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  1. Export car from UAE to Canada

    Thanks that was helpful
  2. Export car from UAE to Canada

    HI Guys I have a query. Has any1 exported a car from UAE to Canada ? If so can you guide me the related expenses and procedures involved or if there is a company that does it ?
  3. Cars with awesome names

    or Quack Quack
  4. Cars with awesome names

    Just a wild thought , what if some of us chip in and start a car company with the most weirdest name ever and build a proto type for the next dubai motor show..... like the lykan hypersport by w motors. ?? what do you think.?
  5. Cars with awesome names

    Chevy TRAILBLAZER ...Leaving a mark behind
  6. Cars with awesome names

    FORD F150 Raptor
  7. Z71 Stickers

    @Barry point noted
  8. Z71 Stickers

    @shadow79 Thanks bhai much appreciated. @sidshk i did search on i did find one seller, call me old fashioned but i prefer to buy from a shop . i want to keep online shopping as the last resort. I am actually looking for a shop or shops that sells such logos for cars as i have other friends of mine also interested and looking into buy some 3d stickers for their rides too.
  9. Z71 Stickers

    I think its usually plastic material with metal color finish. i have seen it on a couple of GMC Seirras . i tried a few shops in ras al khor but most of them sell car stickers that are kept on the back windows .Shadow bhai, your guy in ajman can he make such a sticker. i was hoping to get something ready made type cause i dont want to spend a lot on these type stickers. i even checked out ACE hardwares but didnt find Z71 logo stickers.
  10. Z71 Stickers

    thanks shadow bhai but i am actually looking for 3d type stickers . i have attached a below example picture
  11. Z71 Stickers

    Hi Guys Does anyone know any shops where i can get hold of some Z71 stickers. Some info will be much appreciated.
  12. I guess he meant since others were taking photo he thought he should spare his S4 ( i think its his Samsung phone model )