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  1. EmVarlet


  2. 6 months seems very very young to me. You know we are going to cross dunes, right ? @Rahimdad ?
  3. Don’t. fight. gravity. Just accept it won’t be possible because of the angle, and act accordingly before it’s too late : steering right, go down and make a new turn. Also don’t crisscross at the wrong place.
  4. EmVarlet

    Funny Car Memes

    Very sorry, Sertac, hope you will find a new job very soon.
  5. EmVarlet

    Your favourite deflation tools

    I also gave a try then gave up after 5 or 6 attempts, for the same reason. The only thing I will regret is the nice brass quatuor music you can hear when you deflate.
  6. EmVarlet

    Newbie drive - 4 Jan 2019

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to join tomorrow, due to mechanical issues. Enjoy and see you next time.
  7. EmVarlet

    Funny Car Memes

    What about this one ? Seen today at Serkal Avenue...
  8. 3. Not sure he was actually intending to try a side pass, I think he had already lost control.