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  1. If you are serious about offroading at the budget of 10-15k you could possibly also look at the old Nissan pathfinder, Cherokee XJ, or a 3.5 LWB Pajero. But 3.0 SWB Pajero should do fine just as well
  2. check this post to help set the frequency, else there will be someone to help you at the deflation point. 2 way Radio (Walkie Talkie) frequencies
  3. @Atif I have been going for the night drives this entire summer without any additional lights and as long as I followed the car in front it's been quite simple. Yes, if you are leading the convoy you would definitely need the additional lights to see the way forward.
  4. Brilliant drive with some nice challenging terrain. Thoroughly enjoyed it esp. the second half of the drive. Thanks @Gaurav for leading us through this terrain.
  5. I am most definitely in. Looking forward to it. Just a do you manage Al Faqa to Camel Rock without hitting the tarmac? Regards Srikumar
  6. Maliha cool night drive - 24 Aug 2017

    Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable and satisfying drive. Looking forward to the big announcement and hope I make the cut.
  7. Maliha cool night drive - 24 Aug 2017

    Hi, I have to drop my wife at the airport on Friday early morning. So is it possible that I could meet you guys somewhere around 2:45 - 3 am.