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  1. Exactly. As a lot of people are used to looking at wattage instead of lumens as a measure of lighting, the manufacturer of such lights mention a comparative figure to an incandescent or halogen light rather than the actual wattage power consumption. This sometimes makes people think that their car battery will run out.
  2. Khatam area is also frequented during holidays for picnics/bbqs as it has the path next to the high voltage transmission poles for those who cannot venture into the dunes too far from an exit and is next to fossil rock. Khatam Desert Exit 1 E102 - Sharjah https://goo.gl/maps/DYFFBt6tY38bEnM66
  3. My content here is not really about cars but as most off-roaders love to camp overnight, I thought it may interest them. The issue is this: The wattage rating of LED lights, e.g. camping lights seems quite misleading on some claims on the net and even printed on the LED itself. Here I am referring to the rod mounted LEDs. If you go on to the net for LED camp lights it advertises ones of 800W and 2,000 watts for those shown in attached pics. As I was curious how long a 12V battery could sustain this LED light, things were not making sense . For some time now, I wanted to calculate how many hours my 12V , 7AH battery would sustain my camp light. My LED states it is a 100W light so it implied 8.3 Amps current . (using Current= Power/Voltage) . This means my battery would not sustain it even for an hour at the max 7 AH. However, it almost always lasts a very long time ( over 2 hours ) as I have never drained the battery during any of my late night picnics/bbqs. I could be wrong but I feel that these lights in specific are being rated as per comparable wattage not actual. The reasoning that led me to this is that if you buy an LED bulb for your home it would normally have a lighting level comparison stating its light output equivalence if you had an incandescent or an energy saving bulb that you were replacing with it. So a 13W LED bulb gives equivalent lumens of light as a 75W regular incandescent bulb and a 18-19W CFL. I request those into Electronics know-how to reconfirm my understanding.
  4. @Zed sorry for your rollover. Is the vehicle damaged badly? Alhumdulillah that you didn’t get injured. I too felt that the speed was quite reduced before the fish-tailing started. If you did turn your stearing downwards it was already too late as there was no momentum to carry the front in the downward direction. Your point of concentration is quite valid, it only takes a few milliseconds of lapse in it for things to change. However, you are doing the right thing to evaluate what happened. The above is my point of view only so please rely on the Carnity senior member advice.
  5. Atif


  6. Nithin the garage I went to stocked FJ bashplates that fit in exactly on my Prado. I believe they were 8 mm steel ones but frankly I cant recall the specs now. Also I understand that we cannot share names of garages on Carnity but you may contact me on [email protected] .
  7. Thank you so much @Frederic . Hope to meet you soon too. Downside of the expanded Carnity is not having all you Leaders together on one drive 😀. I will need to be more regular.
  8. I know its late to introduce myself since I have been off-roading with Carnity since 2017. However, I must be the most inconsistent member of Carnity in terms of joining weekend drives. My last two drives were this month ( Nov. 2020) after a gap of one year! In no way does this represent my high regards for Carnity and my inconsistency is totally due to personal struggles in life. Surprisingly, my introduction to Carnity was when I was looking for cheap bonfire wood😃 and I ended up viewing the advice posted by @Gaurav Bhai under Advice section and coincidently I picked up a solution for mounting my flag from a photo under that advice. After that introduction to Carnity website in Jan 2017, I only ventured on my first drive with them in Sept 2017. Prior to this my desert experience was a few drives as a passenger in the 90’s with some family members. My path to Carnity off-road club happened only after two other clubs I accompanied earlier for a few drives gave me an ineffective experience in off-road desert driving. I don’t have any negatives for the first club as it gave me an idea of the basic equipment required but it was more about drives than dune bashing i.e. mostly a simple drive in the desert for a picnic/ bbq. When I did try to go for a real off-road session with them they refused , as it was not for newbies and they did not organize any on a regular basis for the newbies. The second club was more structured in drive levels but they gave me the worst piece of advice i.e. for the entire drive they wanted absolute newbies to drive in 2nd gear! Yes it suited them as it meant very few refusals due to insufficient power but for me it was a disaster as it took many drives with Carnity before I learnt to rely on the automatic gear change control using the gas pedal. Till that time I would be constantly be playing around with the steptronic rather than concentrating on the speed and momentum. I now truly admire the drivers of manual 4x4s in the desert. My main reason for writing this introduction is totally and sincerely to thank the original leadership team of Carnity who were patient with me and gave customized guidance that has had tremendous impact on my confidence and love for off-roading. For this I will mention @Gaurav @Rahimdad, @Srikumar and @Asif Hussain. I must add that @Gaurav Bhai and @Rahimdad Bhai complement each other extremely well with @Gaurav being safety conscious and @Rahimdad who can get one out of most difficult sticky situations with Superman driving skills. Of course I still fondly remember the company of @Frederic, @Emmanueland @Brette with whom I shared some earlier drives, Karak Tea and Rahim Bhai's Aloo Parathas 😁. Now for my actual introduction : My second life partner is a 2014 Toyota Prado , 4 door, 4.0 VXR that I bought brand new but took into the desert for the first time in 2016 . It is a very good vehicle for on and off-road but I recommend that, whomsoever drives one off-road regularly, to modify the front bumper. I have had mine repaired twice and will only be comfortable once I get to reduce its size or replace it with one that is higher from the ground level. All are advised to have a stronger bash-plate installed to protect the radiator and the front components from bottom damage and never leave the sunroof open during the drives, mine is no longer operational after sand entered the compartment .It costs over 4K AED to repair if motor is faulty. Prado has been a good mix of a family vehicle as a 7 seater, offering quality, comfort, weight-to-power ratio, luggage capacity and two fuel tanks with 150 litre capacity. Yes, I wouldn’t mind a Raptor but then I would rather learn how to manage a dune than go through it 😆 ( Disclaimer - Raptor appears to be an excellent vehicle and my joke is not to offend any of the Raptor lovers). Finally, I strongly recommend Carnity from my personal experince and the fact that from a few years only they progressed from arranging single drive to ten drives on weekends; making each weekend very special for more than 150 off-road enthusiasts.
  9. Hi @ALI ALMOUMAR , I think you have video of on of my side sloping? Can you post it in the gallery? Also if anyone else has a pic or video with @Rahimdad, me and @Ken Hüüdma on the last tall dune we managed to reach, please do post it.
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