Sweihan adventurous night drive - 13 July 2017

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As promised after my two weeks break, will offer something really exciting for all experienced off-road drivers at Carnity. So what better than Sweihan adventurous night drive in the month of July when we have some well experienced night hawks in the convoy now. Thanks to Rahim bhai teaching in last few drives to break their fear of leading, I think this Sweihan night drive will hone their skills even more with tall rolling step dunes. They are difficult to enter due to their height, and one can only access them through "steps" strategy. Once on top they are fun to drive as all big dunes are inter-connected and offer broad ridge to ride and kick your last drop of adrenaline. 

P.S. This is real Sweihan area drive and not Nahil area what we did in March. This will be quiet a few notch above Nahil dunes.

When: 13 July 2017
Meeting time: 11:00 PM
Starting time: 11:15 PM (SHARP)

Where: First ADNOC service station on E20 (Al Haiyir to Nahil) after turning right from Dubai - Al Ain (after faqa).
GPS Coordinate:
Level of drive: Fewbies - Intermediate

Type of drive: Adrenaline kicking fun drive with plenty of breaks and food time on top of some awesome dunes
Plan: Learn advance night sand off-road driving
What to bring along: Food, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn

Approximate finish time: 6 AM - 14 July 2017


Safety advice:

  1. All vehicles should have proper tow hook in front and back
  2. Drive is only open for proper 4x4 vehicles, not for SUV's, AWD, and Sedan's
  3. Vehicle should have minimum 10-12 inches of ground clearance
  4. Every vehicle should have proper shovel, deflator and tire pressure gauge
  5. Two way radio, air compressor, tow rope, Jack and shackle are advisable to carry if you have


Please leave your name and mobile here and RSVP on below calendar:

List of participants:

  1. Gaurav Khanna - 050 5258706
  2. Asif - 050 6990411
  3. Saleem - 055 7979626
  4. Srikumar - 055 9567471
  5. Basil - 050 1090183

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After a long time, we had some good time to drive and enjoy the desert. Total of 5 cars made in with excellent coordination, teamwork and calculated move to cover 31 kms off-road in 5 hours in middle of Sweihan tall dunes.

We started on time from meeting point and asif bhai joined the convoy just before the deflation point. We had nice cup of tea there, just before the drive starts. Driving after 3-4 years in Sweihan, all I can say that desert has changed now as some strange fencing has been done inside the desert. The patch we have chosen used to be the most amazing area in whole sweihan with big rolling dunes and amazing drops, but now little restricted due to new fencing. As soon as we started, just after couple of big dunes we encountered the first fence that has broken access and soon we entered inside there was a big drop on one side of tall dune and edge of the dune was fenced. Only way is to go down and get sucked into the fence that has small opening to exit. You make it or break it kind of situation, at first attempt I barely escape that without scratching my car, then came back to help sri and made his car out of the situation with ease.  Rest of the cars stayed on top and we went back a little to find another way to continue.

This strange experience, alarmed all of us as to beware of what lies ahead in deep dunes and dangerously installed fence inside the pockets and bowls making sweihan driving in night even more difficult and challenging. As per my educated guess, I think this whole patch has now been divided in two parts now by placing straight line fence in between. Only option we had, is to keep the fence on our left and keep driving on right side and avoid going too close to fence on left. The two good waypoint I had marked for this route fall on the other side of fence, so we couldn't visit the dome bowl and another waypoint, too bad.

What we had in our hand was beautifully enough for all of us to enjoy the Sweihan. Apologies to everyone for lack of break time as we were running on tight schedule to exit before it gets too hot. We all managed very well and without any incident and just one pop-out and couple of minor stucks - very commendable for sweihan level of drive. RAV4 after the lift, started doing well as far as driver stays focused. Sri's Pajero was second lead and he did wonderful job in protecting others behind him by correcting the path ahead. Asif bhai's monster was roaring and enjoying throughout. Basil's sweep position was equally important and proven helpful as when he drives in second lead.

We had a good break at 4 AM for almost an hour to bring all the food on the table and enjoyed everyone's specialties. Thanks to nice breeze in open area, we all had good food, rest and recharge for the last leg of the drive. By the time we started after the break in daylight, we all could see the beauty of sweihan and what we have been driving since last 4 hours. We drove and played little in last leg for 2 hours and by 7 AM we have exited the desert towards a track, which connected us back to the main road from where we started in night.

Overall it was very adventurous and challenging drive, little tiring but equally thrilling due to the constant focus that we need to keep. May be for next attempt, we should go further down and enter the desert so that we can actually go on to the left side of the fence that has more beautiful rolling dunes. Last but not least, every one of us missed our superman very much and we hope we can do another sweihan run, once he is back.

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Thanks Asif and Saleem bhai, for awesome pictures. Awaiting to see @skumar83 and @baselsm83 pictures now.

I have added mine in gallery:

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