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    Yes everyone is doing well, thank god. Mohammed got the cops paper and it will be sorted soon with insurance. Does anyone spotted big dip or bush at 0.07 sec that bounced the car heavily....? Watch in full screen. Also intention to steer left than climbing up as desertdude rightly mentioned would have saved it completely. FJC in stock state is very tipsy, added with 3-4 inch lift is a recipe for disaster. We have mentioned and pointed same last week at Qudra exit and we never knew this could prove fatal so fast. Sad. However, such incident always remind all of us that every sport has some associate risk and soon we acknowledge, embrace and learn to stay clear from such risk, better it is for everyone.
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    With the weather looking up these days, experiencing the chill temperatures, early morning was a great way to start off the day. Added to that, meeting up with a lovely group of like minded off-roaders is just an icing on the cake. @Srikumar assigned me to the sweep position and I had the incredibly rare opportunity of having @Gauravbhai accompany me as a passenger. With this mix, the day just couldn't have been better. I am just about getting acquainted with sweep duties and it is definitely a great way to be a more responsible offroader and watching @Gauravbhai in action was a delightful and educative experience indeed. The banter I shared with @Gaurav bhai was invaluable and i hope we can roll again sometime. All in all, this was yet again, an action packed and fun filled drive to say the least. Ill try and put up a video tonight.
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    Congratulations @Javier M for reaching the Advance level with Carnity Offroad club. Your consistent dedication towards offroading and testing your limits to extreme have shown great progress and well deserve this new offroad rank. Your suggestions and feedback has always helped everyone around in a very positive manner on the drives and on the forum. Keep it up and its time for you to work on your social skills and help other offroaders around to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. Looking forward to seeing you growing further and helping others to learn the art of offroading in a safe environment. Advance: Number of drives 10 (36 regular drives) Level of drives Willingness to learn + Enthusiasm + Basic dune & sand reading + map reading & basic navigational skills Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio, compressor, tool kit, tow rope, floor jack, jack board & GPS Drive teamwork Actively participate in recoveries + drive in the second lead Drive posting/joining Join any drive and lead fewbie & intermediate drives under Marshal / Crew supervision Forum participation Share experience + feedback on forum and pictures in gallery + drive and route suggestions + post trip report + share route + track and waypoints Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join offroad club is recommended for faster upgrades at all levels.
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    Such myth list goes on and on: Drive on LO all the time Drive on HI but in first and second gear all the time Install 10K suspension first before hitting the sand Put biggest possible tire with most aggressive looks and tread Install bull bar before hitting the sand Install snorkel, chip, turbonator, throttle spacer to be desert ready Give strong tug on every smallest refusal to demonstrate the strongest car Shovel and self recoveries are for idiots Why clear the sand when tow rope strong pull will do the job catch me if you can (said / unsaid contest) all the time
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    Its not any normal Xterra. You will get to see Emmanuel's beloved Jawaher in action
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    I hope that Mohammed and passengers are doing well.
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    Due to some unforeseen situation, I won't be joining the drive tomorrow. @Rahimdad will lead the convoy and also welcome @Jamy B. to ride along.
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    Congrats @Shamil ! Sri said exactly what I have in mind. I would just add that I’m glad to see another Xterrian in intermediate drives 😉
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    Congrats @Brette. Like Fred said it's not easy to tame your black stallion, but you have managed very well.
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    I am now in al mansour tyres close to diamond park in Dubai.They have repaired my bent wheel rim and balanced that wheel. Cost 225aed. impressed with their service. thanks rahimbhai for recommending this place to me. regards srini
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    Thanks @Frederic for this nice share. I would add an axe to cut wood sticks when there is a lot of trees available around your camp (If you are not in a protected area of course)
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    Congrats @Frederic for posting your first drive. Many more to come with me trying to catch up with our favourite Saluki.
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    As I wrote, I started slow for the first high dunes, just to check that you were comfortable with your JGC, but after that, trust me, we were cruising at the usual intermediate level pace.
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    If it doesn’t tell you on the dashboard you’ll need a TPMS tool. Point it at the wheels and you’ll see if one isn’t sending a signal. They’re not expensive but a good tyre shop will have one. Some diagnostic computers work through the obd port but it depends on the car.
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    Whoa! What a surprise! Thanks so much @Gaurav Bhai and @Rahimdad Bhai. I hope to live up to the Intermediate standard. Thanks for the compliments @Srikumar Bhai. I enjoy your company and dedication to this adventurous activity!
