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  1. Sorry for the last minute drop out. An emergency with my co passenger.
  2. I reached late. I mistook the start time as 8:00. Sorry to have kept the crowd waiting. Will catch you all on the next drive.
  3. Thanks Gaurav. I wasn't sure of how a turbocharged engine would perform in the sand when compared to the naturally aspirated engines.
  4. (Asking for a friend) Which of the new LC would have better for off road-ing capabilities (I do understand that it eventually comes down to the driver 🙈), the one with the 4.0 L engine or the 3.5 L turbo, and why? How much of a difference between these engines, considering they are very differently priced with the 3.5L t apparently belonging to a separate price bracket?
  5. Hey, thanks @Davie Chase, @DP1011 and @Gaurav. Enjoying every bit of it. Looking forward to more fun drives in the sand. 😊
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