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  1. Must have been an awesome lesson on recovery from such a position. Does anyone have a photo or video of the recovery? Feel bad that I missed this moment. But it goes to show that the locals are in a different league when it comes to desert driving. It's like a survival instinct comes in very naturally for them. I have seen the Bedouins of Kuwait drive in the desert near the Kuwait / Iraq border. It's a sight to watch the ease with which the traverse through the desert.
  2. Hi, Not sure if I will be able to make it. But rest assured I would be trying hard to get the approval from Home Ministry to get the chance to learn night desert driving... Please add my name. Regards Srikumar (055-9567471)
  3. Once again a well planned drive by Gaurav, and a good amount of theory and reasoning was covered to explain the finer details of desert driving, esp. the art of the shoveling to rescue a crested vehicle. Also the myth that you can drive only on 4H or in my case 4HLc was removed. Intact I enjoyed the initial drive where the car was drifting while driving on 2H. We also got to see Deepak's truck becoming a plane for a brief few moments. Like Rahim bhai @Rahimdad said I am really enjoying assisting him in sweep position as I am able to learn the various methods of recovery / self recovery. The only part I thing which was missing was that Deepak's shovel was rusting at the back of his car. He should have been a part of our last week drive where his full skills of shoveling would have come to the fore.
  4. You could probably deflate it and it would give added traction..
  5. Hi, Am in, Looking forward to it. Plus it feels good to get up early on a Friday morning instead of sleeping till 10 am. Regards Srikumar 055-9567471
  6. A very challenging drive..more in terms of the number of recoveries than the terrain...was a great drive and learning experience on the various methods of recovery...great job by Gaurav and Rahim to keep their cool and get all the vehicles out safely. Cheers
  7. Hi, I am in. Prefer early morning drives as it gives me the rest of the day to spend at home... Srikumar (055-9567471)
  8. Hi Rahim bhai, I will be able to make it for the desert drive only. Need to get back in evening. Srikumar 0559567471
  9. I am having a peculiar problem with my Pajero's AC. While driving, the AC switch suddenly starts flashing on and off, and the compressor stops working. I then have to turn off the engine, restart the car and it immediately starts working for some time. I have been facing this problem over the past few months with the frequency increasing recently. I have also noticed that with continued hard acceleration the AC doesn't turn off that often. It tends to happen more while the car is cruising. One mechanic told me that the AC clutch or something is slipping but I didn't quite understand what he meant. Any advise or suggestions?
  10. Thanks Gaurav for updating the list. Looking forward to tomorrow's drive.
  11. @jason200 Thanks for the offer of the lift, appreciate it. But got some family commitment this afternoon so will be joining you guys on the next drive. Hopefully my vehicle will be back on the road by then. Take care and hope you have a great afternoon with friends and family.
  12. Hi. I shall be coming. Might be as a passenger this time. Srikumar 055 9567471