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  1. Thanks for the help, I will keep a check on that if next time car fails to start again. No, it actually dindt as green powder was hiding inside the battery terminal and when they open it all the mess came out. Sure will do, any recommended shop or place from where I can pickup and DIY? I thought this too and will point out to the service guys next time I visit them.
  2. I called recovery today and they have tried to jump start but still car hasn't started. Lights are all on, just that engine is not cranking at all. Finally recovery guy, open the battery terminal and clean the green powder stuff from inside the battery terminals, responsible for partial contact. After 30 minutes of detail cleaning and patience, car finally started in a single attempt. They also checked the battery and said it's working fine on both when car is switched off and when car engine is running. Thanks for all your help and advices, really appreciate it here.
  3. I tried everything and still car not starting guys, please help. I cleaned air filter, maf socket, fuel pump pinging, tap the alternator, jump start with other car but nothing seems to start this car today. very weird. Car is well serviced and I think last plug changed about 15k km on second last service.
  4. Yes my car battery seems fine and have green light as an indicator and not white eye
  5. My car not starting after several attempts, even after leaving the ignition switch on for few seconds before turning the engine. Ignition switch is making the click noise as it always does but car not starting at all. There was no engine misfire, engine oil leak nor any car starter problems noticed before. Please help guys.
  6. Thanks will wait to hear from other membrs
  7. Its a proper tow hook install in the center, I meant vs tow hitch. Not side small hole ones. Its for recovering when stuck in sand or mountain and not pulling boat/load
  8. Which one to use whena dn which one do you prefer over the other? Appreciate experts advice in best selection. Thanks in advance
  9. How do you expect me to step out in traffic to throw bucket of water? Only in stop and go traffic it drops the cooling little and become fine when moving or sitting idle in a breathable space like parking, road side, red light etc.
  10. Thanks guys, I have done all two times and still in traffio it was loosing its chill. This workaround worked for me the best
  11. I was suffering from bad AC cooling in traffic since a month now. Checked and refill the original US Freon but still cooling drops significantly in stop and go traffic. Clean the front grill evaporator or condenser whatevr its called, still marginal improvement. Finally while researching this topic I foud that keeping a 2-3 gap distance in traffic is the only way to have nice cooling in Pajero. Idea is if you are too close to car in front then AC will suck hot exhaust air and if you are few meters away then it can get atomospheric air. Try and let me know if it works for you.
  12. It was actually a jar and now everyone says box dont know why
  13. Indeed its super sexy American creation, screaming Chevy everywhere
  14. OMG< this really look like a trap waiting for opening a pandora jar
  15. While fixing something in my car last night I spread super glue on my fingers and palm. Washed many times and its just not coming out at all. Appreciate if someone can advise a way on how to remove super glue from hands and fingers. thnx guys
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