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  1. Not yet. will postpone for sometime. saw couple of cars. Didn't like it
  2. If it is well maintained. is their a possibility to be used as daily driver?
  3. Couple of years ago I read a report in which they mentioned that the reason for that particular incident of cruise control failure was unauthorized modification done by the owner of the car from unauthorized worshop. I'm not aware as what modification was done on it which caused CC to malfunction.
  4. I personally like to drive Manual. Due to traffic issues here. I need to think twice.
  5. Loll. Not at the moment. But yes in near future. BTW my DL is manual only. Working for Galadari Group and getting license I month was the only achievement. That too in 2008 you had to wait for minimum 3 months to get final rta test dates.
  6. Guys. My topic was only related to driving license conversion from automatic to manual license. Not the gearbox.
  7. Gentlemen. Just want to know if one can drive Manual car holding automatic driving license. Any legal issues? Also did any carnity member tried to convert automatic to manual in Dubai? If yes process please.
  8. @Mikhail LukichevYes please. We will wait for your travelogue. Please post pictures of your journey too.
  9. Hi, if someone is interested in PF 2002-2005 what are the things to look out for. I have come across few which is on sale for even 5k. Also any specific trim to look for.
  10. No need, just enter VIN number at the bottom. I just tried on my vehicle VIN.
  11. I believe we have an alternate website too for traffic accident management. www.evg.ae https://www.evg.ae/_layouts/EVG/trafficaccidents.aspx?language=en
  12. Welcome @VishalJC. Carnity is all about cars and "Homo Sapiens" being who are passionate about them.
  13. I have tried Al Khabeesi Branch Deira of PAL Garage for my corolla bumper repair. I was happy with their services.
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