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  1. A good point...and one I think will also apply in autonomous driving.
  2. I have always wondered why Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is not a compulsory requirement in all cars. None of my cars ( Pardo 2014 and Camry 2006) has it, although I am aware the more expensive cars do have them ( Mercs.) Most people will state that it is the cost that prevents it but I would like to know if it is more expensive than the air-bags installed in most cars ? I can only assume that the front sensing system may be expensive . While sitting next to new drivers ( like my son and daughter) the first thing that I have to watch out for is the judgement of the braking distance. A large percentage of accidents on our roads are due to this misjudgment . With high speed urban driving even an experienced driver may have faced emergency braking scenarios ( I have). I believe that electronic sensors like most electronic components are getting cheaper so why the delay in this option. Even if it may have some negatives consequences , it should be available in all cars even if it is has optional activation switch. Perhaps those who have ACC or know the cost can comment about the hurdle that stops the manufacturers from installing this life saving device.
  3. I am a regular user of cruise control while driving, both for ease and felt it seemed more fuel efficient.I engage it at any opportunity where the speed is over 60 KM/HR and traffic is flowing. I do however keep coming across failed cruise control instances on the roads. In fact, I came across the following advice in Gulf News after the last incident locally: https://gulfnews.com/uae/what-to-do-if-your-cars-cruise-control-fails-1.2275388 I wonder what is your view about this. Do many people use cruise control?
  4. Yep I sure did...I thought it was for expert level 😉😂. No worry..now left..
  5. Atif

    Best SUV

    I suggest taking some test drives first before a final decision. Of course that would be in the latest models but you should be able to get an idea of the comfort level and engine performance.
  6. Atif

    Funny Videos

    The worst it that once you go shopping for parts/tools you end up buying things that you don't need or may already have! I love going to ACE and hate it when I end up buying the items nearest to the cashier. 😀
  7. http://hiddengemblog.com/2018/11/stargazing-at-al-quaa-desert-darkest-spot-in-uae/. A 2018 article.
  8. Do you have any idea of prices? I got a quote of Aed170 for 1 gallon Mobil,just for the oil.
  9. A lot of light pollution around. My last visit to Qua was good but light pollution is catching up wherever infrastructure closes in.Using the light pollution map is very important.
  10. I expect ADNOC to be world class but yes I will re-consider opting to a synthetic one possibly Mobil. ADNOC stations have been convenient places too so I have been using them for my older car but now with my Prado I want to ensure that it lasts well in the off-road stress condition. Thanks for your advice,Mikhail.
  11. The side-view mirror clips on to base of the mirror assembly, at least in my Prado 2016 it is easy to remove and install. Fortunately the motor mechanism was not damaged. I park my car in an open plot where the presence of police has increased since the last few incidences after my car got broken into. I was just reminding all to avoid leaving attractive belongings in the car over night as we all tend to become relaxed in this generally safe environment. Just be cautious and try to park nearer to a well lighted roadside or parking space.
  12. Recently, I was advised to have my Camry 2006 engine steam washed. In the past I have stuck to the advice of not allowing Diesel used to clean the engine and undercarriage. The rationale behind this is that diesel will attract sand and mud to stick, making it worse in the long run. Apart from this the agency service never did this. However, I have faced instances of deliberate use of diesel even after instructing the car wash guy not to. My question is this, what is the best form of cleaning if being done on a very dirty engine and under carriage?
  13. It's good to see that you guys had a smooth ride with a good crowd. I was sad that I could not make it. @Rahimdad bhai the thermos was ready for a fill with Karak Chai, the boot was loaded with the compressor, soft shackles and kinetic rope, the hummus was in the fridge and the radio fully charged...the only thing that was set incorrectly was the alarm😒.. While I dreamt of getting stuck on the first dune and pouring tea for my brothers-in-arms (Carnitybros) you guys were already rolling through Maliha. Cannot put into words what it felt like when one is looking forward to sliding on the dunes and waking up with sunlight on the face. Anyways, I will finish the humus and hope to join the next ride.
  14. Which ever is leftover in the morning but prefer the Prado 😀
  15. It's my old Camry. 2006. I don't think it has an alarm. Infact my Prado Sideview mirror was removed too in the same location. This time I reported it to the Police.
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