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  1. Asif Hussain

    Funny Car Memes

    Test your Air Bag
  2. Congratulation @Julien V
  3. True example for history repeats. I guess taimur is back to see how his students are performing. @Gaurav @Rahimdad please come well dressed.
  4. Happy journey.. Please decline in calender. See you next time
  5. Welcome to Carnity @Rana Please mark your presence in below calendar
  7. We can't do his track, this fellow crossed empty quarter from Saudi Arabia to UAE. He had done 900km track. Helicopters was flying around him with all supplies. Since we attempted Liwa crossing Iast year i have been working for a track and I am almost ready with that. We can do this exploration drive when all are ready.
  8. Asif Hussain

    "Dawn to Dark" Sweihan Desert Drive

    @Rahimdad mentioned everything about the drive and left nothing for me to say and i still like to share some of my experience. This was my dream come true drive. Initially i planned our drive to DOME BOWL area in first half and to NAQRAH hill in second half and to my surprise i came to know that dome bowl area is restricted to enter from the only break in fence as shown in google map. (Going to dome bowl area is still my dream and i will definitely do some homework in future and see if there is any other route to explore this area if it is legal to go to there.) Finally we changed our plan three days before the drive day to explore first half and second half of the day in naqrah area only. We all met on time and after a quick chat and safety briefing we started to explorer the dunes. As per my plan "A" we explored few set of dunes in the morning hours and exited for friday prayer and lunch. My plan "B" was to enter from the same area we entered in morning and to do different set of dunes and drive to naqrah hills. But we changed our plan to plan "H" and enter from other side which is back side of sweihan city. We drove to some farms, some small set of dunes and few kms of straight mud track which took us to the dunes were we wanted to go. Then the real fun began we all drove with pace and explored all huge dunes and bowls that came on our way. The only thing stopped us is the sun. The sun went down and "Dawn to Dark" ended with big smile on everyone's face. Thank you @EmVarlet @Gaurav @skumar83 @Rahimdad for all your support and making this drive possible. Drive safe and see you all again at Al Wagan.
  9. Asif Hussain

    Learning from off road accidents

    Agree with @skumar83 points and reckless driving
  10. Asif Hussain

    Intermediate Wagan Desert Drive - 2 Dec 2018

    Lovely, selected the best area on right day.. i am in with full support
  11. Asif Hussain

    "Dawn to Dark" Sweihan Desert Drive

    Dear all participants, there is a small change in plan. We are not going to attempt Dome Bowl area because this whole area is fenced and the only opening to enter here is marked by concern authorities as special reserves and restricted to enter. We will drive our first half and second half at Naqrah area only and all other details will remain same. (Changes made in drive post) Entry to Dome Bowl Area is Restricted
  12. Asif Hussain

    Fossil Rock

  13. Asif Hussain

    Fossil Rock

  14. Asif Hussain