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    The review is written considering the fact that a 20 year old car is being driven in the year 2018 with its current main purpose being for offroading Pros - Old School Driving - Bullet proof Inline 4.0 Engine - Light Weight Unibody Construction - Extremely Capable Offroader - Easy to Modify Cons - Basic Features - Famous for Death Wobble - Reliability is a concern - Tends to overheat unless modification is done A car that was initially launched in 1984 as a compact utility vehicle, the Cherokee XJ has grown to be one of the originators and the precursor to the current day SUVs. Its design has been noted as one of the greatest of all time. Popular Mechanics listed the XJ as one of "the 25 greatest boxy cars of all time". It is built on a unibody construction which offers it a light weight body Vehicle Specs - 6 cylinder inline 4.0 engine - Power 190 hp @ 4300 rpm - Torque 305 N.m @ 3000 rpm - Gross Weight of approx 1400 kg - Transmissions are 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic. In the UAE market, the XJ is available in GCC, American (most common) and Japanese specs. One should be careful while buying the American Spec or rather the American import cars as many of them have been in some sort of accident with some of them having serious damage. Traditionally Cherokee XJs do run hot due to their limited size of the radiator, and hence the GCC Spec is the most preferred version. Cherokee XJs come with solid front and rear axles. Though an outdated technology in comparison to Independent Suspension, it follows the principal of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Hence a very rugged design which is useful when one takes this car offroad. Further, modifications in terms of lift kit and installation of bigger tyres is relatively easier compared to an Independent Suspension vehicle. However, saying that, the vehicle in stock condition runs a finely balanced suspension, and any alteration such as a lift can trigger the famous death wobble especially with worn out busing and joints. In current times, most buyers of this vehicle are mainly offroad enthusiasts, who appreciate the the high power to weight ratio (135 hp per ton). However, in offroad the manual version does overshine the automatic version purely because in the automatic version the lowest possible gear that can be selected is a 1-2, and the vehicle does tend to upshift after reaching a speed of 40 km/h which kills the entire torque which is the most critical aspect of steep uphill climbs. While this issue can be overcome by selecting 4 low in the transfer case it does put a lot of strain on the engine as its revving at 5000+ rpms. I strongly recommend to go for a GCC spec manual transmission as that gives one the liberty to choose the right gear for the moment which is especially useful in long steep hill climbs as shown in the below videos: Location : Sweihan Location : Faya (from the right side) Reliability is a definite concern with the Cherokee XJ, and hence I advise those who are interested in this vehicle to get the vehicle properly inspected before doing a purchase. Further, it is advisable to get all the wearable parts replaced with original MOPAR parts instead of cheap after market parts before venturing into the desert. I have been driving this vehicle for the past year both as a daily driver as well as my weekend drives and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The vehicle I drive is almost stock except for the following modifications: 1. Replaced the existing radiator with a 4 core aluminium radiator 2. Added extra fans infront of the radiator to improve the cooling under offroad driving conditions 3. 3" inch lift by installing harder suspensions Major expenses in terms of maintenance has been replacement of clutch and flywheel, along with replacements of the track bar and some bushings. Conclusion : Would I recommend this vehicle to others? Would definitely recommend a manual transmission Cherokee XJ if you are able to get a good clean vehicle (which can be quite rare and difficult to find) as its a lot of fun to drive this vehicle. It would also help to have a good mechanic as your friend to help you with the fixes from time to time. I bought the vehicle for AED 11,000 (slightly above the market price), plus I spent an additional AED 5000 to get it to current condition, but I have not yet regretted my decision. P.S. If you like this review, don't forget to hit the 'Like' Button
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    Im driving this car since 3 years now and I have saved quite a lot of money for long time to upograde my civic to 2 door accord - my dream car. Although it might not sound very fancy to the luxurious segment car owner but i belive for the common mass this is a top end car we can afford and having a coup is an added luxury. Price: 130,000 AED (when new in 2014) Bought for: 105,000 AED (In 2015) Pros - Awesome styling from wheels to the body - Great on road presence among its league - Very reliable and capable car overall - Responsive handling and comfortable ride - Top notch safety ratings and awesome cabin - 4.7 rating out of 279 reviews Cons - Back seat not good for 6 feet size adult - Honda parts are little expensive than others - Starter failure - known problem - Comes with pathetic tires, so change is needed - Lane watch should be on both sides - 3.5 is thirsty in city but on highway with ECON mode is very nice and reasonale Specifications Engine & Power Engine Capacity (liters) 3.5 Cylinders V6 Drive Type Front Wheel Fuel Tank Capacity (liters) 65 Fuel Economy (L/100 Km) 8.8 Fuel Type Petrol Horsepower (bhp) 276 hp Torque (Nm) 339 Transmission Automatic Top Speed (Km/h) 212 Seating Capacity 5 Seater Acceleration 0-100 Km/h 7.3 Sec Measurements Length (meters) 4.890 Width (meters) 1.850 Height (meters) 1.465 Wheelbase (meters) 2.775 Trunk Capacity (liters) 447 Although Honda Accord is a top choice for families, but many opting for serious upgrade from current entry level sedan chooses the Accord. It's 2 door coupe is among the most sportier option available from Honda with a very capable and responsive engine. I have never felt short of power when I really need to push this car for limits from zero stand still. For the great styling and road presence i can confidently say that it is the best looking japanese car in town. I hear that earlier than 2012 model gear was an issue, but this model so far has no issues on the cvt gearing and runs and drive perfect. I have completed almost 60,000 kms on this car and have not regretted this buy even for one day or one hour, it is the best thing I have done so far as im in love with this car, reliability, looks, performance, handling, boot space, fuel economy. ECO mode is good for highway to get good fuel mileage, if you use that in city car is less responsive and in case you hit throttle hard then car will jitter a bit to switch of econ and comes back to original 3.5 liter response. The electronic adjustments could be more user friendly. I'm not an electronics person and don't care otherwise, but the system can be quirky. Mechanically, no complaints so far, haven't been in for anything more than routine maintenance and a recall regarding the battery sensor. I will highly advise changing out the factory tires as soon as you can because you'll be replacing them by 30,000 kms anyway. Car is perfectly roomy for 5 adults...plenty of leg room in the rear seating. Trunk is roomy, but entry could be wider. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this vehicle to friends and family, and Hondas in general. Can't go wrong! Two of the best video reviews I searched to add more value for next buyer.
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    toyota corolla tercel 1999 i really have no idea from where to start a review but here we go i got this car ar 250k kms for 2.5k aed and ran it for another 450 or 500k it had a smoking engine which i replaced and she was back up and spurring like a kitten with carb powered 2efe 1.3 cc engine that not gonna roar but will get you wherever you want thanks to its 5 spd manual gear it had more then enough to run around everywhere i need to be and was my trusty partner for use in the workshop for hauling parts it had the best fuel economy as its a 1.3cc which used to give a run of around 600 plus per tank the car itself in look wise is really basic not a cheap box but if you can toss some $$$ then this car can make heads turn and the interior is also very basic with a stereo system and the seats are not that comfy for very long drives the windows were manual and there was only 1 airbag for the driver others would just hope for the best i guess there was no abs not much electrically loaded as you can guess but still its a really wonderful car to have as the maintenance cost is very low and the fuel economy is great and the air conditioning is built of very tough components the summer afternoons could not make it bow down the parts are readilly avalable in orignal and even aftermarket is nicely catering to this kitten the small parts like door handle interior handle or the window handle to bonnets doors even the used market has everything this car requires to run like the fornt headlight pair is 200 aed which would be the cost of only 1 headlight in many newer cars this car has reached such a stage that you can buy it of the market for 2k to 4k depending on the condition and for using it for 2 to 3 years it still part with almost the same amount from you only if you take good care of it...these cars are very hard to comeby if in really good condition as the owners are still in love with tercel and are reluctant to part with a gem that toyota produced the last were produced in 1999 as then toyota echo took over P.S : the 2 pictures is of my tercel and the rest is sourced from the internet
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    A big shout-out to all our offroad club members from across the globe 🌍 Congratulations on reaching a new milestone of having over 20+ Nationalities Offroaders in Carnity Offroad Club. One of the very few offroad clubs in UAE that welcomes and appreciate multicultural members. At Carnity Offroad Club, we drive united as a truly multicultural family, bringing with us our thoughts, experiences and share interesting knowledge with our ever-expanding Carnity family. We pride ourselves at speaking different languages, having different views on our car knowledge and Off roading, but drive in Unity as it is the - way of life in true Dubai, UAE style. So come and join our Carnity Offroad Club and add your own special flavour to enhance UAE’s ever-popular Offroad experience. Below is the list of the various nationalities. In some nationalities even though there might be more within our group, we have mentioned only max 3 people. If we have missed out any nationality, please let us know and we shall update this list. 23 and counting - as of 27 April 2019 Bangladesh - Jalil bhai Belgium - Frederic Egypt - O.Farahat, Amir.Rophail France - Emmanuel, Julien V, Maxiben Germany - Ace1988 India - Srikumar, Asif Hussain, Gaurav Iran - Hossein Ireland - Barry Italy - Magellan Jordan - BIG T, G.Huz Lebanon - Edouard Mexico - Javier M Morocco - Jamy B Netherland - Panda82 Pakistan - Rahimdad, Shadow79, Bilal Ahmad Russia - Mikhail Lukichev Spain - Vsmano Sweden - Per A, M.K Switzerland - dberclaz Syria - Noor, Basil Turkey - Sertac Ukraine - YevgeniyDYM United Kingdom - Richard Melish, LewisCocks90
