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  1. Check your gas level first. Might be a leak causing the compressor to trip. Does it work better when you turn the rear ac on?
  2. skumar83

    Relaxed night drive - 21 June

    Will post it. Forgot to do it.
  3. skumar83

    Budget cars

    Buy a 1.3 lancer
  4. skumar83

    Cherokee XJ Immobilizer problem

    Put only Mopar original mounts for the engine. Also have a look at your gear mount while at it, as that might also need replacement and it will save you some money to get both done at the same time
  5. skumar83

    Pajero engine failure

    I meant getting a car even 5 door from the same generation., I.e. 1991-1999
  6. skumar83

    Pajero engine failure

    Another option, though not very feasible, would be to look to get another 3.5 litre Pajero and put that car engine in your Pajero. It would also help that you have a ready supply of used spare parts as well. It can be the 5 door model as well. The reason I mentioned to swap only the engine is because of the amount of work that you have done on your existing ride.
  7. Yes, mixed feelings of the drive. What started as a wonderful drive, ended on a sad note. But am sure that both Gaurav and his trusted Pajero would return very soon, stronger and better.
  8. skumar83

    One Touch Window Up

    My 2010 Pajero had the same issue.
  9. skumar83

    Which is the best UAE car insurance

    in comprehensive insurance i have heard good reviews about RSA and AXA in terms of their quick evaluation and providing the necessary approval. But they tend to be more expensive as well. I have been with Oman Insurance for most of my vehicles for the past 10 years or so and then do take 2-3 days extra to give their approval. My worst experience was with an insurance Dubai National Insurance where they took 3 weeks to come to inspect and give their approval. This was for an accident which was not even my fault. So it should have been a simple procedure.
  10. What an amazing drive it was. The best Newbie drive in a very long time. Thanks to everyone.
  11. Great trip report @Rahimdad . Looking eagerly to the start of the night drives, but currently with my car light setup I am as blind as a bat. Hoping to get the LED bar fixed by the end of this month.
  12. I did have the dashboard sound while driving over some rough roads, but I was willing to live with it rather than get the dashboard opened. I never had an issue of sound from the rear door. Regarding the timing belt, I agree with Gaurav, only put the original. Due to certain situation I changed mine at 160k km and the old one was still in good condition. If you are having a whinning noise while turning the steering wheel it's most likely low fluid. You can put Dexron II or Dexron III ( as mentioned in the Maintenance manual).
  13. skumar83

    Parts stolen from your car

    In India, it was very common to loose your footwear at temples and so they developed lockers or security people where you could leave them safely.
  14. skumar83

    Not for the faint of heart 4 May 2018

    @Rahimdad the credit for the team spirit goes to you and Gaurav. I still remember that in my second drive with Carnity I had a flip, and after the car was brought back on all 4 tyres there was some white smoke coming from the exhaust. You had suspected that the engine oil might have contacted the spark plugs. We were in the middle of a really nasty sand storm, and you guys still made an attempt to open and clean the spark plugs. After we brought the vehicle to the road, you guys were with me till i got the police report done. That for me, was the epitome moment in terms of being there for each other during a drive. Honestly, after the flip I thought we were going to leave the car there and get some external help. So the credit mainly goes to the two of you for developing that culture in the group.
  15. skumar83

    Freeing up seized fasteners

    I am a chemical supplier. Can supply almost all the basic chemicals that you need in 2.5 litre bottles