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    Sri and Javier were very kind. I like to teach people how to get unstuck by letting them shovel, so they can learn faster
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    @Xaf if one day you want to organise a 777 absolute nexbie drive, count me in 😂
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    @Srikumar hi! I will be joining as well! Just did my absolute newbie last week under @Emmanuel 's guidance.
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    I never had anyone put petrol in my car until I came to uae. It’s just not a thing where I’m from. You fill your own car. I don’t understand the mentality of the petrol companies paying people to stand on the forecourts but I just roll with it. When in Rome.....
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    Replaced my front and rear shocks with coils and now car is lifted by 2inches. Replaced the steering pump. Fixed skip plate ( As i got it free from my friend) Replaced my front and rear shocks with coils and now car is lifted by 2inches.
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    https://m.lingscars.com/ For context, Ling is a crazy Chinese lady who moved to the UK years ago with dreams of being a car dealer. She is constantly in court for fraud. I remember a few years ago she got arrested for selling “brand new deloreans” for £15,000. (75k dhs). Delorean stopped making cars in 1983.She never stops. but just check out that crazy website. It’s like something 15 year old me would have created in HTML and spent 3 days uploading it on my 56k connection which could barely reach 28k.
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    Hi, Since I have been assisting newbies with recoveries in the off road drives off late, I realized its time I got myself a jack besides the stock jack that comes in my car. @Srikumar has also pointed out that its better if I get a good jack to help out with recoveries. I have noticed all the seniors use the standard hydraulic jack which is very convenient and gets the job done all the time. However, when I was looking around, i did come across a few electrical options and I was wondering how these would fare against the classic hydraulic jack that we all use. Two models in particular have caught my eye (ill include the picture and description below) but if any of you could share your experiences with me on this, that would be great as I am not sure if these newer electric options will stand the test of time, as in, will they last or would they stop working over a period of time. 1) The first is an - Automotive Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack 12V DC 3T with Electric Impact Wrench 4 in 1 Electric Car Jack Tool Kit with LED lamp I have seen a bunch of video ads for these and they seem fairly simple to setup. 2) And the next is an electric scissor jack The price for both of these are a bit higher than the standard hydraulic jack but then again, they provide a convenience of lifting the car with a lot more ease. They both come with cigarette lighter wires and crocodile clips to connect to the battery. If anyone has had any experience with these jacks or even other types of jacks, your feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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    For a moment I thought you have vibrations at 220 kmph, and I was scratching my head how come bro u cross the sound barrier of pajero at 180 kph. Have you check air filter, engine oil, spark plug basics first?
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    We love a can of worms. I used to drive on HTs with the exception of Yoko Geolander ATS since 1 year. Feels slightly heavier, but as I got used to them they really help out a lot and fairly quiet on road. Gives me that extra kick in deep sand to just make it a bit further. Plus it really soaks up the throes tracks which is nice.
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    I'll find you one. And i accept cash, check, bank transfers, bitcoins etc
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    Just thought I should let the offroaders know about the sale on AOR products as advertised below. Its valid till 5th. Nov. .
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    I don't understand why when a vehicle is through to the other side of the dune and gets stuck, you need to pull it back over the dune. With the weight of the car, a little digging would have gone a long way if you need to pull it back. The angle at the back was also not a good one. Seen many accidents as such over the years and people never learn.
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    It can happen that the various corrosion inhibitors in different brands of coolant react with each other to form an acid that attacks seals and/or mating surfaces under gaskets and seals. Other times, and depending on the mixture, coolant additives can cancel each other out, so you may think that your engine is protected, but meanwhile, the coolant mixture is destroying it from within in various ways, and the first time you notice something is wrong is when you start getting coolant leaks. So no, mixing coolants is never a good idea.
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    Congrats @Brette. Can't say it any better than @Frederic. Those Jeeps are a bit difficult to get used to but you've proved its not impossible. Well done bro, love your attitude.
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    Final Update Vibration was due to 1 teeth missing , Last night we opened everything again and found out left side Belt was missed by 1 1/2 timing. It took me 6 Sparks Plug, 2 coil and cleaning of Injectors to find out this cause. in this course my Manifold was damaged due to wrong fitting. Finally the vibrations are gone, but will drive for a week to see if it returns
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