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  1. skumar83

    Which is the best UAE car insurance

    I have tried Union Insurance and had no major issues. Service is same as Oman Insurance. Ensure you have road side assistance. Congrats on your new car. Which one?
  2. Good idea to have another absolute newbie / newbie drive especially after the very positive response from the last drive. Hope all the newbies join this drive and learn the beautiful art of offroading. You will understand why i say 'Art' when you meet and see some of the senior members who dont just drive but rather glide through the desert dunes.
  3. skumar83

    Off-road performance!

    In one word...No The older Pathfinder are quite capable, but definitely not the new one
  4. skumar83

    Scams in Dubai

    I fell for this begging stunt the first time. They used to say they have no money for food or for petrol. The next time I got wise and told such people that come with me to a restaurant and I would pay for the food. They would just roll up the windows or walk away.
  5. skumar83

    How to use Nissan Patrol for desert drives?

    and as an extension you will eventually have people who dont know how to drive because they will have self driving cars...
  6. if you have to pay in cash you need the attendant to collect the cash and swipe his card, else if you pay by card then you can do completely by yourself. I filled up in UAQ today and the premium service line was completely empty while the self service had a long queue.
  7. This is a good case of more comfort for the rich. Strategically, this is a smart move as it ensures that those who can afford to pay extra don't have much waiting time to fill their tank as all the rush would be on the free service side. While I personally don't mind getting out and filling petrol in my own vehicle as it will also save me some money, but with longer queues on the self service line and with individuals making mistakes it would take longer for a car to fill up in the self service line. Finally you would get frustrated and move to the paid service. Also, what is the case for the elderly people? Guess need to fill petrol at the other gas stations. One finds similar such cases in the free valet parking at some of the malls. The number of valet parking is so high that you are not left with free parking for the general public. Reminds of the quota system in Indian education.
  8. skumar83

    Off road trips for beginners

    Hi Jayakrishnan, welcome to Carnity. Just click on the below link and become a member and start following the Carnity offroad club. We recently had an absolute Newbie drive and we should be having another one shortly. You can join that drive and start learning the basics of offroading and also more about your vehicles capabilities.
  9. skumar83

    Exploring Umm Al Oash

    @sertac you should seriously consider getting a 4x4 for both daily drive as well as weekened off-road. You will not regret it.
  10. I totally JLT parking is AED 4 per hour...does hurt a lot
  11. Route from Al Shuwaib to Iftar Bowl via Super Bowl - Intermediate Level Track - Minimum 3 capable 4x4 vehicles Shuwaib Iftar bowl.gpx
  12. skumar83


    Some awesome pics @Jeh, especially some of the potriats. Youought to buy an Xterra and come more often in our drives. One point, some of the pics might have looked even better if they are in their natural colors
  13. @Frederic Nuyttens you could probably ask your friends to check with Rahimdad who is leading the next week drive on whether the absolute Newbies can join the Newbie Drive
  14. skumar83

    Off road club grading structure

    Congrats to everyone at the Carnity off-road community as we now have a system by which we can see how we are progressing.