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5 Signs to Change Your Transmission

5 Signs to Change Your Transmission

Transmission (Gear box) is a mechanism in a vehicle for transmitting power from the engine to its wheels. Mechanical auto problems with transmission may cause distinct sounds as compared to the usual sound of your automobile makes but one can’t predict the condition of transmission failure by one’s sixth sense.

The only way to determine whether the transmission needs servicing, rebuilt or a replacement is by paying close attention to the way your transmission is acting (shifting).

Here are some symptoms or signs to be sure that you need to change your transmission as soon as possible.

  1. Grinding or Strange Noises
    If you come across any harsh sound in manual transmission or a shaking sound in automatic transmission then just stop the car immediately and check the transmission fluid level as this is the most common problem. Get this fixed (top-up or change) as soon as possible to protect the transmission from further wear.
  2. Problems With Shifting Gears
    If you are facing problems with shifting gears then your transmission is surely in trouble. A car requires clean transmission fluid regardless of the mode in which you are using it i.e. either manual or automatic transmission. A transmission that holds too much dirt or slurry will generate stagnant response in the transmission which will affect the vehicle’s changing gears too quickly or too late while driving. Take your car to a transmission specialist mechanic to get it service before it breaks completely. 
  3. Surging of Automobile
    You may face surging of the vehicle if your car’s transmission is polluted with lots of dirt and slush. Due to this, your vehicle may fall backwards or forward as the dirty transmission fluid does not flow properly in the car’s transmission. This would resist the smooth operation of gears and other moving parts of the car.
  4. Slipping of Gears
    Lack of hydraulic power is the cause of dirty transmission. For the proper functioning of gears, the transmission of the vehicle should develop the desired pressure which can’t be possible with the contaminated transmission fluid. Moreover, the dirty transmission can obstruct the flow of fluid which is responsible for creating the required pressure. Thus it is recommended to flush off the dirty transmission as soon as the problem arises.
  5. Delay in Movement of Vehicle
    Is there any delay in the movement of your car? It should be noted that normally the car doesn’t take time to move once put into gears. Kindly keep a check on impeding or on delay of few-seconds between shifting and moving of car. If you come across the increase in delay then your car is already facing serious problems with transmission. 

It is highly recommended to change your transmission if you are facing any of the above mentioned problems. Moreover, you should take your car for a transmission service after every 30,000 to 45,000 kms depending on the fluid used for the car.

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