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  1. Very good question @derik, actually difficult to answer since we don’t know your friends... In a good off-road club, you increase your chances to learn things your friends may not be able to teach you.
  2. I always tell people : avoid Xterras ! Especially white 🤣
  3. First : falling asleep or at least paying too much attention to the nice music he was listening to - and not enough to the convoy path. Anyways he went down the dune, then tried to correct his mistake, fighting gravity, turning his weels in the direction of the top of the dune.
  4. Hi Djamelus, You can join the morning drive (newbie level), but you need more experience (a few drives) to go to Sweihan.
  5. Nice shot (but just in case you were answering my question : nope)
  6. Anyone has been there and can recognize the place ? Others can guess where those photos (sorry for the low quality) were taken ?
  7. Another area in USA, New Mexico. No high dunes, but look at this beautiful white sand :
  8. Colorado, USA. And here is a 360° from the top of Star Dune (750ft/230m)
  9. Looks like a Mazda and a Lexus had a baby
  10. Emmanuel

    Congratulations Gaurav

    Congrats @Gaurav ! Which kind of cake would you like to blow up your 2000 candles ?
  11. Maybe this dune isn’t the highest in the world as the video pretends, but...
  12. @YevgeniyDYM please note that this is an intermediate drive. You can join the next Carnity newbie drive (but please, next time, if you find another convoy at the meeting point and you decide to join them, please advise us so we don’t wait for you)
  13. I think I will camp also. Near the Pajero bowl sounds great. Or inside the bowl 😜
  14. Well, this one is famous. You can jump to 2’45 to say hi to Big Daddy.
  15. Time for revenge ! (But let’s take all the ropes we have just in case 😜)