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  1. @Ale Vallecchi good morning, I just woke up with a fever so unfortunately I have to drop out. Enjoy the drive!
  2. Thanks for the amazing drive @Mehmet Volga. It was very challenging indeed, but that is how you learn and in the end it was great fun - looking forward to more!
  3. @Gaurav can you share the picture you took of me being stuck please Thanks!
  4. Thanks a lot @Gaurav - was indeed a lot of learning, but also good fun
  5. @Chaitanya D @M.Seidam Thanks a lot for the great drive last weekend, we really enjoyed it and we'll be back for more @Khyber @Mehmet Volga can you recommend a place to get the skid/bash plates for a Pajero done? Preferably in Abu Dhabi? Thanks! Lukas
  6. @Chaitanya D Hello, thanks for your message. This will actually be my second off-road drive, I had one with Asif Hussain about a month ago. My car is a Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5l 2020. I have the tow hooks front and back and also the other equipment. Looking forward to Saturday. Lukas
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