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  1. Hi, will be there at the meeting point by 7:30 am
  2. Sikka Art Exhibition

    Congrats @sertac. Great achievement.
  3. Action Cam

    Buy some extra batteries and a car charging unit as well.
  4. Importing car from Kuwait to UAE

    I did it a few years back for a car from Saudi. Basically, we cancelled the number plate and declared in the Transport Authority for export. We brought it on a recovery vehicle from Saudi to Dubai via Ghweifat border. We submitted the custom bill of entry papers and the export paper from the Saudi Authority and then followed the normal procedure for registering any new car. Also, an important information at that time, the car can be registered only in the person's name that it has been exported to, so you need to declare that while preparing the documents and transfer letter in Kuwait
  5. Suzuki Jimny for Desert

    In addition to power by weight ratio, what is also important is the gearing. I drove a 3.8 LWB Pajero which would have a ratio of close to 100 hp/ton. But it would struggle like hell to climb anything due to it's fancy electronics. @Gaurav, I think you also faced the same issue with the gear ratios in your Patrol, right?
  6. Suzuki Jimny for Desert

    @Gaurav your new car falls in the last category. You should try it in Tal Moreeb. It might match the modified Patrols
  7. Jeep Spare Part Stores

    @sertac appreciate the info @shadow79 Could you also please post the location for the jeep scrap dealers
  8. Pajero Vibration on Idle

    Just an update, the issue was with the engine and gear mounts which were shot. Got them replaced and the car is smooth as usual. @treks yes the idle speed we're normal. In N it is at about 900 rpm with the AC on, and when in D it drops to about 600 rpm.
  9. Please vote for me and my ride.

  10. Hatta Drive + Hatta Lake Kayaking

    it's been more than a while since I have gone on a drive. So the wife is asking what's wrong. That's the sign that why are you at home on a Friday
  11. Hatta Drive + Hatta Lake Kayaking

    Looks wonderful. I am in. Are we going to be going through any border check posts? Could you also please provide the coordinates of the meeting point?
  12. Jeep Wave

    i agree. Anything and everything that we see in modern day cars or their campaigns has originated only from Land Rover.
  13. @Carnity Thank you for the recognition. Much appreciated.