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  1. It is for my wife only. She has cleared her initial road assessment and got struck in parking assessments. Unfortunately when she get parking classes in driving institute, too many under trainee use limited parking training area, hence she complains about limited time to try. They need to wait for their turn and clock keeps ticking. In an hour or so she get to try only couple of times rest goes in waiting itself. So I was thinking of proper parking slot and not sandy areas. She has cleared 3 out of 5. Rest 2 (parallel & garage )she is finding it difficult.
  2. Gentlemen. Could you please suggest me some safe and remote areas when we can practice different types of parking such as angle, parallel, reverse etc. Place has be away from public and has to be very safe.
  3. Best response someone can ever expect!!
  4. I believe it will be mentioned on Omani Visa. Last time when we cross over it was mentioned Khatmat Malaha Border only for one our our visitor. Im not sure if they can pass thru others when it is mentioned on visa itself.
  5. Guys I have around 1700 points. But when I'm trying to renew my membership I need to pay Dhs. 97??
  6. Gentlemen. Need advice on car care. I would like to know more about the car care products used by carnity member. Please mention only first hand used and experienced products not the products available in the market.
  7. What will be the remedy for scratches. I have notice quite a few scratches on my Barado. Its irritating when your car is neat and clean. Any DIY sloution are also welcome.
  8. Gentlemen! Since i got my UAE License i have changed 4 cars. My best experience on resale was buying Toyota Corolla 2012 in 2016 for 25K and selling it for 22.5K in 2019. Share your experiences please of best and the worst resale deals.
  9. DIY at its best!! 😁
  10. https://www.thenational.ae/uae/experienced-uae-hiker-killed-on-wadi-walk-in-oman-1.888873
  11. Yes. But we have an option to choose if our recommended garage in under the list of approved garages.
  12. Guys. today morning, My prado was kissed by T. Camry (Rear Ended). Damage is just a minor one that too on fiber parts only(Scratches on Bumper & Spare Wheel Cover). Can anyone suggest decent workshop for paint job. Probably in Al Nahda or Deira Area.
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