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    1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Restomod Engine and transmission: 351 CI Windsor V8 engine Edelbrock 4 barrel carb with automatic electric choke Electronic ignition 4-1 tubular exhaust manifolds Custom 3” dual exhausts Upgraded to electric fuel pump with safety cutout Custom built air conditioning system for Gulf climate 3 speed FMX automatic transmission Chassis: Monocoque construction Uprated shock absorbers Lowered 40mm in front on springs Lowered 40mm in rear on modified spring hangers Polybushed Front strut brace connected through bulkhead Power steering conversion with uprated pump Brakes, Wheels and Tyres: Billet alloy wheels Kumho Ecsta LE Sport 245/40 R18 on front Kumho Ecsta LE Sport 265/35 R18 on rear Vented discs all round SSBC Force 10 twin pot calipers front and rear Additional SSBC Force 10 handbrake calipers on rear Bodywork: Full respray in custom gun metal grey HID headlights Front chin spoiler Bonnet pins Hood scoop Sequential direction indicators fitted in scoop Chrome bumpers and trim Shortened radio antenna Vents on rear quarter panel Interior: Original vinyl low back seats Custom colour changing dashboard Dashboard plastics painted to match exterior colour Springalex style steering wheel Kenwood DVD head unit Boston Dynamics speakers Reversing camera screen hidden inside rear view mirror, only visible when activated I have been looking after this car for around a year now, doing maintenance, repairs, restoration and modifications along the way. Now I know you’re thinking it doesn’t look like any Mach 1 you may have seen before. That’s because it doesn’t. The previous owner had left the car with a bit of an identity crisis. It was a weird Mach 1/GT500 Eleanor hybrid. Eleanor bodykit complete with front bumper, arch spats, side skirts with holes for a side exhaust and random fake vents stuck all over the body. When you walked to the rear of the car it had the original Mach 1 rear window louvre and ironing board spoiler. Now the car has been restored to a much cleaner look with all the Satwa spec stick on parts removed. It’s finished in a beautiful gunmetal grey with deep lacquer for a high gloss finish. The first thing that hits you when you get into the car is the smell. Vinyl and petrol. It transports you back in time to a place where no modern car can ever take you. When you turn the key, you are greeted by the illuminated dashboard which can change colour at the touch of a button. If the car has been sitting for a while, it’s best to turn the ignition on/off a few times to fill the fuel bowl which facilitates easier starting. In this hot climate, the fuel will evaporate from the carburettor if the car hasn’t been used. Turn the key further to engage the starter motor, pump the accelerator a couple of times and the engine fires into life assaulting the senses. The first thing that hits is the noise and vibration. The 351 Windsor V8 with 4 barrel Edelbrock carb and 3 inch exhausts sounds like thunder and will rattle windows half a mile away. Engage D on the 3 speed FMX slushmatic box and you’re ready for the road. The Windsor engine produces 250 BHP in standard from. This example produces an estimated 275-280 BHP with the modifications. Being an almost 50 year old car it isn’t going to set the world on fire but it can hold its own amongst modern traffic. The suspension modifications help the car to corner flat and level and the wide, low profile tyres help it stick to the road. The car is equipped with an open type differential and would greatly benefit from one of a limited slip variety to add some tail out and donut action. The car originally came with drum brakes all round. The change to a modern system with vented discs with twin pot calipers makes a night and day difference to stopping distances and inspires confidence in hard braking situations. One thing to remember about old cars like this with carburettors is that they will need tuned twice a year to ensure maximum performance, once in winter and once in summer to account for the difference in intake air temperatures. The old points type ignition system has been changed for electronic ignition which leaves the car a lot more reliable and easier to service. The new modern sound system performs well but let’s be honest, when you drive a car like this the only station you need is Exhaust FM. This is an extremely long car and the reversing camera with disappearing screen concealed in the rear view mirror is a huge benefit. Other little touches like sequential LED turn indicators in the hood scoop, the HID headlights, all add up to make this a car you can drive every day. If you don’t mind the fuel bill that is. If you liked my review, don’t forget to hit the like button, share it with your friends and get them to hit the like button too. If I get a good response, I will review more classic and high end cars.
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    Just like any other sport or hobby, off road driving too has it's own etiquette's. Often times these are not spoken out loud or mentioned in public to not to embarrass anyone. If you like to continue off road driving, you should know these basic offroad driving etiquette's and follow them. Pay 100% undivided attention to the instructions: Whether it's in briefing or on radio communication while recovering, give your 100% attention and if you cannot due to some incoming call or passenger distraction, ask them to repeat. Most of the instructions are given so that you can drive safely. If you still live in the mobile world or loud music or radio volume turned down, you will miss out on critical safety instruction that can end up breaking your 4x4 or bones, seriously. Follow the instruction PRECISELY: From as simple as deflate to 12-14 PSI, drive in HI gear, engage to LO as soon as you get stuck. These instructions have been given to YOU for YOUR safety and enhancing your offroad driving experience. If you deflate to 22 PSI instead of 12, you will have endless refusals, stucks and A/T Transmission & Engine will soon overheat. If you don't engage on LO as soon as you get stuck, you will lose the most critical surface area in which LO gear could have saved the day, rather than toiling in HI gear for first few minutes and making the stuck even more worst for your car. Acknowledge the message: Always acknowledge the radio messages as the reliability of radio communication is highly questionable. Step out and help: When you are stuck and someone is helping you, it's a BASIC MANNER to step out of your car and help the Marshal or senior member who is helping you. You can help them clearing the sand, fixing the rope or inspect the stuck or plan of recovery. Sitting inside a stuck vehicle and waiting is the worst and most offending thing to do. If someone is helping you to check tire pressure, then step out and observe, how to delate to precise PSI. Disclaimer: In some 1% tricky angles or situation, if you have a doubt or difficulty to come out, ask the Marshal or senior member: If its safe for you to step out? Please don't assume and sit inside. Observe and learn: Every stuck and recovery has a lot to teach. Observe and learn from your stucks and discuss with Marshals how to not to get stuck again in a similar way. If you don't observe and learn you will end up doing the same mistakes over and over again. Learn Vs Serve: All the knowledge and experience are there to help you learn offroading and not just to serve you. So that as soon as you learn, you start practising it and become more capable offroader and be able to help others in the future.
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    Where can I start- what a night! super duper! lets start right at the beginning. we deflated and moved to the start of the track and fixed our flags. Right after the start I had a refusal! Mmmm I thought... not such a great beginning. we then stopped at a great point overlooking the iftat bowl and could see many more clubs all around. gaurav bhai, rahimbhai ,Emmanuel, shamil all tried their hand successfully to climb thee bowl. The sheer number of suvs climbing the bowl at the same time was incredible. the site where we had camped-so to speak- was a hot bed of sand dunes and up and downs and the number of suvs going around here was unbelievable. At one point it looked like the Dubai Sharjah highway peak hour- seriously. it really was a wonder that there were no accidents. we broke the fast and as usually the food spread was just super- chick peas Sunday, biriyani varieties, aloo & chicken sandwich, chicken bites, meat, and emmanuel’s sweets and many more. I thought I ate very little but 1/2 hour later I was so full I wanted to just lie down and take a nap. then the drama started as we were getting ready to leave. shamil had a pop out at the foothills of the iftarbowl. Not to be outdone my left front was flat and I could not inflate it. thankfully asif bhai, Emmanuel and Aaquil helped me ( meaning they did all the work- as I had no clue of what to do- finding the leak from inside rim, jacking up the car and inflating. Thankfully it worked. so after some folks left for the exit gaurav bhai as lead and asif bhai followed by Mirza and yours truly with rahimbhai as sweep we started the drive. man o man o man- was it exciting. I was driving near blind and having the lights on low beam did not help- must have been dreaming when gaurav bhai told us on the radio to switch to high beam- anyway what is a drive without getting stuck. I did that so many times. Gaurav bhai,asif bhai and rahimbhai bhai were patient and helped me self extricate with constant tips and a shed load of shovelling sand by them/ thanks a lot. the left right twisting the wheel just doubled my biceps in that drive. it was awesome to drive at night and pretty scary- had atleast 3 hard lands after creating and a hard hit of smaller dune I did not see as I came down off one. my fjc earned its money last night. close to the end a shovel in rahimbhai’S suv got loose - probably the number of time he took it out to help me- and smacked his daughter’s head. Thankfully no major injury. we exited the desert but not without one final hard drop after a crest right near the exit. aaquil had joined me as passenger and must still be having nightmares of why he joined me. But boy, that man knows his cars. He was telling me so much about my fjc that I had no idea. Thanks a lot buddy. i am the type of guy who gets into the car starts it and point to where I go and then get lost in my thoughts. My wife says that red lights for me is just a suggestion to consider if I want to stop as apparently I sometimes ignore them. these drives with this group is teaching me so much I wish I could join on the drives each anyway, super night. I reached home by 2 am. i look forward to the next drive- probably July for me. thanks again everybody for such a memorable night
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    Trip Report. It all started for me trying to come out of area near my house, jam packed after the Tarawih prayers. This meant I was slightly delayed reaching the deflation point. Thanks to @Emmanuel who rounded up everyone and drove them from the meeting point to the deflation point. It was very relaxed as we chatted about different things before the newbie brief could take place. My special thanks to @Gaurav and @Srikumar for joining our drive. After the newbie brief and convoy numbering we were on our way. There were patches where we got some stucks and other patches which were easier to navigate through. Everybody showed great patience, good convoy discipline and kept moving towards our first goal of reaching Pink Rocks. After some easy bits we were treated to some medium sized stubborn ones and a final hurdle where we came very close to the base of Pink Rocks. We settled in a wide area to have our Suhoor. There was so much food and drinks, thanks to all for a very vast selection. After a filling Suhoor we shared some stories while others listened. During the Suhoor couple of us were treated to some shooting stars. At this point we all started packing up and moved on to the Pink Rocks where everyone played to their hearts content. 3 cars had to leave us here as the rest made way to the other side of Pink Rocks. Once we had crossed we waited shortly for Gaurav and Sri to join us. For me the true fun started here as we played in some awesome dunes. Although we did have a few stucks, but it was enjoyable to play in that area. As I saw the exit close I heard @AKR ask if we were going to exit with a request to continue for half an hour. I asked for a vote and majority were in for another 30 minutes. Once again a few stucks but still firmly touching the Big Red by now, I found a brilliant patch I could race through. Best part was the patch was still virgin and nice area to spend the last 30 minutes. But that quickly changed as some struggled to cross that area. In 2 hours we had the area churned up with very little space to move in. Being stubborn I took my stand that everyone should cross. The sun was out and sapping all our energy away. But with great support from the team and a little extra deflation we had all cleared the area and now trying to head out. From here it was an easy drive down and out to the tarmac area where we inflated and headed back home. Loved the company of excellent people around, good food and awesome team work. Thanks to all the participants, loved every moment. Until next time adios friends. Now looking forward to the Grand Iftar. See you all there.
