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  1. Sorry for that. See you next time. Please unregister from the drive.
  2. I would add : + gloves + metal wire, stronger and more resistant to heat than plastic or nylon, in case you need to retain a pipe or a broken part.
  3. Sorry for this photos but it’s something that all off-roaders (and passengers) should see and always keep in mind. Never ever throw plastics or anything.
  4. I have an Axa « Premium » comprehensive coverage (2.4k/y) for my Xterra 2013 and I asked them about the restrictions. I was told that there is no limitation in terms of distance from the road. Just races not allowed.
  5. Thank you @Gaurav. It wouldn’t have been possible without your great support and advices before and all along the drive.
  6. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to learn, for your support, for the fun - and @Rahimdad for this perfect report. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.
  7. I forgot to express my deep gratitude to you @Srikumar for all the things you taught to me
  8. Oh no... Another one we absolutely need to explore in China and Mongolia ! Advice to all off-roaders : don’t open Google Earth and don’t zoom on this region
  9. Very good question @edouard and thank you @Gaurav for this very helpful answer. I must admit I bearly do a third of those checks, but starting from now I will follow your list. Just like to mention another very simple detail, something we might forget before going back on track : to remove the flag ! It happened to me a couple of times...
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