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  1. My question? If vehicle was used in CNG... is it worth to buy and push to its maximum as you know my purpose. I will be using as my weekend warrior in desert.
  2. will you please explain more i am bit confused with your quote.
  3. I am hunting for a used car and i came across a deal where the car has been running in CNG. I need expert advice "Does CNG reduces the engine life" Vehicle: Nissan Xterra 2009 Model with 225000km on board. History not know whether it is used all the said kilometers with CNG or part of that. CNG kit is not included in the deal and my usage will be fuel and for off-roading to the extreme level.
  4. 100 points donated... looking forward for your contribution on forum and keep your account active.
  5. Congrats @Frederic all the best for this new level.
  6. we will definitely visit this place in our 2day drive and hope that entire surrounding in not fenced..
  7. 100 points is too low gaurav bhai for this hard work GPS Coordinate: - https://maps.app.goo.gl/d2f25VTc3LkZBM6s6 "In search of yellow truck" this is an exploration drive i am planning to explore this winter. I had scanned whole of this area few weeks back and this point has a track which is in one of my exit plan...
  8. Thank you @Gaurav for this wonderful drive enjoyed a lot... and I am sorry for making everyone wait for me.. one of my passenger friend had work till 10.30pm on thursday.. so we started after 10.30 from abu dhabi straight to deflating point. Thank you @G.huz @AKR @Shamil @shadow79 @Srikumar @Adel Muradov @Emmanuel @Rahimdad we missed you. See you all soon.
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