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  1. Yes you can mix and still be running on 78.08% nitrogen or maybe more in your case
  2. Make a guess, post below and then watch the video. I purposely didn't embed the video to kill the surprise, so don't complaint. Ideally you should keep your tire pressure at 30-32 PSI OR 2.0 - 2.2 Bar. https://youtu.be/pP6vnIuod_s
  3. Why 6 months, as you only have 4 Carnity points under your profile. Maybe you are confused with reputation points
  4. 2006 VW Golf, then upgraded to Mustang and happily married after
  5. I need a proper 7 seater for a month - 4 or 2 wheel doesn't matter, need to get around malls, beach etc. Please PM your offer and pictures
  6. Am I the only one wondering this or has anyone spotted this too, that all dealers have low mileage cars and all private seller has high roller. Why...? Does that mean all low mileage car owners selling there cars to dealer without even advertising or dealers are playing here with odo?
  7. Mustang and Hybrid ---- seems like next stop will be electric then, after seeing 4cyl - 2.3 anything is possible with this once called legend
  8. Nice upgrade, you could have switch to electric fan too while everything was out, it helps in higher rev cooling
  9. Welcome @DoctorTubaUF
  10. What is ur budget and to what extent of upgrade you are planning - entry, prosumer or competition?
  11. Danny


  12. I liked both as they both deserved a like certainly
  13. What a legend this guy is, hope he gets recover soon
  14. Guy can't pace the car was hilarious, lololol.
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