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    Carnity desert cleanup drive has collected 1200 Kg of trash in one hour This definitely calls for a warning for any desert goer to not to litter in the desert. Please share this message with everyone you know to create more awareness and save precious wildlife that dies after eating these metal cans, plastic bags, foils and all kind of trash. Authorities have made stringent laws but we all have to take charge as well to monitor and advice people around us. Many thanks to all the supporters and volunteers to take part in this great social cause and understand it's real meaning: Dubai Municipality Ghost Tints Paint Solutions Al Ain Water Knight Rider - off-road club 4x4 Nation UAE - off-road club And all individual volunteers Photo Gallery (118 Images): https://carnity.com/gallery/category/68-desert-cleanup-drive-16-march-2018/
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    I couldn’t make it today but I will definitely go to see your works... Congrats !
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