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  1. As much as I was looking forward to this drive, I cannot make it . I have to travel back for some personal reason. Nonetheless, my heart and soul would be there, probably my ghost as well. Will keep an eye on this amazing drive. @Gaurav I could not find a way to decline the calendar event in case that needs to be adjusted. Anyways really sad for missing this one.

    I drove in the desert with prado 2010 but faced no issues with the airbags. I recall in my second drive I nose dived in to a pit damaging the bumper but still the airbags didn't blow up. To summarise, I have not done any killer switch thingie. Just deactivated traction control from the standard button inside. Marshalls can comment on the level of drives I have dond to give you fair idea.
  3. Thank you guys for the appreciation. Indeed as expected great and comprehensive response from team Carnity.
  4. I was browsing the YouTube for off-road videos and came across the following. It occurred to me that the driver is doing something WRONG. So why not use the carnity.com experts to comment on what was wrong in the approach, skill or the vehicle that made it " DOING IT WRONG". I am hoping this thread to be not just limited to this video but as an opportunity we can share at least a video a week to have feedback and experience learning from Carnity stars. Let's see.
  5. Carnity Has 15K Members !! Hurray !!

    I concur to your conclusion as the tarmac is going crazy hot these days. Going for a long trip in an unmanned territory would be not advisable for now.
  6. Carnity Has 15K Members !! Hurray !!

    I am in for the trip. Can you share the trip route here? I was wondering the empty quarter side has not been explored, what would be there. North usually people are travelling frequently.
  7. Carnity Has 15K Members !! Hurray !!

    15K members, 15 hours drive and 1500 km. Around the UAE. Just a suggestion as highlighted earlier in the forum. Summer is the barrier, I know
  8. Exhaust Enhancement usign Spavcer

    Thank you, for detailed feedback. I am glad I asked over the forum rather than just falling for the hacks on YouTube. I didn't think of the risks until you stated so
  9. Exhaust Enhancement usign Spavcer

    This is how
  10. I wanted advice if we can use spacer in the exhaust to increase the note of the exhaust. I am currently having prado 4.0L v6. By spacer I mean entering a bolt between pipe joint after cat and before muffler. Has someone done in previously how loud does it get and how about RTA clearance on this one?
  11. Around the UAE

    @FutureY Thank you for your input. We intend to do it prolly after a month's time. Snapping at each landmark is a must for sure. Keep an eye on the post
  12. Prado Steering Issue

    Thank you guys for the comment. I can imagine the real culprit would be caught when she visits the garage. Some of your questions that I can answer is as follows: The car is accident free and the alignment has been checked over by two different garages I believe they would have done the laser one. While driving I never felt alignment issues. As for the rack I bought a new OEM one and got it fixed. On universal joints and chasis I cannot comment
  13. Prado Steering Issue

    Calling all experts An year ago, futtaim diagnosed that my steering rack is faulty. I took it to my local garage and he seconded futtaim's opinion. So how it started? One chilling morning of 2015, I feel a bit of vibration in the accelerator pedal after much notice I realised that it is only when I turn steering at a specific point (let's say from middle to 30 degree right). This was ignored then the vibration became humming noise and then a squeak but only at a specific point. Journey from vibration to hum to squeak was over 3 months or so. Later I got the steering rack replaced as suggested by the futtaim even though my mechanic was saying that local lathe (khirad) / machining would to the job. Same stuff is happening again just after 12 months of replacing the whole steering rack (OEM). It only hums now when cold after 10 kms it is fine I dont feel anything. Any suggestions what is causing it as I feel that may be we did not address the right problem? My car: Toyota Prado 2010 4.0L TXL
  14. Around the UAE

    Thank you for the comments. Yes indeed it would require loads of planning. Moreover, I am thinking the long trip would be too much for a single day. However, a short trip can be done with disciplined stopovers. Due to the nature of the roads neighboring borders I am not sure if we will have some border issue. Any explorers with experience can comment.
  15. Around the UAE

    Hi Guys, So last night a crazy idea came to my mind. Why not do a road trip around UAE? The idea is to just drive alongside the borders as much as possible. I came with two versions short one ( https://goo.gl/maps/GVYahWP27rM2 ) as most of the Fujairah region has been explored anyway or the long one ( https://goo.gl/maps/312mYbvwDoH2). Any suggestions are welcome, such as change in route slightly to make it more scenic. Any watchouts based on past experience