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  1. @Simon Dthank you Simoon, multumesccc! @Rafey Hashmiheey Rafeeey, thanks see you soon!!
  2. Many thanks @Gaurav, @Davie Chase, @Frederic, @DP1011, @Mahesh_ it is an amazing pleasure to drive everytime with Carnity club and amazing leaders and colleagues Thank you for all the Marshalls and Leaders and colleagues for teaching me the art of Dune Bashing
  3. Many thanks @DP1011, @Frederic, @Benjamin, @Mike M.. I had a gain in conquering technical dunes with the tip of the iceberg having a 50% pop-out? I would keep my donuts for myself or bring real ones for everyone. Thanks for helping and for the Santa Clause experience, will definitely be remembering this drive. I loved the positive energy of everyone. Thanks for all the rest of the convoy making it funny and nice
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