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  1. Well, it's good to hear that info. But this is really the fault of the driver right? I mean, it won't flip if he was a great driver right? XD
  2. This really looks amazing! I mean, it's a good thing to do for this season. Kudos to this!
  3. This is lovely! I mean, this is just a new thing for my eyes. This is really amazing! I think it will greatly catch the attention of the people. To sum it up, this is a cool one
  4. This man is sick! I mean, you shouldn't do that kind of act. I mean, it's really an unlawful act. He should have done other legit things in order to earn money. Not like this, doing felony at the expense of the others.This guy is a coward.
  5. Well, I forgot to mention that. It's really hard to pick which showroom will give the right offer
  6. I think this thing is scary if you're not careful enough on the things that you're doing. It's really hard to find a great showroom or dealer that can supply you great cars
  7. Well, you have a great point here. I think it's a head turner because of its brand
  8. This is really heartfelt! You're truly a gearhead!
  9. The answer here is simple. To do extraordinary things! I mean, it will always be an adventure if you are doing things differently. It will surely be a story that worth the share. Like driving in the sand dunes, it really feels good since it not usual to go out there. Those things are the moments that we treasure
  10. This is really a beast on the road! Waiting for the roar!
  11. Well, @Barry it's good to hear that someone like you is a member of this forum. You're really a good help!
  12. This sounds interesting. I mean, there really want to innovate something from their line.
  13. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's already available here in Dubai. I think transformer dubai is already doing this kind of stuff
  14. This is a great move because the goverment is just thinking of the people. They are doing this kind of stuff in order protect the people from reckless drivers and road violators
  15. For me, this one is a great move for the maserati because it is showing an evolution of their cars. I mean, these is just a testament that they can create different types of cars without sacrificing their identity.