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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. I felt a good difference post changing the fuel pump, but not a game changer. the mechanic says it might be one of the gear output chips, but to be honest i am not sure.However, this is not the reason as i will ship the car to Jordan today where i will spend 5 weeks driving around the country northern mountains and southern desert (Wadi Rum). if you are planning to come along give me a buzz
  2. I am really sorry @Anish S as i thought i dropped out of this. i wont be able to make it as I will be travelling and i sent the car to repair and it seems the fuel pump needs replacement ( i might be able to drive through the big dunes after all :) Enjoy everyone and see you in September. have a great summer.
  3. apologies i have to drop out as i needed to send my car to the repair shop..Enjoy and have a nice weekend
  4. Gents, it was amazing indeed and that bit of technical drive in the dark was worth the stuck. I just need to figure out why these big dunes keep on defeating me. I will try @Gaurav Soni advise to clean the air filter. Many thanks to @Anish S and @Gaurav Soni for tackling every challenge with confidence.
  5. wow @Sunil Mathew its like a horror movie music ...i see a hidden there ..i got the chills
  6. @Anish S can we please use any channel other than channel 1 as the noise is unbearable on my radio
  7. It will be great to know before 12noon just to able to make it.. enjoy everyone 🙂
  8. Marwan Haddad

    Marwan Haddad

  9. Many thanks to @Anish S and @Lakshmi Narasimhan and @RooRzOn for managing a great drive… I enjoyed every bit of it and kudos to all drivers for a very smooth drive. Definitely need to work on my big dunes more 🙂 looking forward for many more to come 👍👍
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