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  1. get the helmet and all protective gear too, as breaking bones and scratches are no fun. I had a minor fall that fracture my elbow in cemeted flooring
  2. I had some good experience with auto pro couple of times and they are very easily available with walk-in feature unlike many other garage where you schedule an appointment to leave the car and then call your friedn to pick you up.
  3. Any idea guys how many spare parts make one full car? And which brand or model has least amount of parts in it? Also am I right to assume that least parts = least probability to go wrong?
  4. With present car market condition, I know all is too bad and car selling for cheap but i am want know how to find a fair value at first and then drop further to deal with bad market crisis. In us there is kbb - kelly blue book so if there is anything similar to that existing in dubai or uae car market? I am tired of seeing insurance inflated car value and used car dealers super deflated car values, there should be something in between to tell the owner of real fair value after certain kms and year of use.
  5. Thanks Rahimdad, it's not available in UAE, any other good option, please help barry is for a car not home
  6. can any one suggest me some brand and model for car vacuum cleaner that is very powerful and durable too. I got one which was powerful but it died after 3 tries, then got kenwood one and its not powerful enough.
  7. Looking from inside stripped off interior and join with tapes over the gear panel seems like it's made for such crash as to test on real road causality and driver impact in serious crashes.
  8. No need to bitch on everything and twist the words. I mentioned to "grow up" to you specifically for some other reason (Marketing crap) and not for saving the planet. Read again. Do you work for law firm or something....?
  9. I am from Mars, but your thinking of saving planet Earth need more rational approach than blaming the companies for marketing their products. If that ever has to happen, then companies doing more harm to health by selling junk food, soda, cigarettes, alcohol would be banned and not the car companies. Marketing is existing since 1800 and it's the only way to sell their product by persuasive manner. Common wake up, you are just 200 years late to realize that it's wrong.
  10. Are you guys serious to rant on people choice and marketing team responsible for screwing the planet. Grow up guys. Nobody is putting gun on customers mind and forcing them to buy trucks or tiida. Pharmacy sells rat poison too, do you go and buy it and commit suicide and then blame pharmacy.....?
  11. ging

    Al Futtaim Automall

    As so many used car dealers are existing in Dubai, I want to know what is a reputation of Al Futtaim Automall here in Dubai? Some says it's good and other says they are too expensive, what is the real take from you guys based on your experience from the past?
  12. I need to change my car this year and i am planning to stick to Lexus once again, as I am so happy with my current Lexus. Wondering if anyone here has a NX and please share your ownership experience (Joy/regrets) to help me make up my mind. Thanks.
  13. This is interesting topic I printed and saved in my car dashboard. My car was yesterday little bit drowned and in evening it started perfectly fine when was logged water dispersed. Water must have touched the chassis and little bit under-body, do I need to redo the rust proofing or it's ok....?
  14. This seems preparing the plan to start charging for car registration and renewal based on rating and poor cars will pay more than efficient cars, that's why the gap is so less in 5 ratings. Make more money, as we need more roads and bridges in future.
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