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  1. My opinions aren't just based on the ramblings of the youtuber. Similar conclusions, Yes. I still maintain that the Pajero is a great family wagon. I used to watch the old rallies, see the Pajeros dominate. We have a friend who has an old 90s boxy shape Pajero and that thing still goes strong. It so rugged and durable. The Pajero has always been a great vehicle, (bang for buck wise). If your budget is tight and you need a good 4x4 you'd do well with a Pajero. However, in recent years, I've come to expect less and less. Having been in numerous 4th Gens over the years, the ramblings aren't unfounded. I have friends with who have Mitsubishi Pajeros and Montero Sports and have faced mechanical issues from vehicles just over a year old. One had to replace his entire engine after just 4 years. Another keeps having oil leaks and the best part is that all these vehicles are maintained by the dealer. I've sat in the middle of the rear seat myself and I could tell you that after a couple of hours driving, my butt was sore. This was all on road. Now imagine sitting there while driving through dunes. It would not be comfortable at all. I'm not telling someone to take my word for it. Try it and you'll find out for yourself. Every one is different and you might like it. If that's so, that's excellent. I'm just saying, if you're buying a Pajero, you need to know what you're getting into.
  2. Frankly I used to have a lot of respect for the Mitsubishi Pajero. I still do in some sort. The Pajero as a standard car I would say is bad for off-roading if you are going to look at the using it in the desert. The middle seat in the second row is hard and uncomfortable. So if you're a family person, you will get complaints from the person sitting there on long journeys. If you want to know how the current shape Pajero is going to handle off roading and what you should look out for, here is a good video for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn10rNuMDi4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCXcKkUqAAU Now this sounds like an old guy rambling on and on, but bear with it and listen all the way through. Some Pajero owners will not agree with some of the things, but the test was real and well documented. The guy is a well known off roading enthusiast who has been to Dubai many times for off roading as well. So he knows what he is talking about. In my opinion, the Pajero is a great family wagon. However the interior needs to be addressed in that it feel of far cheaper quality these days compared with its other Japanese rivals. The likes of Toyota and Nissan are well far ahead of the game on that. The Pajero also suffers from oil and gearbox issues. 2 - 3 users I know have had issues where the feel their engines are basically drinking oil and need regular top-ups and well gearboxes need replacing. I would not worry if you do a proper break-in cycle and you do regular maintenance with all the checks. If you are looking to do a far bit of off-roading, and you need a 7 seater in the Pajero's size scale, I would suggest a Toyota Prado or look at may a used 100 series Land Cruiser. These are excellent and well recommended vehicles. My only gripe with buying a Toyota is dealing with the local Toyota dealer. Their work is subpar at best and all my dealings with them have been negative. I always laugh every time the "toyota sponsored" radio ad comes on advising us to do maintenance only with the dealer. I've seen better maintained vehicles in these backstreet garages in Um Ramool. #RantOver That's my take on it.
  3. There are some pretty awesome EVs being built in garages with all of that stuff on board. So can't really say that it is only possible through Tesla or some other major manufacturer. Its too bad that we don't live in the US, where such projects are possible. I mean finding a scrapped Tesla over will be near impossible.
  4. I tend to agree. Most independent shops mostly focus on simple head unit installations, speakers, etc. Nothing majorly electrical. What is even worse is that they are so rooted and set in their ways, they are even willing to give anything new a try or won't even apply simple common sense into whatever they are working on. However you tend to notice that if someone can create and EV in his garage, and Rich can work on Tesla by himself, there isn't much to it, except understanding the engineering; to which most mechanics are even bothered to try. They more or less presume that oil and gas aren't going to go away in their lifetimes and they would rather continue with what they know than learn something new.
  5. @Frederic Nuyttens / @desertdude You should look into this youtube channel, Rich Rebuilds This guy proves the while there is quite a lot about Tesla that is brand new kind of tech, it isn't extremely new and pretty much anyone with a good grasp of engineering and electrics should be able to handle the whole thing with ease. There are people in various parts of the world building EVs using tesla batteries... https://youtu.be/fXsQGWWz3Is Look up the White Zombie on youtube. Previously electricians used to handly those large television tubes with relative ease. My dad told me that if you don't handle it probably, an old TV tube could kill you. This is just Tesla being the Apple of the car world.
  6. Great review... The latest Accord is a great car.. However there is only one reason why I wouldn't buy one. It is primarily bought and driven by Cocks..
  7. It doesn't look like an Eleanor to me unless you are talking about the 70s Gone in 60 Seconds movie with the yellow Mach 1. From 1969, I guess the real collector's items are the BOSS cars (302, 429).. I like the mods though... Very tastefully done. The backup camera is a great idea. The colour is amazing. Awesome engine. IMO, SBFs have a better sound than the popular SBCs. The HEMIs have the sound of Thunder & Power.
  8. Honestly, back in day, we had 1997 - 98 1.3 Honda Civics as company cars for the courier company I was working at. At the same time we also had 1.3 Toyota Echos... Now the Civic was an amazing car, but it didn't have the VTEC and its acceleration wasn't at the level of the Echos. The couriers were pretty much fighting over the Echos and being a car guy, I couldn't understand why. My friend had a Civic Vti 1.8 & that was fast. It was only when I took a ride in both I understood. Honda's 1.3 was seriously under powered; which is why later Civics never came with a 1.3 and that engine was given the VTEC and then out in the Honda City and the Jazz. That was when the engines made sense.
  9. Like I said earlier, Toyota is pretty much the only manufacturer with a peppy 1.3. The rest of the manufacturers (Nissan, Mitusbishi, Honda, etc) always left us wanting.
  10. @stig I find any post '93 1.3 engine lacks power and torque; save Toyota's... I've driven 1.3s from pretty much all the other major Japanese brands and they do disappoint. Makes it hard to get out of a service lane, enter a roundabout or even a fast moving highway. The only way to get a decent enough performance from them, even a lancer, was to get a manual and redline the engine for the initial push. That too sometimes wasn't enough.. Toyota's 1.3 even on a larger corolla was great. I remember the Tercel's replacement - the Echo. It was hideous, but it was a good car with a good engine.
  11. Well... I'm thinking of getting hitched in the near future as well. That is why I'm not going for any kind of trade in option at the moment; unless its a straight up exchange for a 2014 2500 or Power Wagon.
  12. @sertac That sounds like a great option. If you can stretch your budget to that, then go for it. Otherwise you should visit AutoMall and see what they have as well or even the Aweer Used Car market. It is always good to have options.
  13. Might I suggest looking at something like a daily run-a-round like a Japanese sedan / hatchback or a even a city car like a Daihatsu Sirion or Materia. Something that doesn't need much of any maintenance and can be more of a daily driver. If you budget around the 6000 - 10000 AED, it is possible to get a car that is relatively a good runner.
  14. Go to the AutoMall near the IKEA in Festival City.. I believe I saw a couple over there. Otherwise look for Rosella in Trading Enterprises if you're looking to buy new. Here's a couple of videos for inspiration... Ram 1500 Express
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