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  1. Could this be the new Xterra Nissan is planning to launch to compete with fortuner ?
  2. ok Gaurav bhai i will go there , anyone over there you know i can meet with . it would be helpful.
  3. Hi Guys Any one know or can recommend a good shop that can fix my moon roof shade. The cloth on it is torn , & i was hoping to fix it before i sell it. . .Thanks Vivian
  4. So will the Auto pro guys be able to do it using UV dye?
  5. Hi Guys Need Help I have an engine oil leak on my VW Tiguan engine compartment. I took it to Autopro and they said they need to lift the engine and see the issue. I dont want to take it to VW service centre because my warranty and service contract is over and they will definitely rip my wallet for diagnosing this issue. Can you recommend any good workshop that i can take it to? I have attached some pics . Hope it is helpful.
  6. Export car from UAE to Canada

    Thanks that was helpful
  7. Export car from UAE to Canada

    HI Guys I have a query. Has any1 exported a car from UAE to Canada ? If so can you guide me the related expenses and procedures involved or if there is a company that does it ?
  8. Cars with awesome names

    or Quack Quack
  9. Cars with awesome names

    Just a wild thought , what if some of us chip in and start a car company with the most weirdest name ever and build a proto type for the next dubai motor show..... like the lykan hypersport by w motors. ?? what do you think.?
  10. Cars with awesome names

    Chevy TRAILBLAZER ...Leaving a mark behind
  11. Cars with awesome names

    FORD F150 Raptor
  12. Z71 Stickers

    @Barry point noted
  13. Z71 Stickers

    @shadow79 Thanks bhai much appreciated. @sidshk i did search on i did find one seller, call me old fashioned but i prefer to buy from a shop . i want to keep online shopping as the last resort. I am actually looking for a shop or shops that sells such logos for cars as i have other friends of mine also interested and looking into buy some 3d stickers for their rides too.
  14. Z71 Stickers

    I think its usually plastic material with metal color finish. i have seen it on a couple of GMC Seirras . i tried a few shops in ras al khor but most of them sell car stickers that are kept on the back windows .Shadow bhai, your guy in ajman can he make such a sticker. i was hoping to get something ready made type cause i dont want to spend a lot on these type stickers. i even checked out ACE hardwares but didnt find Z71 logo stickers.