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  1. victor


  2. Don't be mistaken for the defender, it's Bolinger B1from NYC start-up. They seem to have done really good job, now let's see how she tackle the real off-road terrain Any haters/takers....? http://www.caradvice.com.au/582386/meet-the-bollinger-b1-a-hard-core-electric-off-roader/
  3. Have you check all the 4 wheels from inside for any presence of sand as this occasional issue often caused by little sand inside the wheel and when circle with the wheel rotation perfectly it doesn't cause any imbalance, but when it rotate in two three places inside the tire then it causes imbalance. Worth removing it off the rim and get it cleaned.
  4. Is this 55 AED for one day or all three days.....? No info found on their website either.
  5. To be honest, it's very nice to catch those speeding Patrols, Lexus, FJC and all sports cars who does not respect other road users safety and start flashing even when you are the maximum allowed speed limit.
  6. So wish to see the video of this car in action as well. May be a drone based video to follow the car on the corners, show us the sound etc. BTW, how did they manage to fit the bike engine head to car engine block. Must be crazy imagination and engineering involved.
  7. I prefer UK cars over Germans as they design with more practical approach than the German boys, who add the stuff for selling only (Gizmo's promotion) without much of rational thinking behind it.
  8. eew mate, Oil in cooling system is never good, get it sorted at the earliest or else whole engine might go for a toss. Cayenne service and parts are so expensive that I don't even want to think of used engine cost, It'll be horrendous as Range Rover and X6 engine horror stories.
  9. Stay away from car buying websites, as this has been discussed here in the past and agreed that these guys offer the worst resale value. Friend of mine Cayenne expected value at 75-80k, and one of the buying website offered him 46k after wasting couple of hours with inspection. Few days later he sold for 72K cash to private buyer.
  10. Check your tire pressure and make sure it matches with the OEM spec mentioned on driver door as per front and rear tire pressure psi.
  11. I refuse to believe that dirty oil will impact all gear shift, as when oil is just starting to get dirty shifts are rough but noticeable more on small speed evidently as slow gear shift is more precision based and reflect any small defect loudly as oppose to higher speed shift will only be visible after few thousand kms. I experience this same in one of my car and I ignore 1st to 2nd thud and after 2 months paid a huge bill for rebuilding the transmission when 2nd to 3rd thud also started showing.
  12. I am sure no one will accept the last two options, as your sub conscious mind does that but conscious mind does not accept it.
  13. First universal usual suspect for any gear issue is the gear oil and filter. Do you have record of when it was changed last? Check if it's due anytime soon. If you don't have record then get it change with original gear oil and gear oil filter at the earliest to save your transmission. The very first sign of stale gear oil is the 1st to 2nd and vice versa rough shifting and/or extra jerking while shifting.
  14. So only four cylinder under 1.5 liter will have rating above poor and rest all cars falls under poor........! Why so stringent rating........?
  15. You guys are awesome man, any chance to know the German garage scrap area in Dubai or Sharjah....?
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