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  1. It's not even a problem during registration as I recently checked with RTA. It's only when you are caught by the police they will fine you, but don't know the amount.
  2. We are in. Looking forward meeting Diamond before he leaves.
  3. With tints there is also a parameter called heat rejection which need not necessarily be dependent on the % of the tint. So if the ghost tint is not an actual tint then how does it handle heat rejection?
  4. I have just been doing some research as well for a separate offroad vehicle and in this budget you might get the following ; 1. Nissan Pathfinder (2001 - 2004). Try to get the 3.5 L version. 2. Jeep Cherokee 4.0 IL (1996 - 2001) at this price level with lower km done. 3. Pajero 3.5 / 3.8 (till 2003 model). If possible try to get the SWB. Regarding maintenance I think the parts of the first 2 options might be more cheaper to get than No. 3 Further, what I have understood from everyone is that Summer is a good time to buy the car as in winter with increased off-roading, 4x4 prices tend to increase.
  5. Awesome picture
  6. We will be in . Regards Srikumar 055-9567471
  7. A trip report as viewed from my Pajero Like the topic mentioned, it was truly a Relaxing Drive. It seemed that there was no dearth of time with no deadline to be met and the hence drive could proceed at its own pace. That saying, it was a very smooth drives with almost zero recoveries and hence we covered a lot of ground. Thank you to everyone for helping fix my stepney at the starting point and sorry for the delay that this caused. This time @shadow79 took up a different role of being a passenger with me instead of a driver. Thank you to Rahim bhai to give us all a chance to lead under his watchful guidance. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed it and also could overcome a certain fear that I had of being in the lead or second lead. @Asif Hussain lead us through some lovely dunes before Rahim bhai took over to get us to Fossil Rock and then Camel Rock reroute to Faya. During this part of the drive, we can across a reasonably steep dune and my Pajero again started up shifting at the most inappropriate time causing me to give at a try more than a couple of times. This got Saleem bhai who was a passenger in my car to start thinking on what modifications can be done to my Transmission to overcome this problem. Once we reached Faya, the magic of Saleem and his friend came to work as they started the grill for the chicken and gave everyone a wonderful meal. We spent close to 4 hours just enjoying the talks, stories with some of us taking a quick nap. Post the sunrise Malav lead us through some nice dunes. In a couple of those moments when my car seemed to struggle to get to the top of the bowls I was able to defy Rahim bhai's guidance and manage to find that little extra in the Pajero to get it to the top without having to go back down again. It has made me all the more determined to sort out this upshifting problem in the tiptronic so that I can have a vehicle that has the necessary power as well as the transmission to support me during the steep climbs when needed. Thank you to everyone for such a smooth and fun drive that was thoroughly enjoyed
  8. @shadow79 are you ready for going through a sand shower with nothing but sand around but this time with maybe heavier vehicles, then you are most welcome with all pleasures , also in mycase please ensure that the chicken is vegetarian
  9. I am very much in Rahim bhai. Looking forward. Regards Srikumar
  10. @MrTwister I wanted to know if after the tuning did the upshift problem in 1st gear tiptronic go away? Appreciate your feedback as I called up Chip Centric today and he said he is not sure if the upshift problem would go with the chip tuning.
  11. @Atif what you are referring when you say 'few meters from the road' is the for the vehicle recovery which is covered in some of the insurance. I had an incident in the desert a few months ago and my insurance company (Oman Insurance) covered it fully without asking a question. I only paid an excess of aed 200.
  12. @Gaurav in the HLc mode also the vehicle is upshifting automatically. I have noticed this happens at 50km/h. Have not tried the Llc mode though. @ayman_khateeb it's strange that Mitsubishi committed such a blunder and then rectified it post 2012. But I will take your advise of trying to maintain the speed below 50 km/h during the climb. @shadow79 I am unable to downshift till the speed drops beyond a certain point. Will try to find if there any other way around this.
  13. Will be in guys Regards Srikumar 055-9567471
  14. Hi I drive a 3.8 LWB Pajero 2010 model. During my last desert drive while climbing a steep hill, I was on 4H with manual tiptronic on 1st gear. However as we had gained some speed and had reached near the hill top the tiptronic would automatically upshift from 1st gear to 2nd gear causing a tremendous loss in power and subsequently speed. So basically it's not holding the 1st gear as long as I wish. Later I noticed that this happens when the speed reaches 50 km/h mark. Anyone has any suggestions on how I can manually override this automatic shift in tiptronic mode especially for steep climbs.