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  1. I really dont care as I go alone but within the distance I can see the street lights.
  2. I dont fancy complicated cars so ease of use is actually my only conern 2 maybe resale has to be good
  3. BMW road in sharjah is the best place to find car spare parts. I have been there few times when car parts guys in dubai unable to get me some cosmetics part, love it.
  4. Nice hilarious explanation Gaurav, ill make it easy as told to me by some legendary hot shot offroader who been to both sides of this hobby. If you can lead a convoy of 5+ cars without a stuck, then you can go alone.
  5. Have you tried this hack in your pajero? forgive my ignorance, how gear hacking can add hp?
  6. Thnax guys for helping and will try first spacer as its for 500 dhs, alo remove the black plastic under bumper
  7. Thanks Srikumar and Gaurav Fuad, do you mind sharing how your transmission failed? And what is the advantage of swapping with 2014 model
  8. Well in my case offroad is not much, but loading car with 7 pax and camping gear really push and sag the suspension so much that on road side sand sometime i hit the bumper, especially those wavvy sand, I cross very slow.
  9. OMG, where is this AT light comes on and how does it look it?
  10. I need a two inch lift for my pajero and tuied up between using a height spacer or change the suspension? I read heap of articles and already very confused on which way to go. Spacers are cheap but at same time I dont want to damage any underbody but also i dont want to spend too much for full suspension change when spacer can give that little lift. please help guys
  11. login back, when i need car help
  12. More than posting, I love reading and I have found so many problems solutions without even asking. Really helpful and knowledgeable people around here that I haven't met or seen but hold a great wisdom for car concern.
  13. Hands down Dynatrade is much better and almost the same as an agency in 50-60% of the price
  14. Well that's what I have heard from @Gaurav long ago. I am not sure what's the age of vehicle or condition of timing belt.
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