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    I remember those hot summer vacation days when I used to go with my father to the workshop where I would get him the tools which he would ask me to bring while he would be working his magic under the car to make that car back in working order sometimes the light wouldn't be working or sometimes the battery wouldn't be charging and other times it wouldn't even start I used to see people of all walks some in kandora some in pant shirt and others in kamis salwar but all had one thing in common they had some sort of problem with their cars I used to see how people would be happy when they used to come and collect their cars when it was done It was one of my fondest memories that my father would call the hotel guys to bring Pepsi or Coke and tea for him and we used to sit and enjoy that while he sweet talked to me about which car I liked and loved to drive when I grow up Seeing back I understand that my father is a man of steel tirelessly working sometimes late into the night while I would be home sound asleep providing us with everything we needed Now that we have grown up and I can really see that I can never take his place yet all I can do is try...
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    Trip report - wow. No words can justify the experience. But I'm stubborn and still make an attempt. 5 cars met on time, a very detailed but quick brief, deflation and we were off. Initially @Gaurav bhai was in lead, with @Srikumar in second lead, @Javier M was next and @Emmanuel was just ahead of me. Started with having to negotiate with a lot of fencing. But one we were through the challenge was not over. Small to medium technical dunes with a few soft patches or sharp ridges to keep us awake. As we managed ourselves through all the challenges it was Sri turn to lead and Gaurav bhai took second lead position. Sri did well in his short stint as he took us through some awesome dunes. But after a while he was happy to give the lead back to Gaurav bhai. At this point I thought it was a great time to unleash our Veloceraptor, however it seems I was the one playing catch to the other 4 Veloceraptors. We had a few refusals and even fewer stucks, but on some long range dunes we were riding the ridges and criss crossing at over 60 KPH. It had been so long since we had an intermediate drive like this that we almost forgot the feeling. As we played through some of the amazing dune ranges it was almost time for Suhoor so while playing Gaurav bhai was trying to find a suitable stop. He managed to find an awesome place and the weather only helped making the Suhoor stop just as good as the drive. Everyone got lots of goodies and always so much extra to share. After a hearty meal and a couple of smokes it was time to stop eating and start the fast. We all had a quick 15 minutes to lay down watch the stars and relax before the grand finale. So it was decided to have an hour of playtime after pack up. Gaurav bhai did not close his eyes at any point not to fall asleep, but this time it was difficult to get Javier up and running. Once Javier was up we were quick of the blocks to start the final leg. As the sun slowly crawled out of its slumber it became more fun to enjoy the sight and the feeling of off roading in one of the best terrains in UAE. It was so much fun that we lost track of time and kept on pushing for more beyond the hour. At some point Gaurav bhai realized that one person in the team was loosing the energy and decided to call it a day. After the inflation it was quick hugs good bye and we were on our way back home. Thanks to Gaurav bhai for his call to keep me awake till my way home. Thank you to all who could make it to a wonderful time and looking forward to more such drives. Also looking forward to developing more people towards this level to have more people enjoy this terrain. Until next time Adios.
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    Trip report - thank you to all participants who did well, most importantly kept their cool and calm and followed instructions to make my day a wonderful one. We started on time with 17 cars. Upon reaching the deflation point we went through our newbie brief and heart warming to see all participants knew exactly parts of our brief. Everyone has been paying attention and realize every point we have carefully jotted are important to our off road structure. Started our drive after the convoy numbering was made. A few refusals and stucks kept us all engaged and emphasized one point. If we keep calm and think rationally and listen to instructions we can make it through any terrain together. This was a perfect drive at the right time to do a few small to medium dunes to experience the small thrills and improve ourselves by learning new tricks or putting our briefing to good use. We later settled near the camel farm in the shade for breakfast where it was clear that everyone felt a little challenged and learned something new. Besides this one thing done differently on this drive was instead of the leader slowing down or stopping, the rest of the convoy had to make an effort to keep up. This was also managed well and my congratulations to everyone for managing well on this trip. I also felt @Emmanuel plight as he was in sweep for a change and I was in the thick of all the action. There was also plenty of food and drinks to go around, my winner would be the idli and sambar, the sandwiches made by @Javier M wife and @Emmanuel sweet little treats. It was now time for hitting the Fossil Rocks and I was impressed with the smart route selected by @Gaurav bhai which meant we were at the top within no time. I was also impressed with all the first timers to make it to the top on their first attempt. Well done everyone. Big question now was could we head down the steep way? With a nod of approval from @Emmanuel and @Gaurav bhai the first one down to check and guide everyone properly, we started to brief and check all cars to guide them down. With everyone down safely and time being the essence we moved swiftly back to the road. One of my most enjoyable experiences due to an amazing bunch of people. I would love to repeat many more such amazing trips with a wonderful bunch of like minded people. Love you all and until next time. Adios.
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    Trip report: Wonderful day, great weather and amazing people made this drive the perfect outing. I must start by thanking everybody for being on time. Started from the Adnoc pump on time and reached the deflation point. Everybody was patient during the briefing and had a good ideas and questions to understand the ettiquettes, safety aspect and basics of driving in the sand. My sincere thanks to @Gaurav bhai for making it just before the start of the drive even after facing gear issues. He also took on the sweep duties to keep the convoy moving. I would also like to thank @Emmanuel for being the busiest person on the day with most responsibilities. A very big thank you to @Javier M for being my second lead and keeping the convoy safe at all times. A big thank you to @Jamy B. and her Scottish friend (sorry I forgot her name), hope you got the police report. @Chirag S. hope all clear with the police report, you drove well but still need to understand how your car reacts in the sand. Thanks to @yogic72, @WiLfY, @BilalAhmad, @Brette, @Djamelus, @Sajith Kumar, @SandySandeep, @Julien V and Ben and his family joining us for the trip. As usual we started off on some tracks and eventually build the level to give a feel of the dunes and how best to manage them with small dunes, straight up and down. Some descends were a bit steep but everybody managed well. We made it to the gauge track on time for Ben and his family to depart as they had to catch a flight at 10 pm. @Julien V later checked with the family when they had already boarded their plane, perfect timing. We later headed to the top of Fossil Rock which everybody managed well. By this time the sun was setting and it was getting cold. There was a huge temptation to go down on Fossil Rocks, but with the stars not properly aligned we decided to drive around it to our spot. We sat down and with all in high spirits we laid our goodies down. From karak tea to some salty treats and some sweet ones I enjoyed them all. More amazing than the treats were stories as we all had our chance to give feedback and exchange stories. With everybody having their fill for the weekend it was time to pack up and head out. Thanks to all for using garbage bags and keeping the environment clean. It was a great to see only our tire and foot prints without garbage flying around. As we packed our cars and headed out we found a nice easy track with lead us straight to the closest road. After a quick stop to switch off our off road lights and remove the flags we were off to the Adnoc pump. We inflated here, said our goid byes and continued on our way home. I saw @Jamy B. on the way back and wanted to ask them if the police report was sorted out, but have to appreciate the fact that they are very arlttentive to the road and do not get distracted by anything. Thank you to everyone for their participation, until next time take care. Live you all and hope to see you soon.
