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  1. Thank you @Srikumar for posting the drive and allowing me to lead. Everyone reached on time except @Arda Yagcioglu he was delayed at Abu Dhabi boarder checkpost for some reason. After quick breafing we decided to drive around the meeting point until he arrives. We were expecting him after 1hour but he joined us is 30mins. I thank everyone who joined the drive @Martin. @Arda [email protected] @Xavier Treasurer @Goutam @Mikhail Lukichevall of you performed well with few refusals and two stucks at the end of the drive it was a amazing experience for me to lead a newbie drive in sweihan. See you all next time.
  2. If you are traveling with family you dont need to book appointment. You can go straight away to the family section and do the testing.
  3. Well-done @Srikumar very informative for those who wish to join Abu Dhabi desert drives.
  4. OEM xterra rear tow hook Suppose to be straight and it has bend while recovering. This is extremely dangerous when you do extreme recoveries.
  5. Thanks @Srikumar for posting drive here in Abu Dhabi and it was great to see you after long long time. @Chaitanya D @Lorenzo Candelpergher @Janarthan @Tbone @Foxtrot Oscar @Kalahari @Najeeb Mohammed all new faces to me except @Nivin. It was nice driving with all of you, everyone drove fantastic and i am happy to see some emerging leader here. @Chaitanya D your lead was for a sort distance and we were enjoying to follow you but unfortunately the convoy had to stop due to one of the vehicle over heating situation and had to exit the drive. Looking forward to drive with all of you again. There are many endless terrain here. We will definitely explore those areas this winter. List of Terrain: Bu Tais, Um Al Oush, Al Wagan, Al Qoua, Al Yasar, Razeen, Madinat Zayed and every offroaders dream Rub Al Khali (The Empty Quater) Liwa
  6. Xterra has a weak rear tow hook... spending another 50 to 100dhs will fix this problem.
  7. @sertac ABS kill is the first thing you should do for serious level drives. If the ABS kicks in during steep slope it will keep releasing the tires making your xterra go down without break or control.
  8. Appointment slots for morning 2nd October is full at Ghantoot Boarder. @navin have booked the appointment?
  9. Lovely @Srikumar count me inn. Those who are planning to join this drive and travelling from Dubai, Sharjah and other emirates please book the appointment as soon as possible before the time slot get filled. Click here to book appointment: https://ghantoot.quantlase.com/appointment/update-details/
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