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  1. Awesome post, @Gaurav. For further informations about deflating tools, @Frederic opened an interesting discussion a few months ago :
  2. Now you understand why we avoid day drives starting from May-June...
  3. And also I don’t know how many tourists he cramed on the backseats. It looks like they were one or two hundred 😂
  4. At 0’03, when he ignored that while doing a sidey in soft sand, it’s mathematically impossible to go back uphill. If you loose momentum, all you can do is to steer down.
  5. TRIP REPORT @Srikumar, @Javier M and myself met on time directly at deflation point. Unfortunately @Gaurav had to cancel at the last minute because of a mechanical issue on his Pajero. @Frederic, @G.huz and @sertac, who wanted to join as well couldn’t make it. Along with @Rahimdad and @Asif Hussain, all of you guys missed us. One of the very nice aspects of summer night drives in those famous areas is the virgin sands. At many points of our drive we could hear the sand cracking on descents... Yesterday we had decided to explore the southern part of Sweihan, actually closer to Al-Ain. We have been able to keep a good pace in spite of a few refusals and stucks - the minimum due to this kind of tricky terrain. And thanks to Sri and Javier, this drive has been very fun from the beginning till the end. We finally stopped at about 3:30 AM only because we started to feel a bit tired and hungry, so we ate and took a good nap at 300m above the sea, with cool breeze, moonlight and shining stars. We also could see Jebel Hafeet lights climbing to the sky, far away above the horizon. At 5, I woke up Sri and Javier. Not without difficulty since they were both in a deep sleep. I had to use lound music, lights, start my engine... After a few side slopings just to be sure everyone was awake, we covered the short distance left to the track and we inflated while the sun was rising. I am very happy that we have discovered 2 or 3 amazing play areas. We must go there again with all those who missed this drive... or explore Sweihan-Naqrah-Al-Ain area further, which is full of hidden jewels, for sure !
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