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    Having a fire extinguisher in your car is good, but sometimes it's of no use if car catches an instant and uncontrollable fire. In that scenario, best is to learn - how to exit the burning car with all your "critical belongings" under 10 seconds. Here are the stats that show the percentage of each type of cause that is responsible for an uncontrollable fire. 49% - Mechanical failure or malfunction 23% - Electrical cause 11% - Leaks or breaks 09% - Unknown causes 05% - Catch fire from another burning source 03% - Accidents or rollover So in short, 83% causes of an uncontrollable car fire is because of an owner negligence and only 17% is beyond anyone control. So NEVER delay car maintenance, use cheap parts, ignore leaks / rattling / grinding noise again. Here are the 7 main reasons that can cause an instant and uncontrollable car fire and how to prevent it: Engine Oil: As much as buying the best engine oil for your car is very important, you should also pay equal attention to any engine oil leaks. Most of the car engines leak oil when they get older, as the rubber gasket inside the engine tend to stop work and ideally they should be replaced before the leak starts. It's always a good practice to inspect the engine oil leak under the engine and sump area to notice any spotting or dry leak stains at least once a month. If you see any stains in your car park, it's already too late and you should check for its severity and/or replace gaskets/hoses asap. Changing engine gasket is not cheap so if you are press for expenses, get it checked for its severity and let a mechanic or car experts advise you if it's safe to drive for a while. You should also check your engine oil regularly if you have done any engine tuning recently. You can also do the car engine compression test to find out the overall health of your car engine. If engine oil is dripping on the exhaust or on any other heated surface, then don't take any chances as it may ignite on your next drive and get it fixed asap or stop driving that car immediately. If you get the check engine light or see smoke from the engine hood, switch off the car immediately. Even a small engine oil leak can catch fire and that small fire can burn down the nearby high-pressure hoses that can result in an uncontrollable car fire. Coolant: As the name suggests, it cools down the engine internally that has varied temperature from 60 degrees to 1500 degrees at various stages. Engine coolant constantly circulates between the engine jacket and radiator. Thermostat work as a gatekeeper to let the coolant cool down in radiator to exchange with hot coolant that was running in the engine jacket. Even the smallest of a coolant leak is very dangerous, because first, it will spoil your engine within a few seconds and then burn the whole car down in minutes. If coolant quantity reduces or becomes totally empty then the engine won't be able to cool down and will blow the engine head gasket first, warp the engine head and then catch fire. Make sure to check your coolant level always at least once a week, and for off roading just before every drive. And you should know how to test car engine coolant. If there is a coolant leak, please DO NOT DRIVE to save from huge expense that comes from rebuilding an engine or risking your life. Always keep an eye on the heat gauge in the dashboard while driving and pull over the car if it rises above the ideal range. If the heat gauge moves up "little" in the slow-moving traffic and AC stop cooling and come back to normal on the highway, that means something is wrong in the cooling system and get it checked asap but still, you can drive with caution. Gear Oil: Any unusual behavior from the gear shifting with jerk or delay in picking gear or confused with downshift or upshift is a tell-tale sign of failing gear or gear oil. You should also read 5 signs to change your transmission for more details. As the first rule of thumb, get the gear oil and filter change to OEM specs and inspect the sump magnet for any metal shavings. Very fine shavings like a paste are acceptable but if shavings are like spikes then the gear is failing and it needs to be rebuild or change asap. And never believe on the myth about lifetime transmission fills. Continue driving with failing gear is extremely hazardous as it will heat up the gear oil more than its normal temperature. If the car is equipped with A/T light, you can still stop until it cools down, but if the car has no A/T warning light in instrument cluster then it will overheat and explode the weakest pipe or joints and catch an instant and uncontrollable fire under the dashboard. I have recently witnessed this scenario and we were unable to fire-fight instead of several extinguishers used and the car was fully burnt within few minutes. Fuel: One of the most inflammable item in your car and you should never ignore the fuel smell coming from any part of your car. The fuel system is completed sealed and pressurize so ideally not even a vapor can escape. In several occasion leaking fuel pump due to the bad gasket or leaking injectors can cause an instant and uncontrollable fire. If you spot any such fuel smell immediately switch off the car and let competent mechanic have a thorough look rather than taking a chance to drive back home or work. If the smell is coming from fuel cap, then switch off the car and wait for 10 minutes and open the fuel cap to release any excess fuel pressure (if any), occasionally this helps to some extent and then start the car and let it idle for 5 minutes to test. If you still smell the fuel, take no chance and put the car on recovery bed. Electrical: One of the easiest thing to fail and cause a fire is electrical wiring, fuses, relays, etc. Although most of the time the electrical fire is controllable by a car fire extinguisher, but if it happens near hot and pressurized hose then it will become uncontrollable very fast. A major cause of electrical failure is bad workmanship and running the cables from non-designated areas. Using educated electrician is very important to install new electrical components safely, be it off-road lights, winch, music system, amplifier, etc. If any additional cable has been pulled from the car battery then it has to have a certain rating to draw the required amperage load. Wrong or cheap cables will melt and may cause a fire. Such fire or short circuit is also traceable with the plastic burning smell and thin smoke. If you spot the plastic burning smell or smoke or both, immediately switch off the car and reach to your fire extinguisher. First and foremost check the switches, wire and electrical component that you have recently installed. Most of the bad workmanship fail within a few months or under extensive load, so you can doubt accordingly and go close to that switch, cable or component and smell the source. Switch on the car ignition and see if it again smell or produce smoke, then switch off the car and disconnect that component either from switch level or fuse or directly from the battery. Accident: Rare but possible, that after an accident you might damage some flammable fluid hose that can cause a fire. For safety reason, in case of an accident especially small ones, on which we always focus on the accident damage rather than the whole integrity of the car. You should inspect the car from all sides and look for any leaks or burning smell from the engine bay and under the car. If you spot any leak other than AC water dripping, don't drive the car until you figure out what has been leaking and is it safe for a short drive to mechanic or not. Ignoring any small leak, smell, smoke can cause an instant and uncontrollable fire as something under the hood must have been impacted and might leak or explode under the pressure if you drive again. Must read: The top 10 things to check after a car accident. Accessories: One of the first things to fail in your car is an aftermarket accessory, as many car owners buy the cheapest quality of car accessory for the sake of price only. If you are really lucky, it will simply stop working, but if not it can cause the other car component to fail to cause the fire or shutting off the car completely for smallest of internal short circuit. Always stay away from rock-bottom cheapest accessory as it might cost you the whole car. Go with a trusted brand, model and spec that has been proven in the market. Do your research before installing them, for what all additional changes/upgrades you should be doing to support that accessory. For example, if you plan to install 3000 watts music system with amp and woofer, battery upgrade is a must or at least test your battery. Same for additional lights or other electrical stuff that you plan to install. It's always best to discuss your build plan with car experts to seek the best advice like here: Help needed in car audio system selection. It's a prime example of how to research, discuss and then build any aftermarket car accessory that brings you great value and peace of mind for years. MUST READ: How to correctly use the Car Fire Extinguisher Types of extinguishers that are out there to stop a fire in your car
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    Shuweihat Island, Location, Waypoints, Photos, Videos, Reviews and Feedback from the travellers who visited before. Shuwaihat Island offers the best mix of clear water shallow beaches with beautifully textured rocks and zero light pollution to enjoy the stars like never before. This island is a perfect place for any photographer to capture incredible shots of great variety from the sky, water, rocks, sun, beach, sea in one place. Sandstone colour rocks and low-lying cliffs that look like mini caves are mesmerizing in itself. Shuweihat Island is about 3 hours and 30 minutes away from Dubai and 2 hours and 30 minutes from Abu Dhabi. As you will be driving on International Highway E11 so be confident to overtake truckers every now and then at high speed. Although you can reach in a sedan car, but getting closer to the water or reaching to tall rocks or crossing the rocky terrain 4WD is better. I visited Shuwaihat Island on the last national day weekend and this place was very crowded with hundreds of cars. Shuweihat Island scenery is so beautiful that you can spend hours doing nothing and enjoying the nature if you plan to visit during good weather. You can enjoy the rocky formation and clear water shoreline is amazing, of course with sandals as the beach is mixed with sand and rocks. If you plan to stay here for long, you should carry enough water and food as there is no grocery or cafeteria nearby. You can fill up the petrol in the last Adnoc Fuel station at Qareen Al Aish and pack up the food supplies as this Adnoc gas station is big enough to have a convinient store, ATM, restaurant and toilets. Adnoc at Qareen Al Aish: https://goo.gl/maps/PSQ2hvJWHJy This is my recommended spot that I found the best in terms of scenic beauty and access to the beach. https://goo.gl/maps/B3utEm8nYmv 24°06’42.2”N 52°25’57.4”E Reviews: Tripadvisor - 4 out 5 based on 10 reviews Google: 4.6 out of 5 based on 152 reviews Best time to visit: October to May, when the weather is not too hot for outdoor. Shuweihat Island Entry Fee: There are no charges to visit or using public areas Shuweihat Island Timing: It is open 24/7, 365 days, you can enjoy in day and night too. Shuweihat Island Camping: Not sure if it's allowed everywhere, as part of Shuweihat Island is owned by Army. If you happen to make an attempt, keep it clean and less noisy and you might get away. Essentials: Outdoor clothing and closed footwear, few good torches or flashlight if you plan to stay after dark. Online GPS is a must for driving (offline is even better), carry plenty of water and food if you plan to stay outdoors for long hours. Keep it clean: Don't litter anywhere, because trash cans, plastic and glass kill wildlife. Emergency: If bitten by a snake or a Scorpio take a picture or remember the colour and size and rush to the nearest hospital for a specific antidote for that species. Keep yourself calm, so your blood pressure and heartbeat stay low to help you minimize the effect. Feedback: Please leave your feedback below if you have been to Shuweihat and like to add something more.
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    Great write up Dr @srini62 you do have an excellent flavour of writhing which cannot be matched. It's always a challenge heading to the deflation point with the family and packing up the car with equipment and food. This Friday was no different. As a result I got a bit delayed reaching the meeting point. I received a call from @Gaurav bhai that he has 8 cars and a few more people running late, so not to miss a good spot he will head in with the 8 cars and block a space for us. As I reached I saw @Asif Hussain drive in with his white Pathy for the first time, @Praveenmp was next in with @Shamil to be the last to join. As we deflated we were joined by @Gaurav bhai who lead us to the spot. @Gaurav bhai strategy had worked out wonders as we got a great spot and soon we were trying to arrange our cars to block the idiots throwing sand in that area as well as make space for us to lay our spread. The conditions were not the best though as the sands kept shifting which was later evident by the amount of sand gathered on the mats. As everyone started to put their offerings on the mat it was full of goodies which made us watch every second go by to break our fast and sink our teeth into the goodies. The variety was amazing and although we did not discuss over the forum what each one of us will be bringing but there was no duplication. As it was time for Azaan and we broke pur fast, one great treat after another awaited to wet our appetite for more. We took a break from eating to offer our Maghrib prayers behind Imam @Asif Hussain. We slowly continued to munch and drink to fill ourselves. @Shamil at this point discussed his bucket list which included a climb on the Iftaar bowl. I suggested I have a go first before he tries to give him an idea which he agreed to. This was later approved with a smile from @Gaurav bhai who was walking our way to suggest the same. For the initial drive to the base of the bowl I just was trying to get a feel for the Xterra. With the way clearing out I made a dash for the approach and soon we were riding the ridge on the left side. The Xterra with a never say die attitude kept climbing the dune like it would treat a highway. Soon we had reached the tip and I made our way back to the bottom. @Shamil was feeling confident that he knew what was to be done. However being fairly new to off roading his timing to accelerate and approach angle were a bit off due to which he had a few failed attempts. I tried to show him once again what he has to do and once again it climbed all the way without breaking a sweat. Coming down at an angle where I could build the kind of angle and momentum to approach the right side. Successfully but slightly more difficulty the Xterra made it to the top from the right side as well. At this point @Shamil knew he had it and tried once again, thinking about it now I feel the lack of light might be a reason for him not to get his timing and angle right. One last time up from the left side and we headed back to the convoy. I heard a slight wobble and stopped to notice the rear right tire deflated. It was not a pop out so we tried refilling the air but to no avail. By this time @Gaurav bhai had made it to the scene, we decided to Jack it up as the load on the tire might be creating a gap for the air to escape. Next it was the valve to be removed but after several attempts we decided to remove the tire to try and remove any sand sticking between the rim and the tire sidewall. Upon closer inspection we discovered that the rubber inside the rim had torn away not allowing the air to stay in the tire. At tis point we had to use the spare and due to its condition we had no choice but to exit him. @Emmanuel also announced on the radio that @srini62 was facing a similar issue and by the time we headed back that situation was also under control. Some of the cars had decided to head back led by @Emmanuel. As @Gaurav, @Asif Hussain, @yogic72, @srini62 and myself decided to have a quick drive. It was a challenging drive with some refusals and stucks, but we kept marching on. As soon as we made our way out we headed to the pump. Here we inflated our tires and after some heartfelt hugs headed back home. This is one of the best Grand Iftaar we had in a long time all thanks to the people who made it for the drive.
