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  1. @Kailasi just noticed i have been added to the drive. Unfortunately i will have to drop out due to some commitments this evening.. Drive safely and have fun guys 🙏
  2. Guys since the MADMAX i didnt check on my pajero i think its a good idea to check it up after what you guys mentioned 😰. @Daniel Yang i hope fixing it wont be expensive my friend loved the picture
  3. Thank you @Hisham Masaad so much for this overwhelming drive . it was indeed MADMAX with honor and i totally agree to have MADMAX 2 and 3 😁 . so much adrenaline flowing through my veins during the drive trying to stay focused as much as possible . everyone drove extremely well especially @ASAD. our SL . great people to drive with @ASAD.@Simon Dawood@Fabien Monleau@Vaibhav@Mohamad Anwer@Daniel Yang@Chris Wing@Ashok chaturvedi@Amir Amiri@Ranjan Das@Waqas Parvez I proved to you @Mohamad Anwer that you always need the spices of the Pajero in these kind of drives 😂 🙈 Some moments that got captured on video looking forward to see you soon
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