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  1. This is the best example of Nissan Xterra you may find in the market without any stories or issues whatsoever. Daily driven with much comfort and pride and also used for weekend off-roading with gentle and regular care. This Xterra has never broken down on-road or in dunes and always brought me home with great joy and smile. Due to relocation back to France - and with a heavy heart - I am selling my Nissan Xterra 2012 (1st reg. in 2013). GCC specs. 244K on the odometer. Excellent condition, very well maintained with Full-Service History, bills available. No mods and acciden
  2. Oh no, sorry to hear that @Tero Vallas! You will be missed. All the best to you and your family.
  3. @Tero Vallas, @Ahab Shamaa Sorry friends, but due to very low signups, unfortunately, I have to cancel this drive...
  4. Congratulations @Tareck! Very well deserved.
  5. Extreme Desert Drive Extreme Desert Drive is an extension of an Intermediate drive but at a lot faster pace with a continuous drive-time on big rolling and difficult dunes. The difficulty level of climbs, ridge riding, criss-crossing will be more or less the same as the Intermediate level, but doing that over and over again at high speed requires special attention to be courageous but with extreme caution. If you and your vehicle are perfectly in-sync with fast-paced intermediate drives without repetitive stuck, refusals, or losing track, and if you already have been promoted to "ext
  6. Then forget my message @Super Safari Girl, you had it engaged, all good then.
  7. @Super Safari GirlI checked with @Mario Cornejo and he confirmed that there should be a 4LO signal on your dashboard when you switch to low gear. It seems that for a reason it wasn’t engaging this morning on your Patrol.
  8. Actually it was your Super Safari mate @Mario Cornejo 😁 It’s been a sweet and fun drive, with an excellent convoy, thank you all! @Super Safari Girl, @Glenn Waters ,@Mohamed Samaco, @M.Seidam. Everyone did so great that we’ve been able to increase the pace and difficulty quite high for an absolute newbie drive. Special thanks to Glenn for his perfect second lead and Mohamed Seidam for his wonderful support as sweep. Moving forward you all will be joining the Newbie drives and not an Absolute Newbie drive. Drives are announced every Sunday at 11 am, and they go live on Sunday at
  9. Is that you @Super Safari Girlwho crossed in front of us at the dirt track entrance?
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