thank you for the kind words and I also hope to see you guys on the sand one day rocking those LTXs. I cannot see whether you are a newbie or a fewbie (i think you are fewbie) but I will be leaving Dubai very soon and I hope that Lorenzo organises a Tuesday or Wednesday morning drive. That would be my last drive for a while if it happens so I hope to catch you there potentially. Those drives fill up fast so make sure to refresh regularly . Other than that, stay safe and regards to your family!
  6. @Wade Pat2 When it comes to tires. Michelin is the name in the game. I run on low profiles but have been checking out tires here and there so it is your choice whether my advice even interests you haha. If I had to go for some new tires I would take the michelins (mainly because my car weighs 3 tons). The michelins will be much more quiet on the highway, last longer and not that it matters too much... will be superior in the rain and perform similar if not better on the sand. If you can afford them, look no further but wait for some advice from someone who has had both maybe for your final decision. Hope that helped a little bit.
  7. I forgot to post this the entire time. Just 15 minutes of the drive. Thanks again @Tbone and @Nabil Bishara for leading. Thank you @Gok Krish for filming.
  8. Sorry guys I will not bee able to join the drive because I cannot get a covid test in time to enter Abu Dhabi. Have fun regardless!
  9. Thank You @Wrangeld and @Jeepie for the day and night drive. It was very enjoyable. Must make sure to join drives from now on with @Watteau and hope he brings his lovely wife 🙃. @JeromeFJ @Gok Krish @Lakshmi Narasimhan nice driving beside you guys as always and I hope to see you all again! Have a great weekend everyone.
  10. Exciting to catch up a little bit with the two legends @Wrangeld and @Jeepie. First met on AB Newbie and now meeting again finally at Fewbie+. I miss looking at that Jeep in the rear view. Best looking Jeep on all of Carnity 😎. Nice to be in a position surrounded by familiar faces around too. @Lakshmi Narasimhan @Watteau @JeromeFJ and @Gok Krish. See you all on the sand and stay safe!
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