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  1. Congrats @Frederic for your first intermediate drive and I am looking forward to join your drive soon. All the best miss you all.
  2. 😭 as @Barry mentioned you need a TPMS tool.
  3. In Ford Explorer 2010 model I had done this DIY to find out which TPMS is faulty. If there is a faulty TPMS it displays "Tire Pressure Sensor Fault" along with sign as shown in the picture below. To know exactly which tyre sensor is not working just deflate and inflate the tyres one by one... For Example: Front left tyre, deflate to 20psi and check the dashboard and if it displays low tyre pressure it means it is working properly. Inflate front left tyre to normal psi and try other tyres one by one. The one with faulty TPMS will not display low tyre pressure and it will remain as shown in the image below as Tire Pressure Sensor Fault. @Gauravbhai if you have this type of display try this.
  4. @Gaurav is there any display in trailerblazer where it shows low tyre pressure in words along with sign.. If yes then I have a way to find out exactly which tyre sensor is faulty.
  5. Well done @Halit Mert Issever. Congrats for reaching this level.
  6. The moment wrangler saw forturner stopped he steared right and applied break and the mother nature (gravity) won the battle. Wrangler had enough momentum to cross the ridge and this mishap would have easily avoided if he had not applied break and continued driving. Other mistake is he should have followed the exact track of fortuner.
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