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  1. Sorry guys. Have to drop out as I cant find a flag mount. Will join the next drive.
  2. Hi all Sorry to bother at this time. Any chance anyone would have a spare suction flag mount for tomorrow. Can't find mine.
  3. Sorry guys..... Got hung up with some emergency work.... Will join for the next drives.....
  4. Sorry guyz....Have an emergency situation to attend...... Will.make it for the next drive
  5. Thank you very much @Mahmoud Taha and @Shiju Raju
  6. Thank you @Gaurav @DP1011 @Benjamin @Looper for your wishes..... Mm
  7. Thankyou so much @DP1011bhaii for the wonderful pictures........
  8. Many thanks to @Ale Vallecchi @DP1011 @Xavi Moyano @Mark B for the wonderful drive and your immense support throughout, as always. Although, I had to drop out of the drive in the middle due to the issues with my car, the drive till then was absolutely amusing. Special thanks to all the members in the drive who had to stop the convoy whenever there was an issue. As with my car, will get all issues sorted and ready for the next drive.
  9. Sorry All......Will have to cancel my drive for tomorrow morning due to an emergency situation......Hope to see you all for the next drive........
  10. Hi..... This is my 2nd drive with Carnity....... Had my first drive 2 weeks back.... But I'll still drop the details below. Make - Mitsubishi Pajero 2014 GLS LWB Colour - White Have two front and rear hooks and the essential gear as well.
  11. Hi @GauravSoni@Krishna RThanks a lot for the information...... Will check in dragon mart for the same..........
  12. Please share your vehicle details - Make, Model, Color, and Year - Mitsubishi Pajero GLS 2014 3.5L LWB Do you have any prior off-road experience? If yes, pls share details - Just one single drive last year with some friends Confirm your vehicle has front and rear tow hooks/eyelets - 2 front and 2 rear tow eyelets confirmed. Advise if you don’t have a programable radio and safety flag - I have a programable radio but doesn't have the flag.
  13. Back in 2021, I did a sand drive in a desert once, not with Carnity though. And that was just a really basic desert drive which didn't include uphill, downhill, etc. Just driving on sand tbh
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