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  1. I guess he meant since others were taking photo he thought he should spare his S4 ( i think its his Samsung phone model )
  2. @Gaurav The Photos look Gr8 . Thank you sir for the Trip
  3. Totally excited..... Cant wait for tomorrow
  4. Dodge Durango offroad capabilities

    i think Dodge Durango till year 2009 have pretty much standard off-road capabilities , its the models from 2010 onwards that have become more CUV type with unibody architecture. So a 2001 Dodge should be OK i guess. Comments any1 ?
  5. Current : 2017 chevrolet Trailblazer Future : Merc G-wagon year 2005 onwards (of course a well maintained one )
  6. Sad demise of 10 known cars in 2018

    I think VW CC is being replaced with the VW Arteon
  7. AWESOME Cant wait to see them !!! The Sticker looks cool .
  8. Sad demise of 10 known cars in 2018

    I think in future more cars will follow same fate especially if countries like France and UK announce their government decision to outlaw petrol cars by 2040... These are some of the golden days that we need to enjoy as " Petrol Heads " .
  9. Intro

    @Alfie Welcome to Carnity
  10. Carnity Has 15K Members !! Hurray !!

    Come join us bro for the celebrations
  11. even i will be driving alone . so even i got space in my car