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  1. @Barry Thank you for the detailed feedback, there is always something new to learn from you. car park advice sounds fun and practical for the real stuff when it does happen. i would love if you can share link of some youtube video ao i know exactly what to do. @Rahimdad missing the sun and sand a lot. needless to say carnity has always been there when in need. distance does not matter :)
  2. Hi guys, I wanted to know if someone has experience in installing snow/winters tires, yes I have moved to Canada so expecting much ice and snow here. My OEM size is 225/65 R17. Based on my reviews downsizing kind of help with traction on ice. My options are 215/70 R16 (2% less in overall diameter) or 225/70 R16 (-0.4%). Which one is a better option? Second question: Micheline Xice and Bridgestone Blizzak top the chart however Cooper Discoverer M+S are 25 percent cheaper. Should i go with the Coopers instead? @Gaurav @Rahimdad @Barry
  3. I did test drive my car on this road got 3x fines, but this was before the change in speed limit
  4. On Carnity members suggestion on whatsapp group. I switched my rental car from toyota fortuner to a ford Explorer. I was amazed by how well it drives, handles and gizmos. My only concern was that the GMC Yukon that I am mentioning they are nearly 200k odometer. Reliability should not be a concern as I hate visit to the garage. Therefore I was more into what should I be looking out for.
  5. I did drive one was not much impressed. Also it is not an suv more into 4x4 big metal cage
  6. How is it to buy a 2007 ten years old Yukon Denali? Please shed pros and cons considering daily office drive. Will just keep the car for one year max. Plus any look outs in buying one. My budget is aed 30k. Open to other v8 suggestions in same budget
  7. Hi guys I am struggling to get COMPREHENSIVE insurance for Canadian specification Toyota Tundra 2015 model. Being my first time for non-GCC vehicle trade, can you guys help me out with finding the insurance provider. I am looking for full comprehensive insurance as third party for a vehicle above AED 100K does not make sense to me.
  8. That is my biggest concern people have them on sale for months but are unable to get rid of them.
  9. Thank you guys for the feedback.
  10. Hey I wanted some opinion for buying a charger. I had owned one in the past that was R/T 2013 HEMI but that was in Saudi, loved the car performance, sound and attitude. Now I am exploring option for 2014 Hemi here in UAE Now questions: 1. Is paying the premium for an SRT worth over an R/T Hemi? 2. Any known issues I should be worried about? I believe HEMI are reliable engines. 3. With the options available on Dubbizle for SRT I have to chose between 70K with warranty upto 160K or 40K with no warranty? Both GCC specs with FSH. Which one is better? 4. What would the right price to pay for the above options both guys are demanding 95K?
  11. Haha true that, only thing was that tundra is imported and I see more fords around town somehow
  12. Hey can someone shed more light on this topic considering the following. Between tundra and ford f150 not raptor. Both V8 crew cab and 3 years old. 1. Reliability 2. Resale 3. Maintenance cost 4. Drive pleasure: 90 percent on road drive and 10 off
  13. As much as I was looking forward to this drive, I cannot make it . I have to travel back for some personal reason. Nonetheless, my heart and soul would be there, probably my ghost as well. Will keep an eye on this amazing drive. @Gaurav I could not find a way to decline the calendar event in case that needs to be adjusted. Anyways really sad for missing this one.
  14. I drove in the desert with prado 2010 but faced no issues with the airbags. I recall in my second drive I nose dived in to a pit damaging the bumper but still the airbags didn't blow up. To summarise, I have not done any killer switch thingie. Just deactivated traction control from the standard button inside. Marshalls can comment on the level of drives I have dond to give you fair idea.
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