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  1. He turned right immediate after crossing the ridge, he should have gone straight down. And the guy in front of him was little slow and he corrected the angle by turning left and escaped.
  2. Congrats @Srikumar for become the marshal. And thanks @Rahimdad for this wonderful trip report. I am not a part of the drive but I feel my presence when I read your write-up. Love you guys.
  3. @AKR nice job. If you have a hanging radiator give some extra stifners to your fabricated 4mm thick bash plate to make it more rigid, beacuse the thickness of the plate is very less and one hard hit will bend the plate and there is a chance of plate to hit and damage your radiator. If your radiator is inside frame or protected then not an issue. 2inch spacer lift to your stock suspension will not affect your ride quality and this small lift will make lot of difference to your approach and depart angle.
  4. @Javier M nice vedio. Cloudy atmosphere looks like desert in hill station.
  5. https://www.outsideonline.com/2393101/2020-jeep-gladiator-testing-off-road
  6. I love to listen to old Hindi movie songs: My Favorite singers Kishore Kumar Mohammed Rafiq Mukesh Lata Mangeshkar Asha Bhosle
  7. Cargo bed of my pickup and a tonneau cover to secure stuffs from theft.
  8. Once I had a rear tyre pop out and both of them together..
  9. Fixing pop out is very easy if you do it properly if the tyre had not come out of the rim. The difficult part is sometimes to level the vehicle to flat surface to jack it up. Required Tools: Strong Wooden plank, Jack, Some water to clean the sand from side of the rim and air compressor.
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