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    Thanks! 2F2382FD-EBCA-4145-8A57-E32AB377A3CC.MP4
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    Club Member: Joins the off road Club. Absolute Newbie: Attend and successfully complete the first "Absolute newbie" off road drive. Newbie: Number of drives 5 (6 regular drives) Level of drives Willingness to learn + Enthusiasm Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio (recommended) Drive teamwork Observe recovery from a safe distance and offer help when needed Drive posting/joining Join newbie or absolute newbie level of drives Forum participation Active participation on forum. Share drive experience + feedback on forum and pictures in gallery Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join offroad club is recommended for faster upgrades at all levels. Fewbie: Number of drives 10 (16 regular drives) Level of drives Willingness to learn + Enthusiasm + Basic dune reading Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio, compressor (recommended) Drive teamwork Observe recovery from a safe distance and offer help when needed Drive posting/joining Join newbie and fewbie level of drives only Forum participation Active participation on forum. Share drive experience + feedback on forum and pictures in gallery Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join offroad club is recommended for faster upgrades at all levels. Intermediate: Number of drives 10 (26 regular drives) Level of drives Willingness to learn + Enthusiasm + Basic dune & sand reading Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio, compressor, tool kit, tow rope (recommended) Drive teamwork Help in recoveries under Marshal / Crew supervision Drive posting/joining Join newbie, fewbie & intermediate level of drives only Forum participation Active participation on forum. Share drive experience + feedback on forum and pictures in gallery + drive and route suggestions Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join offroad club is recommended for faster upgrades at all levels. Advance: Number of drives 10 (36 regular drives) Level of drives Willingness to learn + Enthusiasm + Basic dune & sand reading + map reading & basic navigational skills Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio, compressor, tool kit, tow rope, floor jack, jack board & GPS Drive teamwork Actively participate in recoveries + drive in the second lead Drive posting/joining Join any drive and lead fewbie & intermediate drives under Marshal / Crew supervision Forum participation Share experience + feedback on forum and pictures in gallery + drive and route suggestions + post trip report + share route + track and waypoints Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join offroad club is recommended for faster upgrades at all levels. Expert: Number of drives 10 (46 regular drives) Level of drives Willingness to learn + Enthusiasm + Basic dune & sand reading + map reading & basic navigational skills + strategic convoy driving Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio, compressor, tool kit, tow rope, floor jack, jack board & GPS trackback Drive teamwork Capable of diverting the convoy to safe spot + part of sweep team Drive posting/joining Join any drive and lead fewbie & intermediate drives with Marshal / Crew permission Forum participation Share experience + feedback on forum and pictures in gallery + drive and route suggestions + post trip report + share route + track and waypoints + Help Marshal / Crew for alternate routing + marking safe exit Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join offroad club is recommended for faster upgrades at all levels. Marshal: Number of drives 60+ drives and Committee Decision Level of drives All of the above + Routing and leading in known terrain Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio, compressor, tool kit, tow rope, floor jack, jack board & GPS trackback + recovery and repair material Drive teamwork Supervise all of the above + drive and convoy coordination Drive posting/joining Post drive on Carnity and share it on Carnity social media Forum participation Post trip report + share route + track and waypoints Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join offroad club is recommended for faster upgrades at all levels. Crew: Number of drives 80+ drives and Committee Decision Level of drives Routing and leading in unknown terrain for exploration drives Off-road gear All of the above Drive teamwork All of the above + coordinate with Marshal on route, convoy, numbering, etc. Drive posting/joining Post drive on Carnity and share it on Carnity social media Forum participation Post trip report + share route + track and waypoints Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join offroad club is recommended for faster upgrades at all levels.
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    This is a perfect example of how to recover side stuck in sand dunes with utmost safety and precision. Everyone is clear from the stuck vicinity and recording or taking the pictures away from the rope radius so that if tow point or shackles fail it won't hit anyone and injure/kill them. In a hard tug situation, one should use dampers or additional rope assist to absorb the shock if any tow point fails. Positioned the car right behind the way of the stuck car And not diagonally that can result in a flip with a sudden jerk Clear communication and repeat message before giving the tug Both the driver should be ready than an unexpected tug that may break bones Stretch the rope fully and always give a gentle tug "first" on side stuck Gentle tug "first" will always tell you how hard you can go next time than giving the hard tug first. This precision comes with experience and maturity than just giving the full throttle tug Repeat the message again for the second tug to prepare the driver Perfect safety message for the stuck driver, to update the recovery status so he can be ready for second tug Repeated second tug by changing the path slightly to get better traction Many offroaders will dig themselves on the second tug due to not changing the path. This slight change in path helps to get the firm sand to have better traction. Well done @Emmanuel for recovering @Julien V in the best and safest possible way.
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    Offroad driving is one of the most famous adventures in the UAE. Everyone during the offroad drive is always very welcoming and helpful. Due to the nature of this extreme and adventurous motorsport, sometimes things get unpleasant and everyone involved needs to know their roles and responsibilities clearly. I aim to put it in writing a few things based on my own previous experience and invite other offroaders to add more scenarios or doubts if they have: Two cars involved in an offroad accident: Please decide on the spot, whose fault it is and report to the neighboring police station for appropriate green and red paper for repairs. Most insurance companies don't cover offroad damage so please make sure if you drive expensive 4x4 with comprehensive insurance, get or check your offroad cover properly. Take a lot of pictures and videos of the accident site as Police always ask for this and also save the coordinates of the location as sometimes police like to revisit that area to verify the accident. Single car damage in offroad: In case your car flips or roll over or have any impact damage, take the pictures before recovering. Most insurance companies don't cover offroad damage so please make sure if you drive expensive 4x4 with comprehensive insurance, get or check your offroad cover properly. Take a lot of pictures and videos of the incident as Police always ask for this and also save the coordinates of the location as sometimes police like to revisit that area to verify the incident. Tow point failure damage: Every offroader is responsible for their own car tow point strength, integrity and load taking capacity. If your car tow point fails during "ANY" sort of recovery and damages the other offroader car, then you will be liable for all the damages. To avoid such a situation always recover gently and gradually increase the intensity of the tug. If you still suspect that a lot harder tug is needed use the support strap or sandbag to secure both the ends of the tow rope. Damage while recovering: As much as every Marshal and senior members are trained to prevent the damage while recovering any vehicle, but the ultimate responsibility of any damage while recovering lies with the owner of the stuck car. Scenario 1: In some cases when your car nosedive in the sand pocket, the front bumper damage is already done, but it becomes visible when your car gets fully recovered out of the pocket. Scenario 2: While recovering a stuck car by a tug, if the stuck car doesn’t stop early enough after the recovery and hit the recovering car, then the stuck car owner is at fault and liable for all damages involved. Lubes / Spare Sharing: Many offroaders do carry a lot of spare fluids, oil, coolant and other spare parts for emergency situations. If your car breaks down and someone offers you their spares or lubes, have the courtesy to pay or replace that in the next drive. Mechanic Assistance: Many times, we have mechanics on board with us on offroad drives. If your car breaks down, they can happily fix or diagnose things with whatever they can. You as a car owner have to ask for mechanic labor charges before the work starts so that you can compensate the mechanic working hours. If a mechanic decides to not to charge, then it's otherwise but you are not supposed to assume this as part of friendly or offroad club drive benefits. Offroad Gear: Every offroader is 100% responsible for his/her own off-road gears, tools and equipment's and should know how to use them safely and how to take care of them in terms of regular maintenance (if any). If you lend your tow rope to someone, it's your responsibility to make sure that it doesn't have a knot. If you lend your metal shackle, brief the person using to unscrew the last round to no to get stuck. If you lend your jack, either stay around to see if its placed on flat ground to not to bend or brief. If you lend your tool box or tools, you need to make sure it's used as intended and dont break. If you winch someone, you should know your winch capacity to do the recovery or not. If you lend your compressor, make sure it's not overheating or wait for it to cool down. Shovel, flag, radio etc. is also your own responsibility & share it at your own risk. Mechanical Damage / Failure: Every offraoder is responsible for his/her own car mechanical failure / damage. Especially in the offroad use some minor long pending mechanical damages magnifies due to the off road stress and it should not be blamed on anyone other than the owner of the car. If you have remote doubt that something might fail in upcoming off road drive, then please get that fixed first and then join for next week drive, rather than taking chances and/or increasing the existing damage.
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    TRIP REPORT @Srikumar, @Javier M and myself met on time directly at deflation point. Unfortunately @Gaurav had to cancel at the last minute because of a mechanical issue on his Pajero. @Frederic, @G.huz and @sertac, who wanted to join as well couldn’t make it. Along with @Rahimdad and @Asif Hussain, all of you guys missed us. One of the very nice aspects of summer night drives in those famous areas is the virgin sands. At many points of our drive we could hear the sand cracking on descents... Yesterday we had decided to explore the southern part of Sweihan, actually closer to Al-Ain. We have been able to keep a good pace in spite of a few refusals and stucks - the minimum due to this kind of tricky terrain. And thanks to Sri and Javier, this drive has been very fun from the beginning till the end. We finally stopped at about 3:30 AM only because we started to feel a bit tired and hungry, so we ate and took a good nap at 300m above the sea, with cool breeze, moonlight and shining stars. We also could see Jebel Hafeet lights climbing to the sky, far away above the horizon. At 5, I woke up Sri and Javier. Not without difficulty since they were both in a deep sleep. I had to use lound music, lights, start my engine... After a few side slopings just to be sure everyone was awake, we covered the short distance left to the track and we inflated while the sun was rising. I am very happy that we have discovered 2 or 3 amazing play areas. We must go there again with all those who missed this drive... or explore Sweihan-Naqrah-Al-Ain area further, which is full of hidden jewels, for sure !
