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  1. @Nitin Mohan lovely pics. All new members please note we have a sperate gallery for each drive to upload drive pictures. https://carnity.com/gallery
  2. He wanted to go straight and fly and land on flat ground but for some reason he slowed at last moment and tried to cross sideways but he couldn't control. Fellow driver did it VID-20200115-WA0036.mp4 VID-20200115-WA0052.mp4
  3. Wow.. I will be in Liwa perfect place to watch.
  4. Congrats @Javier M for your first official drive... All the best and drive safe.
  5. Thank you @Rahimdad for a ride. @Emmanuel it was a awesome lead. @Shamil @Xaf @Fuad enjoyed everyone's company see all soon. Drive Video:
  6. What went wrong and how this roll over would have been avoided? 19d447bc35d7ec3cc330cff7ce3ec928.mp4
  7. Abu Dhabi Toll Gate: No fees during off peak hours https://www.khaleejtimes.com/news/transport/free-toll-hours-announced-in-uae
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