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  1. @treks very true. After 2 burnt clutch which burnt a very huge hole in my pocket I learnt my lesson so much so that I don't recollect when I last had the foul smell of a clutch burn. On the contrary, I am more afraid when I leave my car with @shadow79 , that he might burn my clutch while test driving it. @shadow79 I have no intention on buying another clutch. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I need to purchase few items which are available on the US online websites, but unfortunately they dont ship to UAE. Does any one have some experience of using this parcel forwarding companies such as Boxinus or shopfans, etc. ? I am not a regular shopper, so I might use it this one time to get what all small items from different websites I want together to avoid the high shipping cost. Thanks in advance.
  3. skumar83


    excellent capture. love how the sand is rotating along with the tyres
  4. skumar83


    Another profile pic in the making...
  5. skumar83


    brilliant capture
  6. skumar83


    Love the motion of the sand
  7. skumar83


    Well composed picture. @Asif Hussain you have got an excellent profile picture.
  8. Congrats @Julien V. Well driven and well deserved
  9. skumar83

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 7 Dec 2018

    @amir.rophail welcome to Carnity Off-road Club. Our trip leader @Rahimdad would answer shortly
  10. skumar83

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 7 Dec 2018

    @ace1988, that's strange for a Rubicon. You would have tow / recovery points at both the front and back. Just have a look again. This is quite essential for the drive
  11. skumar83

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 7 Dec 2018

    @Frederic Nuyttens once you start to love offroading, it becomes difficult to sleep at night in the anticipation of the early morning drives
  12. skumar83


    By speeding up the video the car bobbing up is as funny as Asif bhai's walk..
  13. skumar83

    Newbie drive Kalba/Maliha 7 Dec 2018

    will be there with full support.
  14. skumar83


    @Frederic Nuyttens, and that bowl was supposed to be one of the smaller bowls in Wagan. Unbelievably huge dunes with extremely soft sand