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  1. More than posting, I love reading and I have found so many problems solutions without even asking. Really helpful and knowledgeable people around here that I haven't met or seen but hold a great wisdom for car concern.
  2. Hands down Dynatrade is much better and almost the same as an agency in 50-60% of the price
  3. Well that's what I have heard from @Gaurav long ago. I am not sure what's the age of vehicle or condition of timing belt.
  4. You can check with chipcentric and chiptuningdubai guys if they do tinker with older Jag's
  5. Im sorry if I may have sounded negative to you, but I was trying to help you in a way to raise few red flags on your proposed idea. I know a person who modified EVO to increase hp by 25% and 4 months later timing belt broke and Habtoor found the reason to be because of excessive boost. If LC is delivering 240 hp in stock state then all of it's component has been design to support that be it engine internal components or ancillary components. Secondly you also need to factor the current age of vehicle is already 16 years old and by now all parts are already running weak to barely support 240 hp let alone if you exceed, you will open big can of worms. Thirdly even if somehow you did everything right, then the chances of car will die / explode on first few push onroad or offroad as UAE heat is really extreme factor that you need to consider for 16 years old engineering + turbo boost. Hope you listen to experienced people advices here, as life is too short to learn from your own mistake. To your actual question: You can buy turbo from Ramy trading in dubai, Golden sun in sharjah. For used parts I dont know.
  6. It isn't that easy and "practical" as it sounds in theory. If it was, no one will buy expensive fast cars and keep adding turbo to lancer, yaris and tiida's. Adding turbo to a non turbo car is very risky as all items in the car is design to work under certain limitation and adding trbo horsepower will def go exceeds critical engine parts limitation. For adding turbo, you have to modify lot many engine parts, exhaust parts, cooling, brakes, differential etc. Even if you spend 20k to replace all parts to fit 1200 dhs turbo then RTA will fail your car as its a risk to you adn other road users as car might explode anytime.
  7. As per new rule now car tinting can be upto 50% darker as oppose to 30% allowed earlier. This came as a big surprise for me today morning, as I was thinking of changing my car tint which was almost faded since last 3 years. Thanks boss. http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/transport/car-window-tinting-rule-changed-in-uae-1.2055591
  8. union national bank - 2.35% and ajman bank car finance - 2.3% is currently the lowest interest on car loan in uae market. I checked these last week, hope it helps
  9. Awesome idea for saving other cars. At least Ford is the first company to realize that 90% of car owners are ass holes and inconsiderate to install those 5 dhs rubber bumper on their door edge. My neighbor ruined my car for almost a month and when confronted that ass hole has surprise emotion on his face as if he has not done anything to ding my passenger door 100 times.
  10. If you are not changing color police and RTA is fine, if changing color then seek a permission paper from police and it will be updated in RTA file. That's it. Someone will help you on places to get it done
  11. Off course sharjah is almost half the labor cost than dubai, but you should know what you are getting it done as those guys are just grease junkies and not actual mechanics.
  12. Have you got the axle boot checked for cracks or leaking grease. If boots are completely torn and dry then get them change at the earliest before they damage the axle grooves itself, which will be too expensive to change. This change of axle boot in Pajero's is also quiet involved job and might cost you good money, but it's worth changing them as a schedule maintenance which is good for 40k-50k kms easy with Mitsubishi original spare parts.
  13. I dont think I know anyone who likes to drive self driving car ever, not only coz of safety sake but we all hate to loose control.
  14. As a first rule slipping gear / jerking in any car, change the gear oil and gear oil filter IMMEDIATELY. You can still save the gearbox, if ignored for long and this jerking become very obvious then gear rebuild is the only option, I'm afraid.
  15. If door open from outside but not from inside then you have to check if child lock is on accidentally. If both ways are locked check the setting around driver for locking the rear door only, if no settings then door lock must have stuck or gone bad. In both ways you need some professional help to open the door and once it's open spray generous amount of WD40 to loosen the door locking mechanism (if its stuck). If still same problem you have to change that door lock.
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