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    This drive was indeed a special one as is most drives with this group because there’s always a unique take away from each drive. I reached late but I realized there was a “late latheefs” convoy which I happily joined with a little less guilt. @GauravBhai led us to the spot which he had already picked prior to us reaching there and although this was a short drive, I enjoyed every bit of it because I realized how much I had missed driving during daytime. We reached the spot, broke our fast, prayed and relaxed for a bit after which I was tempted to attempt the much talked about - iftar bowl climb. This was the height of dune bashing(pun intended) in my point of view and I knew although I may not be that experienced, I should give it a try nonetheless. I told @Rahimdad Bhai and @Gaurav Bhai that I would like to attempt but I’ll need a little hand holding. @Rahimdad Bhai came along with me and showed me a couple of times the right technique to do this climb. When I however attempted, despite trying to do everything that @RahimdadBhai showed me, I was not successful. Whilst he was teaching me, we climbed the dune from the right side which was the steep side and that was probably one of the most exhilarating experiences ever. After this, when we descended and decided to proceed with the convoy drive is when we realized that one of my tires tore from the inside. @RahimdadBhai and @Gaurav Bhai rightfully assessed the situation and helped in replacing the tire like superheroes whilst I stood there scratching my head. It was then decided, that it would be in my best interest if I exited as the condition of my spare tire was compromised. @Emmanuel very kindly guided me to exit and that pretty much concluded an unforgettable drive with this amazing group.
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    We went for a beach camping last year. Drove to the port of Khasab and asked one of the fishermen to take us to one of the nearby beaches along the coastline. Was in the area of below coordinates: 26°12'35.4"N 56°16'21.7"E * Beware to arrange your visas online, as the visa on arrival option has been stopped. * Most fishermen only speak arabic. We luckily had a friend with us that spoke it very well. * You will need to have ownership papers of the car when crossing the border. If it's under leasing or different owner you will need to arrange a POA form, and even then it's sometimes a bit of a hassle. * You will need to have Oman coverage in your insurance and prepared to show this paper at the border. If not you'll need to buy insurance at the border (takes a bit of time during busy periods) https://evisa.rop.gov.om/ * Definitely take water slippers because the beaches have pebbles and sharp stones. We had a fantastic time and saw the magical show at night called the fytoplankton. It emerges during certain times of year but you will only see it at night when you move your hand in the water, or just at the shoreline. We went swimming in it and it felt like magic (remember the movie Life of Pi..) https://epod.usra.edu/blog/2018/02/bioluminescence-in-the-gulf-of-oman.html
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    Started off the day with some lovely weather. @amir.rophail was the first guy at the deflation point. With a short convoy of me in lead, @amir.rophail in second position and @Javier M in sweep we headed out to explore the area around Big Red. The sand was hard in some sections which helped in a relatively easy climb. After spending some good amount of time exploring the area we headed in the direction of pink rock with some nice rolling dunes along the way. All the drivers managed extremely well and there were minimal refusals and stucks. The pace that was set was extremely good and we almost touched every possible dunes that were between the Big Red and Pink Rock area. We covered close to 40 km in a span of two hours as we played back and forth in this area. As we came close to the meeting point we met with the Newbie convoy lead by @Rahimdad. While we were waiting for the Fewbie convoy, @amir.rophail and @Javier M took multiple attempts at reaching to the top of pink rocks and were quite successful. We then were able to hear the Fewbie convoy on the radio, so we decided to take some nice set of dunes while searching for them. Finally after the merger of all 3 convoys we exited out and shared some nice food and drinks brought by all the drive members. I thoroughly enjoyed leading such a set of good drivers who were able to keep a high pace throughout the drive.
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    With the summer coming closer, we will go a little deeper into the dangers of being exposed to the extreme heat UAE brings to us. During off-roading, some activities such as recovery work, replacing tyres, and dealing with pop-outs, are physically demanding, and many of us who are in office jobs are not trained to cope with this amount of heat. Luckily with the help of some basic things, we can minimize the risk of below mentioned issues. The following risks are identified: Heat exhaustion: Warning signs: A person may suddenly look pale. Heart rate will increase and the victim may complain of feeling dizzy and nauseous. A feeling of weakness is also common. What to do: Seek shade immediately and lie down, especially if you’re feeling lightheaded. Apply a cold compress to the forehead and remove extra layers. Heat Stroke: Warning signs: Heat stroke is a type of hypothermia where the body temperature is greatly elevated. If not treated immediately it can be fatal. Symptoms are similar to those of a heart attack, along with nausea, headaches, hallucinations, difficulty in breathing, and agitation, What to do: apply cool water to the skin and place ice packs under the arms to reduce the temperature quickly. Preventive Measures: • Sip some water all day long, rather than just when you are thirsty. If you are thirsty it means you are already dehydrated. • Wear light clothing that can "breathe", but also wear sunblock and keep your head protected with a cap or hat. • Some fruit and vegetables can re-hydrate the body even more than water. Carry some in your cooler. • Water is important, but too much water can be dangerous as it can cause electrolyte depletion. Limit yourselves to 2-3 liters per day. • When recovering a vehicle in full sun, limit your exposure time and take some rest every couple of minutes. Because you are focused on the task at hand, you might completely forget the heat and become dizzy and exhausted. • If at some point you feel unwell, inform your club members immediately. When driving, inform immediately over the radio so the convoy can be stopped. • Keep an eye out for your fellow club members. It is relatively easy to recognize above symptoms in somebody else. Let them take appropriate rest. Please do share your tips, hints, experiences !
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    As we always tell everyone that never to go alone in the desert, it's because you need another vehicle help to pull you out if you are stuck unless you are ready to move the dune with a shovel. I have done that once when someone left me alone in the night drive. Good point @Fuad, to always go with bare minimum 3 cars, as two cars can get stuck too while recovering each other with a stuck rope and you need a third car and a second tow rope to fix the situation. I have an interesting theory to share for NOT going alone in the desert: When you are driving in convoy for X amount of drives or years and never or rarely got a stuck and this time you think you are ready to venture alone and on your first drive and within 1 km you get stuck. It's called Murphy's law - "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". Naaaah. The reason why you got stuck because it wasn't your bad day but your subconscious mind telling you to not to do something all the time against your wish. This resulted in scary throttle, bad judgement, confused sand reading letting you stuck in a simplest of a dune or a crest, that you could have crossed in a blink if you were in a convoy with a peace of mind that you have few equipped cars behind you all the time. Conclusion: How to overcome this fear.....? Off course by not going alone in the desert, the simple and easiest one. OR learn how to fool your subconscious by saying that you have 15 cars behind you all the time.
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    I work in a shop that mainly builds custom cars and choppers. Also restore classic cars and do some maintenance and repairs to everyday road cars. I mostly work in the office but sometimes I’m out in the shop advising the mechanics and electricians on diagnosis and repairs. Spent most of my life working on cars and it’s nice to go home with clean hands every day now. Perfect job for me, I get paid for doing my hobby.
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    Trip Report: Wow. Amazing. Exciting. I just seem to run out of words. My best Liwa trip ever, well planned, well executed and the best 5 cars for the job. The excitement was so obvious that neither the people who decided to go to Liwa overnight and camp, nor the people who decided to sleep in their beds and drive to Liwa in the early morning hours got more than 3 hours sleep. As we started calling each other, everybody was wide awake and ready to take on Liwa. Everyone met on time, we filled our cars with Petrol and extra cans as well for emergency. We adjusted the fire wood into all the cars and set off. As we approached the area to enter we were awed by the size and formation of the dunes around us. @Gaurav bhai made the best decision to change the entry point from a more approachable dune. As we deflated and got the briefing for the first part of the day and what we need to concentrate on, we also set the convoy numbering which would be crucial in this area. With @Gaurav bhai in the lead, @EmVarlet in second lead, @Asif Hussain right in the middle, and @skumar83 and myself making way for the sweep duties. As we entered and played around for some time, we realized that portions of the dune were very soft and we needed to push our stock cars to get through the terrain. Playing on these dunes was absolutely amazing, but we needed to be cautious as some of these dunes formations were very different than the ones we are used too. The best part of this area is when we have to drive down steep tall dunes and the cracking of breaking the sands with your tires. I had missed this sound for a whole year. As we came close to Friday Prayer time we switched to plan B and drove on road to the Moreeb Hill. After reaching there we were told that they do not have Friday prayers in that area. After playing on the Moreeb hill for some time we settled down to have lunch. After a quick lunch and smiling faces we washed up, packed and headed to offer our Qasr prayers. This bought our journey part 1 to an end. Part 2 was also well planned and we headed from Moreeb to Arada. This was wonderfully planned to give us enough time to play in some of the most gorgeous dunes, find our way through some mazes with the help, patience and understanding of the best team ever and some tracks to cover time. We came across several challenges and the team stood up to take every challenge with a huge smile and enthusiasm. This area is not for everyone as both the formation of the dunes and some very soft patches makes it difficult to drive in this area. We even encountered the tire pressure raising by 4 PSI to make it difficult to climb, so we had to monitor our tire pressure constantly. We were almost through our second phase when I heard a strange sound from my car, it seemed my tire had popped. I came to a flat surface and inspected the tires but there was no pop-out, so what was making that sound? At this point I went back to inspecting my tires when I saw the driver's side from tire pushed back into the fender of my car. Luckily Jalil was at hand to take a quick look and announced that the Lower arm was bent. Now discussions started as to how we can get the car out of the desert, it was definitely not going anywhere on the night, and we were just about 5 kilometers away from the point we were supposed to camp at, so we decided to make that our camping spot. The first suggestion and plan of action was to remove the lower arm and pull it with @Gaurav bhai winch and @skumar83 car. As we tried our best and put the whole thing back in, it had not made a lot of difference. The new course of action was Jalil started removing the mud guard which made little difference, he went on to remove the cover inside the wheel well which made a little more space, but getting the fender off made the space and gave the car a fancy look. We were all hungry by now, so after starting a bonfire, setting up the tents and @skumar83 warming up dinner, we were on the food like a pack of hungry wolves. after dinner we all sat around the fire admiring the weather, the quietness and the beauty of the surroundings. Finally we went to sleep. Upon waking up the next morning, breakfast was served, we all had a good fill. Heading to my car I saw that the wheels were pointing in opposite direction which would have its own set of troubles on hard surface so Jalil adjusted the wheel till i was able to drive it again. After a quick pack-up and thorough check around we were on our way to the last way point and out. Here we saw a lot of black camel farms with a lot of baby camels around. While I called for recovery and due to delay we started off to Birbir Ghost Town, after circling what used to be the Ghost Town, Gaurav Bhai aptly announced on the radio that they have demolished it and we neither were able to see the ghosts or a town. We played around for some time, headed back to my car, started inflating the tires while I waited for the recovery truck. After a episode with the recovery truck we loaded my Pathy onto the truck and headed off for another adventure while others headed back home. The recovery driver told me that he had to leave lunch to come save me, my hero. His room was on the way and if I mind if he would stop for lunch as he is not able to eat out, i agreed. Than he asked me if I was hungry and took me along for a nice home cooked meal. After the meal we set off and thanks to @Asif Hussain who stayed back with his family to make sure I had a helping hand when trying to source the parts and the mechanic to fix it. After a quick fix we inflated my tires and we head back home as well. Wonderful day and night and day out with amazing people and great team work, this is part of the reason the Liwa trip was such a huge success. Other reason was the immaculate planning, back planning. good decisions made at the right time and a capable trip[ leader with all the help he could ask for. Until next time.. Adios Amigos!!!
