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  1. Hi Rahim bhai, I will be able to make it for the desert drive only. Need to get back in evening. Srikumar 0559567471
  2. I am having a peculiar problem with my Pajero's AC. While driving, the AC switch suddenly starts flashing on and off, and the compressor stops working. I then have to turn off the engine, restart the car and it immediately starts working for some time. I have been facing this problem over the past few months with the frequency increasing recently. I have also noticed that with continued hard acceleration the AC doesn't turn off that often. It tends to happen more while the car is cruising. One mechanic told me that the AC clutch or something is slipping but I didn't quite understand what he meant. Any advise or suggestions?
  3. Thanks Gaurav for updating the list. Looking forward to tomorrow's drive.
  4. @jason200 Thanks for the offer of the lift, appreciate it. But got some family commitment this afternoon so will be joining you guys on the next drive. Hopefully my vehicle will be back on the road by then. Take care and hope you have a great afternoon with friends and family.
  5. Hi. I shall be coming. Might be as a passenger this time. Srikumar 055 9567471
  6. Hi, I am in. Srikumar (055-9567471)
  7. Great event and extremely well organised....big thank you to Rahim and Gaurav who after so many years of offroading have the patience to teach us Newbies...looking forward to more events with you guys.. Cheers.... Srikumar
  8. Hi, I would like to join as well. My name is Srikumar (055-9567471) Thanks