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  1. Guys, I would request input on the topic of my current interest at the moment. My brother is a frequent visitor to UAE on visit visa during his academic breaks. He is insisting on to obtain IDL from India and has plan to drive my car during his visit. Request input,suggestions/advice from experts on this topic. Few concern pops up in my mind are as listed below. Indian Driving License holder with IDL can drive in UAE - Any Car? or with restrictions? Motor Insurance in UAE by default except this as a extended cover? Anyone who have experience this in their family or in friend circle kindly share their experience.
  2. Great write up @srini62 and @Rahimdad. 👏 👏
  3. @RahimdadIt's 32PSI. Do I need to increase?
  4. This is what I bought couple of weeks back from souq.com. I have not tried it yet. Dhs. 15.00
  5. Experts!! Though this topic may not be important. Just was curious to know about it. Is their any brand of liquid to be used as windshield cleaner. Did any of the Carnity Members tried DIY solution found on internet or Just water(I have come across various cons of using water) is fine. If any of the member are using certain brand, please give your feedback.
  6. Unexpected repair and maintenance. I remember my 1st encounter back in 2013 when i bought pre-owned camry from well known used car dealer. In 4 months AC was showing sign of trouble during peak summer. It was just blowing normal air when i put on the AC. Spoke to the dealer because the car was under 1 year warranty then, 1st question asked was where do you service your car? that was something strange to me when my reply was at fuel station. Unaware about the warranty conditions then he politely refused to even entertained my request to have a look. I went to the dealer service center where i was quoted Dhs. 4800 for complete AC system to be changed. I was shocked to see the report but was not willing to give up. Spoke to few of my friends they recommended the garage which i still use it till date. Garage quote was Dhs. 2370 with the original parts and labor they even gave the same warranty on the work as dealer.
  7. In a simple terms it is like part of the extended family - That is the reason we all spent much time on it.
  8. I believe their will multiple questions on this same topic. First, in which country you got your first license. Second, Age of UAE License. I assume if your UAE license is relatively new like less than an year or two it will somehow reflect on your premium. For UAE license which is less than 1 year old definitely premium are comparatively higher. One of my friend tried to register an used car on his wife name whose license was less than 1 year the quotes received were comparatively higher.
  9. Insurance Premium depends on your NCB and age of your license in UAE. I got decent deals on Insurance as i have very clean driving history with nil claims till date. I insured my Prado with the value of 150K @ Dhs. 3500 approx all inclusive which includes offroad cover . This was because im with one insurance company since 2013. Try Oman Insurance and RSA online for the approx rates. I found Oman Insurance rates on a lower side. You will find many websites such as insurancemarket.ae, souqalmal.com etc to compare motor insurance coverage and premiums. Disclaimer: Im no where related to the companies mentioned ahead and the feedback was purely based on my personal experience.
  10. I got in touch with them through their contact page on Toyota UAE website. That is the standard/automated response you receive once you send them any query, mentioning the details of service center, parts and sales contacts and locations
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