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Superman is back Fewbie+ drive 4 July


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Superman is back from his vacation and invites all intermediate level drivers to sign up for this drive. It is going to be fast paced, fun and full of thrills as I have been missing in action for the past 3 weeks.

Area 53 is the most versatile area in the UAE offroading scene, that offers beautiful tall rolling dunes with plenty of opportunities for side slopping, ridge cutting, and long hill climbs.

Any Fewbie who have already had 15 or more drives is also welcome to join. We may promote few fewbie drivers to Intermediate level after this drive, if there driving skills are at par to match the pace.

Promotions based on driving skill set is just the "one aspect" of the grading structure, they also need to follow other points:


Level of drive: Fewbie+ and above
When: 4 July 2019
Meeting time: 10:00 PM, the convoy will move sharp at 10:15 PM
Where: Badayer Shops at Nazwa, before Madam R/A
GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/GMrTGmx4J5L2

Plan: Night drive through the Pyramids - Area 53 - Iftar bowl - Super Bowl (maybe)
What to bring along: Evening snacks - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, and enthusiasm.

Approximate finish time: 3 AM

Please RSVP the below calendar event

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