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  1. Unfortunately I had to miss this one and will have to miss the two next drives as I have a professional training on Fridays till the end of Jan. Really looking forward to hit the sand again... (thanks for asking)
  2. Fernando Alonso (Dakar 2020, today) What went wrong ?
  3. France : petrol 95: 1.48€ (6.05 AED) petrol 98: 1.55€ (6.34 AED) diesel: 1.45€ (5.92 AED)
  4. It’s a wise decision @Srikumar, A bit of rain isn’t a problem, but since it’s been raining god knows how many cm since last night, the sands will be completely wet. Not a problem for the first two or three cars, but for sure a nightmare for the rest of the convoy... Well, 78...
  5. We should add Rahim’s parathas in mandatory off-road gear
  6. @Shamil don’t be upset, Jawaher didn’t say her last word 😂
  7. @Javier M Thank you for your excellent lead ! It was all fun. And thank you @Rahimdad for passing by at meeting point to say hi and to bring us Parhatas. This is exactly the kind of move you will only see in Carnity !
  8. It looks like I missed a lovely evening. Happy new year everyone !
  9. https://gulfnews.com/amp/uae/2020s-first-major-meteor-shower-to-hit-uae-on-friday-1.1577777490764
  10. Thank you so much @Rahimdad ! I was working on my report, but you already said everything 😀, and in a much more proper English than mine! What can I add? ... That @Shamil was my second lead, thank you buddy, followed by @Fuad, then @Xaf (with his sister who we were pleased to meet), then @Rahimdad in sweep. I had decided to follow backwards the route we had done two months ago, on 18th Oct, which means to enter near Al Ain Dairy Nahil Farms and exit SW, at Yahar high dunes spot. The only disadvantage for this option, as you rightly pointed Rahim, was that we got the afternoon sun hitting directly our windhsields and dazzling at some points. I must admit that I didn’t think about this tiny but quite anoying detail… ... That it had been quite a while since last time we saw FUAD driving. And because he was the only fewbie to join that day, we started at a moderate pace, but soon we noted that he wasn’t struggling at all, which allowed us to inscrease the pace. This positive impression was confirmed when we stopped at our first playing spot. There we saw a totally different driver than the one we saw last year. Well done Fuad ! ... That all the other drivers also managed absolutely well. No stuck at all, only a few refusals. Xaf's pop out was fixed in 5 minutes and we only took a short break to clean the MAF sensor of Fuad’s Pathfinder. Other than that, convoy was always on the move… Thank you all !
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