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    Trip Report. What a night, Superman truly back into action caught flying all over Area 53 after 3 weeks of exposure to kryptonite. With myself in the lead, @Javier M in second lead, followed by @Roshan Abraham, @MATHEW FELEX, @Shamil and @Frederic and @Gaurav bhai in the sweep. Earlier @Gaurav and myself were flying to the meeting point to brief the new personal on board, but had to wait and thus got somewhat delayed in our start. The first bit itself was fun but soft sand which made it difficult for all 7 cars to go through. A little reroute saw better results with 400 meters without a stuck, but it was that kind of a night where the sweep team had to do overtime to keep the convoy moving. Every time I tried to make through closer to Iftar bowl we were faced with a soft sand wall which was impossible for all 7 cars to clear. Slowly but surely we moved around the Iftar Bowl to find a path that would finally let us through. There were a lot of hits and misses, but close to early morning hours we finally found a track and almost made it through. Just edging at the back side of Iftar Bowl waiting for the rest to catch up, I came to find out that one of the cars was caught up in an awful pocket. I made my way back to the sweep team and assisted with a couple of tugs that had the vehicle in a better position. From here @Gaurav bhai took over and got it out in a jiffy. With the sun coming out, we played a while on the Iftar Bowl. This was time for @Javier M to bow out as his friend Ramon was not feeling so well. Rest of us headed 100 meters away from the action to a safe spot with a shade which was not going to last very long. We lay our spread and enjoyed recapping the horrid night behind us. With the sun becoming just a bit unbearable we had a quick ride in the daylight to exit. We all inflated our tires and promised to meet another time. So in short the drive was challenging yet fun. It had Superman written all over it but not without the help of the sweep team. So until next time I bid you all farewell. See you all soon.
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    @Rahimdad thanks again for the fantastic lead in the beautiful area 53. Some areas were proven to be a bit tricky with soft patches and all of us had to stay on our toes a bit, which is actually a good thing when driving at night. @Gaurav your skills as first sweep are something I really look forward to learn in the near future. Your fast reactions, anticipation, clear communication, and the ability to stay calm and composed is what makes a true crew member. Thanks for the assistance and company on this adventurous night. Thanks to the rest of the team for keeping the spirits high, even after consecutive stucks or refusals. The more time you will spend with your car the more you will feel it’s strengths, weaknesses, and you will learn how to apply either a feather touch or a full lead foot on the pedal at the right appropriate timing. Idem ditto with keeping distance which like Gaurav bhai mentioned needs constant adjusting based on the terrain, overall pace, and person in front of you. @Shamil when I announced that I didn’t see you in the convoy anymore you seemed to got lost. Don’t be afraid to immediately announce on the radio that you don’t see any team members anymore and best to stop the car and walk to the highest dune nearby. We’ve all been in similar situations and I know it feels a bit scary. see you guys soon !
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    Trip Report. 2 rocking drives in 2 consecutive weeks. So similar in the way both drives were conducted, yet in different terrains the challenges and fun was very similar. I think @Emmanuel attended both so he would be a good judge. Everyone was on time, and seeing the participants I decided to change the level to Fewbie. @eduardo, @Shamil, @Brette, @Frederic, @Fuad and @Emmanuel were all in agreement and we headed to enter from Khatim. After deflation and a short brief we all were off on what was going to be a challenging start. The first hour and a half saw us through a few refusals and stucks, @Gaurav bhai would have been proud of me. As we negotiated through some tough but fun patches we reached the top of Fossil Rocks. As @Emmanuel and I evaluated the decent we were surprised to see all the sand gathered on the left side leaving a sharp drop to the naked rocks on the right. To be on the safe side I came down first to make sure all was well below. Once it was clear the rest in the guidance of @Emmanuel made their way down. Now it was time to search for a suitable spot for Suhoor. This bit of drive was quick and just towards the end we experienced a few refusals. This led us to a fantastic spot to lay our spread. The Suhoor was very refreshing and enjoyable after which we switched off the lights to enjoy some dark time. While we lay down we were able to see part of the 60 satellites in a convoy of their own. All moving on one path one behind the other, they were viewable with the naked eye and a treat to watch. I was caught by surprise to see one satellite out of convoy and moving in the opposite direction, I guess the reason for it is that they are not part of Carnity.com and don't know the importance of a convoy. Throughout the Suhoor break we were treated to several laughs sponsored by our comedian @Frederic. After we offered our Fajr prayers we were off to our final destination - Faya. We had a very smooth and quick run and the convoy was now enjoying the last leg of our trip. The most fun was just on the back side of Faya where we enjoyed vast open space with no tyre marks. I was a little confused to see the Nissan Bowl and the place was just a little unrecognizable due to the shifting sands, but a little peak to the other side confirmed we were on top of Faya. We has to cut through the razor sharp ridge to get to the front face of Faya. Quickly everyone continued to the bottom only to try climbing the front face. As usual @Emmanuel just glided through as though he was on SZR, only others struggling confirmed that Faya was still holding its reputation to be difficult to climb from the front. After having some fun we decided to exit. I was still in some mood to play which resulted in a pop-out. The team was quick to respond and we quickly fixed the pop-out and were out. After inflation, huge smiles and warm hugs we were off home bound and looking forward to more fun in the coming weeks. Until that time Adios and take care.
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    Dear all, Ramadan Kareem ! Fasting has quite the physical effect on the body, and when combined with the summer heat can lead to dehydration, distracting hunger and low blood sugar, which can affect our reaction speeds, alertness, concentration and sight. In addition to fasting, the unusual and irregular meal timings and sleep patterns can cause fatigue, impatience and distraction. Right before the sun sets, motorists will be rushing home to be with their loved ones for Iftar, meaning those of us on the roads must be wary of other drivers. Eight tips for staying safe on the roads during Ramadan: 1. If you feel tired before driving, try and take a short nap, or use public transport. 2. If you feel sleepy while driving to the point of distraction, pull over immediately and rest. 3. Be more courteous with other road users, and leave plenty of space between yourself and the car in front. 4. Try to avoid the roads before the Iftar rush. If you can’t, be extra wary – some of the road users will be looking to rush home to break their fast. 5. Allow yourself plenty of time before you set out for a journey – being safe is worth being late ! 6. Keep yourself visible – make sure your headlights, tail lights and signal lights all work properly. Turn on your headlights shortly before the sun sets. 7. It should go without saying, but follow the rules of the road – sudden merging or swerving will not only endanger yourself, but other drivers too. 8. Road safety doesn’t just apply to drivers. Pedestrians and cyclists should be wary when using crossings, even if the light is green !
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    No matter what modern engineering says that you can start the car and drive off immediately for better fuel efficiency. PLEASE DON'T DO IT. Give at least 20-30 seconds to let all the fluids reach the critical components for a better life of Engine, Gear, 4x4, AC, Power steering etc. Gone are the days when you start the car and wait for 5 minutes to let it fully warm, but still few seconds delay goes a long way. I always start my car, before I get in so that by the time I sit and fasten the belt and roll down the windows its good enough 20-30 seconds. Also, make sure to start AC after these 20-30 seconds delay and not immediately to put additional load on the cold and dry engine.
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    My reaction when I noticed @amir.rophail and @G.huz signed up for the drive..
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    This is how I use a safety rope or rope assist on a harder tug that is more prone to breaking any tow points. I was recovering @AKR Jeep from the front when it was 80% back heavy because his jeep doesn't have any tow hook on the back. Too bad. Hope he gets proper rated tow point at back before his next drive now, as the risk of damaging the tow point or even chassis is very high while doing such harder tugs against the gravity.
