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  1. BMW i8 - Overrated Mercedes G63 - Powerful Roll Royce Phantom - Class Lamborghini Aventador - Beast there are still other mentionable cars but these are my pick
  2. Car Wrapping?

    Yes. In addition, this won't last long. It is just a short term aid. Not for the long run. If you're going to find high quality. But it's really hard to find a quality car wrap so I would recommend you to go for the paint job. It's the right choice, indeed.
  3. Carnity Has 15K Members !! Hurray !!

    Kudos to this community! Keep it up! I'm really grateful that I'm part of this!
  4. Yes, indeed. It depends on where are you going to use it more. It will be essential to determine the use in order to weigh on which would suit him more. But for me, I would pick Patrol
  5. The abandoned cars of Fukushima

    These are really great cars. I would go for the GTR or the datsun! I mean, these are the beasts of the road in their times!
  6. Ford pothole jumping suspension

    This is really amazing. I mean, it good because you can't feel the pothole when you come over it. It's amazing how they coordinate to their system
  7. Battery charger

    This is a great advice! I mean, this will really be helpful to other gearheads
  8. Hire car in the desert

    Well, it's good to hear that info. But this is really the fault of the driver right? I mean, it won't flip if he was a great driver right? XD
  9. DSC_3665.jpg

    This really looks amazing! I mean, it's a good thing to do for this season. Kudos to this!
  10. New job

    This is lovely! I mean, this is just a new thing for my eyes. This is really amazing! I think it will greatly catch the attention of the people. To sum it up, this is a cool one
  11. Car scams

    This man is sick! I mean, you shouldn't do that kind of act. I mean, it's really an unlawful act. He should have done other legit things in order to earn money. Not like this, doing felony at the expense of the others.This guy is a coward.
  12. Car scams

    Well, I forgot to mention that. It's really hard to pick which showroom will give the right offer
  13. Car scams

    I think this thing is scary if you're not careful enough on the things that you're doing. It's really hard to find a great showroom or dealer that can supply you great cars
  14. Well, you have a great point here. I think it's a head turner because of its brand
  15. When I die, bury me in my car

    This is really heartfelt! You're truly a gearhead!