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  1. Dear @Ale Vallecchithank you for the very nice drive yesterday afternoon. The terrain was untouched all they, evern the very common bowls such as the iftar bowl felt so soft and un touched, thanks to the windy few days earlier. We felt all VIPs due to the small convoy, a few small refusals and a popout which was dealt with quickly and we moved on. The idea of swaping positions every 40 minutes was great and worked well for everyone 👏. @Ashok chaturvedi @Zixuan Huang - Charlie @Fabien Monleau @Pacific pleasure driving with you all always! And great to see you @Pacificon the dunes again! See you all soon in the desert
  2. @Shaz Shah thank you for a great fun challenging drive at Faqa which as described by @Thomas Varghese you are the king of Faqa. Title well deserved. It was a good experience for me to get crested and have to replace my LC70 tyre for the first time in 40 drives, as they say there is always a first time for everything! Thank you @matt for the physical support and @Ashok chaturvedifor the tools supplement, we know when you are around there is everything in your FJ. This drive had some challenges for my LC and @Tom B 's, however, the great support of the team left us with some fun memories and a great experience. 👍 @Ranjan Dasand @Looperthank you for your great support, always there to assist 👏 👍 @Simon Dawoodyou were very relaxed at the front and drove your Pajero beautifully 👍 👌 To the rest of the team thank you all and looking forward to seeing you again
  3. Looks so graceful my Sandy the LC70 😁 😂
  4. Asad it felt like you were in that position my friend didn't it 😄 😆 ??!!
  5. Definitely worth Madmax x2 drive withbthe King of the North 😃 😊 😀
  6. Happy Birthday @M.Seidam well deserved birthday celebration under the desert night 🌙 ✨️
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