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    Trip report from a Fewbie prospective. We had 2 weeks of starting the drive with rain in the air. Last week was starting the drive in thick fog. This week was different, cloudy but hot. Thank goodness for @shadow79 nice work with the AC kept me cool. I found Friday prayers in the new mosque near Al Awir and headed to the meeting point. As there were no absolute newbies we had a quick brief from @Gaurav bhai and we were off to the deflation point. After deflation we were divided into 2 groups, newbie and Fewbie level. @Gaurav bhai headed the newbie group with @Srikumar in the sweep, I headed the Fewbie group with @Emmanuel in the sweep. The newbie group also had @Maxiben, @razeen hasan, @AKR, @Sharme and @Chirag S., my group had @Brette, @yogic72 and @Fuad. As decided 10 minutes after the newbie convoy starting we took off on the right side through some technical dunes with some really soft patches. After having 3 difficult stucks taking over an hour to clear we found an amazing stretch which got us close to the newbie convoy in about 20 minutes. Those 20 minutes were the best 20 minutes I had in a long time. Fast paced and zero stucks in those 20 minutes. But like everything comes to an end, we got a few refusals, but still managed to make it to Pink Rocks and meet up with the newbie gang within a few minutes of them reaching. After saying goodbye to @yogic72 we combined the group to cross Pink Rocks to find a point to settle the crowd for a BBQ. Thanks to @Sharme, 3 of us @Maxiben, @razeen hasan and I were able to witness the flying capabilities of the Wrangler. This came with a sigh of relief from @razeen hasan who had just taken his vehicle of the track to the side. Thank goodness for our brief where we emphasize how important it is to wait in a safe place away from the track, and putting it into good practice. With some heating issues with the Wrangler @Gaurav bhai had to drop @Sharme to the road side. We later continued our quest and came across a nice spot to settle down. With a couple of BBQs going on and stories and jokes flying while some of us had to leave early. The night finally came to an end, thanks to @Emmanuel for guiding us out. After inflation and some warm hugs goodnight we all headed back home with some wide smiles all around. For more action stay tuned as the next fun adventure starts this coming weekend, till than I bid you all farewell.
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    Don't forget to change the oil for the headlights, in the summer these oils can get really hot and sticky.
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    Sweihan always comes with lasting memories and yesterday drive was no different. First of all, started with a major setback that out of 10 signups - 5 dropped off due to some of the other reason. Pretty strange and have never seen such major drop off in any drive. The second shock was seeing the wind speed picking up drastically since morning and as per weather forecast, we could get the wind at 50kmph speed inside the desert - not good for visibility. Keep all odds aside 5 cars still made in with several warnings, safety advises and high spirit to keep driving close to each other and not to attempt any new stunt due to low visibility. We started driving almost on time and @Javier M was my second lead and @Emmanuel was in sweep keeping an eye on @Brette and @Julien V to keep convoy moving at all times. After initial refusals and stucks, fewbie picked up the pace and we started moving with good speed. Although the wind was very high but visibility has not been compromised to a stage where we should halt or abort the drive. We stopped at our few playgrounds to take turns to reach on top and try the sideys attempt to our heart desire. Everyone had a good fun andkeep trying the scale those monster dunes from different angles, speed, and techniques. I guess @Javier M must have tried the stair dune almost 20-30 times while @Julien V was attempting to remove his Pajero back bumper. Good fun. Our drive pace was so nice that we almost reach the end of the drive before it gets dark and then we decided to backtrack to meeting point through dunes, instead of track. While backtracking through dune I literally pushed the level up to an intermediate level as we were close to the track and also done with our planned drive. Almost everyone kept a good pace and impressed with the fast-paced intermediate level upgrade. Due to the heavy wind and endless flies (due to wind), we decided to exit on road and then have our food session next to the restaurant having some close area. We exited by 7 PM and had our late lunch / early dinner by 8 PM and then start inflating the tires to say goodbye to everyone. Brette and his friend Brian has clicked and shared some nice videos of our yesterday's drive in Sweihan
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    It was a beautiful day out. Everyone was on time and after our introduction to off road driving we started off. It was a very nice drive with all participants doing very well till about the last part just before reaching Pink Rocks. As the convoy had split at start, we met up back on the base of Pink Rocks. We settled down to share some snacks, breakfast and some cold drinks. At this point part of the group headed back out, while the rest of us decided to continue. This part was slightly tougher than the first part but everybody was up to the task and with minor refusals we made it to the mosque in time for the Friday prayers. At this point it was time to test out @Emmanuel lead potential. He was heading in the right direction. Thoroughly enjoyed his lead and headed out with total satisfaction. Thanks to all participants. Until next time adios amigos.
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    Well i'd like to compare it with going to the gym because you want to get in a better shape: Option 1: You go alone to the nearest gym, mess around a bit with the equipment, get sprains and injuries, and maybe you will become a bit more fit once you get to know how the equipment works, but you are left to your own devices and not always sure about if you are doing the right thing OR if it is even safe to do with the health or equipment you have. Option 2: You join a gym and go for 10-15 lessons. Your personal teacher will assess your current condition and will guide you safely to minimize injuries or accidents. Thanks to his experience and knowledge you will progress much faster than others and will be grateful for having somebody to learn something from. Joining an Offroad club like Carnity is free, and you get professional advice from people who can safely guide you through and avoid mistakes which in the desert can end up being costly or even fatal. But don't take it from me, take it from the dozens of people that joined Offroad clubs and learned essential stuff like how to deflate properly, recover yourself, and what you and your car can do. If you or your friends get stuck, do you know what to do or which equipment to use to safely recover yourself ? I go for regular camping trips myself with a group of friends, but we don't venture deep and definitely don't do the stuff we are doing in an Offroad club. We drive around a bit, set up camp, and have some drinks. We avoid the real dunes and difficult tracks because most of my friends have very little Offroad experience and we don't want to get in trouble having our car full with kids, dogs, etc... Joining Carnity Offroad and doing the Newbie drives gave me more confidence and far less stress when going camping with my friends, as i know that my car is always equipped with recovery gear and i know how to use it. And most of all i can help my friends by sharing that information. PS replace "teacher" by our Offroad Specialists like @Gaurav, @Srikumar @Asif Hussain, @Emmanuel, @Rahimdad and more team members who will take your under their wings and teach you all the skills and fun our UAE deserts have to offer....
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    Trip Report: Woke up early on Friday morning for the preparations and getting all the party tricks fixed in the car with safe seating for my wife and daughter. Went for Friday prayers which took longer than usual delaying me slightly, this was communicated to @Gaurav bhai who handled the situation well and the convoy was complete and left on time from the meeting point while I was to catch up at the deflation point. As soon as I reached the deflation point every one was deflating which meant I was on time. After deflation and a quick recap on the convoy numbering we were on our way. This time we had used a unique method for controlling a large convoy in this particular area which worked out like a charm. I must say that I am very impressed with @skumar83 choice of area for this size convoy as we made it through in very quick time and loving every dune and moment. He had successfully lowered the level of the drive from Fewbie to Newbie+. There were only a couple of areas in which we needed to be cautious and slow down which was well announced on the radio by Srikumar to lower our speeds and increase our levels of patience. I should recommend all to have handled the terrain very well and adapted well to the white sands of Lisali. I have absolutely enjoyed the drive with very little down time and a good mix of dunes to keep everybody engaged. On the way we were able to catch a glimpse of 2 beautiful Oryx. As the sun started to set and created a beautiful sky we approached the end of the drive, settled near a lake to proceed with the rest of the evening. A lot of people had to leave due to their commitments, however my sincere thanks to those who stayed with us to enjoy the nice BBQ, my daughters cake cutting for her birthday and the awesome tea prepared by @Atif bhai and my wife. The children felt they were released from jail as soon as they were let out from their cars into the open. They enjoyed their evening with big thanks to @Sohini bhabhi who kept an eye on them, entertained them and fed them. She really has a neck for handling small children. My sincere thanks to all for attending the best Newbie+ drive for this season so far. looking forward to every bodies company on the upcoming drives and having an awesome time with all. until next time I bid you all farewell.
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    Thank you to everyone for an amazing drive. One of the biggest convoys we had so far, and the drive we did was way beyond a Newbie+ level. Would like to thank @Atif for a splendid second lead as he kept the entire route in check when at times I was pushing the limit. And of course a very big thank you to @EmVarlet, @Gaurav and @Rahimdad. You guys were the real backbone of the entire drive as you kept modifying the route ever so slightly to keep the entire convoy moving at a pretty decent pace. Also guess the new method of assigning the convoy numbers did actually work. Hope everyone had a good time, for I most certainly had a blast. The dinner at qudra along with the birthday celebration was the perfect end to a wonderful day.
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    I can’t say much about the surroundings of Shuweihat, since we went straight to the point to spent one night camping on the island. Well, to be frank, it was a terrible idea to do it during the last National Day week-end ! The place was crowded, maybe 400-500 cars on the island, most of them tourists and residents in UAE, and of course (of course ?!!) covered with garbages. We thought about heading out to find a quiet, clean and isolated place, but unfortunately we had to spend the night there because our friends were joining us in the next morning, and we wanted to keep for them the small spot we found on the sea. If you’re going on a Friday or Saturday, I think it’s wiser to follow Jeh’s recommandations : visit the Island, enjoy the beautiful creeks and the scenic views... and leave the place at the end of the day to camp anywhere else… However, if you have the possibility to go there during the week, it may be an excellent idea to settle on the island for a night or two. I will share here the nice area we found on the West side of the Island (my guess is that it can really be like heaven if you go outside the rush times). You can reach it with a simple SUV if you drive carefully, but definitely not with a sedan. Even if you are driving a 4x4, be careful once you reach the sea because the rock can be sharp. By the way, if you want to swim, don’t forget to take strong plastic sandals. Once you get on the Island, go straight on the track until you get close to the GSM antenna (yes, you have some network there), go left towards the hill and cross the fence (there a small gate in it), then follow the fence on your left hand and a few meters before the beach, turn right and find your way to your spot. Left a good news for the end : the speed limit Jeh was talking about has changed. Now, it’s 160 km/h after Abu Dhabi, which means that you can reach the Island in slightly more than 3 hours when you come from Dubai !
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    I get so many messages from people asking for advice on their car problems. Sure, if you’re a friend and I know you, feel free to call me and ask, but if you don’t know me personally, please post all questions on the forum. I will be civil and answer personal messages but it’s not the proper way to do it. Information shared in private messages is information lost. Share the questions and answers on the forum and people will be able to search it for years to come and your questions will help many people instead of just helping yourself. I do what I do for free, I don’t receive any payment. I’m just trying to share knowledge the same way it was shared to me years ago.
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    Wow crazy. I remember the first time I posted on here. I was trawling through the uae car forums looking for a place to fit in and make friends and chat to some like minded people. I settled into carnity and this is what I found. I’ve met so many good people and made a lot of close friends along the way. May your God(s) bless you all. If you don’t have a God then may you have the best of luck. I wish Carnity all the best and look forward to seeing you grow and go from strength to strength.
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