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  1. stig


    7 to 8 sounds just about right for a 2.5 litre petrol engine in peak traffic conditions. Couple of things you can do. 1. Check tyre pressures in the cold and have them 2psi above recommended 2. Clean air filter and fuel injectors and see if there is a difference. 3. Learn to drive an automatic economically Watch this: Note: Key is to use as little throttle (accelerator) as possible. Accelerate as gently as possible. Light throttle. Let transmission move to higher gears as quickly as it can and let it stay there. No abrupt braking and throttles, if they can be avoided.
  2. stig

    Jimny SUV 2019 - Funny review!

    Watched this about a month ago and thought Suzuki disappointed.
  3. stig

    Climb dance 1988

    A friend of mine is a Peugeot Works driver and he posted a picture of him with this very car. Legendary! I've been to the AutoSport International show that happens at the Birmingham NEC and it's an annual pilgrimage for motorsport fans. A Glastonbury for motorsport enthusiasts if you will. Such legendary cars are always exhibited here and I strongly recommend attending one atleast. PS: No. Not the Dubai motor show.
  4. If the usage is going to be on-road, you could get the 2WD version too.
  5. Occasionally, sensors fail or misinterpret data. I'm not saying there's a right or wrong way. There are many ways to do it and using on-board diagnostics is one and just helps confirm diagnosis without much physical effort.
  6. stig

    Most hated car on carnity

    Absolutely right. Rather than blaming the cars, blame the people who don't maintain their cars at all. This guy who helped me with car purchases and registrations initially didn't do any kind of maintenance on his cars other than the standard oil changes (with no regard to oil grades, API ratings, etc). His first car (Mazda 3) died of a transmission failure (He never once changed his transmission fluid ). His following car (Camry 2008) had an engine seizure(never checked his coolant levels ). Such folks owning even under-tuned, over-engineered-for-minimal-maintenance Japs eventually kill them. Give me a Peugeot or Citroen here and I can drive them daily and can keep them running for 20 years. PS: For those not in the know of 'Ford of Europe', I googled it for you.
  7. stig

    Most hated car on carnity

    Please let us know why. I love 'Ford of Europe' cars. They're worth driving. LOL.
  8. stig

    Anyone selling a tv?

    Gitex coming up. Look up and the supermarkets for some crazy deals on new ones. I've found used TVs to not depreciate like cars here, unfortunately.
  9. stig

    How is Oman Insurance?

    Isn't Oman Insurance's USP the free coverage in Oman as well?
  10. stig

    Lexus GS 350

    What's wrong?
  11. Since it's a Mitsubishi, I would recommend this place called Specialized Auto Care in Al Quoz. While they're a multi brand service shop, the main guy there called 'Rishi' is an ex-Habtoor Mitsu specialist. Fairly young chap in his early 30s, very enthusiastic. They're right by the Al Quoz Mall. I'll post a linky if it works. PS: No commercial affiliations with the shop. I've just had them work on my car and have been satisfied and they're fairly reasonable labour wise.
  12. stig

    Rather quiet in here!

    With these Mustangs and LS430s though, a major portion of the cars in the UAE are US salvage. Even in salvage cars, if you look at the Copart/Manheim/IAA auction car purchases and subsequent rebuilds documented, most of them have minor issues and are simple to moderate difficulty fixes. But, the UAE used car dealers seem to buy absolutely totaled cars and fix them up. Moreso with latest models. I'd recently seen the latest Civic and Accord in such shambles, I wouldn't touch those cars with a barge pole. On the other hand, two of my petrolhead friends have clean US spec cars that were non salvage and brought in because the manual versions weren't sold here. Occasionally, such cars do exist. So, due diligence and knowledge on the car and issues can help save some $$$
  13. stig

    My new ride

    Congratulations on the Pajero. Is it a 3.5 or 3.8? You surely meant 170,000 kms, right?
  14. stig

    Arroyo Tires

    Never heard of them. They should be one of the thousand other horrible Chinese tyre brands. I would rather source tyres from Nitto, Hankook, Nexen, Kumho which are very decent depending on the pattern and compound , and barely cost a few dirhams over these absolutely atrocious Chinese tyres with their cheap constructions and compounds that ensure you bang the car up front during panic braking.
  15. I would give it to the Jeep Cherokee review for the quality. Meanwhile, a very enterprising Adil seems to have messaged me not once, but twice by PM to like his review. I wasn't aware of this contest and prize and thought he genuinely wanted views for his below average quality "review". With such rigging, I'd strongly recommend bringing changes to the rules of the contest. Just my humble opinion.