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  1. Thanks @Thomas Varghese for pointing out , i was pretty sure i selected the right name , i edited my post 😂
  2. Dear @Foxtrot Oscar appreciate your response and looking forward (hopefully to join the drive) Thanks
  3. @Jeepie i am very sad to see you go away. Driving with you was so much fun! . I loved the passion that you have for the desert. I really hope will get the chance to drive again . Good luck
  4. Thanks @Jeepie for the wonderful drive. The weather was incredible , i totally enjoyed it . Looking forward for the next drive
  5. Dear @Lorenzo Candelpergher it was such a pleasure driving with you, everyone could feel the passion you had for the sand . And the way you pass on the knowledge was really interesting ( cant forget the fish tailing part 😀 ) Good luck
  6. @Jeepie lets hope we will not need some diving gear 😂.. Looking forward for the adventure...
  7. @Frederic i am trying to join the event but it is telling me that i have reached the maximum limit. Could you please add me to tge event. Thanks,
  8. @Alexander Alcala you are right, from physics point of view the spacer have to do nothing with center of gravity . I think my question was not technically correct. But what i wated to say is . As i lift my car 2inches high so with that the center of gravity will be lifted upwards as well and this will increase the risk of flip so to eliminate the effect that we caused by the lift we will need to make the car base to the ground wider ( increase the distance between the wheels). This is as per my humble understanding ( maybe wheel alignment on its own can solve this issue ) Tha
  9. Got it @Srikumar, so in my case i will need around a 1.25 inch spacers. Thanks for the tip
  10. Hi, I have a question in regards to the the wheel spacers. As i have lifted my car 2.5 inches i was thinking to install some wheel spacers to maintain the center of gravity. But i was un able to find any article mentioning the ratio of lift to the spacer width that needs to be used. Is it something like 1 to 1 ( if i lift 1 inch i will need to have a 1 inch wheel spacer ) Your expert advice is highly appreciated. Thanks
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