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  1. I have compared all the quotations received last few days.The best i got from New india insurance company for an amount of 1680 dhs for full comprehensive package with off road cover for an car value for 60000 dhs. Excess amount have to pay in off road claims if the mistake is happened from my side. The package is with out substitute car cover. Does any one have experience with Newindia insurance company? By the way , thanks a lot for all of your feedback , its really helped me to get better grip on things. Jay
  2. Thanks a lot Gaurav for valuable advise. Will look for the best option accordingly.
  3. HI , Would like to get some expert opinion to renew my car insurance Pajero 2016 3.5LT. My query is , do i need to take a additional off road package to get the insurance coverage while off road ? What is the normal process if we come across any car body damage while off road like Bumper,mud flap damages ?Does it can cover in the normal insurance? In roads if we met an accident , we have to get the police report . What about in Desert ? Is the process is same like road accidents ? These are few general doubts in my mind ,Pardon me if you all feels it like nonsense. Jay
  4. Dear Team , Thanks again for the wonderful newbie drive had on 08th March. It was gr8 with all new learning opportunities. I have few good photos and would like to share it on the group. Would like to know how i can do it in the group. Please advise. Jay
  5. It will be a unforgettable day in my life. As a new bie and very new to the carnity club , i have reached the Tawi Nazwa shops area with a ton of questions in mind. Whether it will be safe or not ? How i will drive in sandy conditions ? What i will do i got stuck ? Is it going to damage my car ?,,,,etc. But after having the first briefing it self , i was getting my confidence by seeing that things are handling in a very professional manner and the leaders are being gentle and approachable to any questions in my mind. A special thanks to MR @Rahimdadand Mr @Gaurav for making me and my friends comfortable to start with. The drive was absolutely stunning and a experience which i was waiting for many years. Not only for be but also my friends also were enjoyed it very much. The bond between the members are remarkable and by seeing that i am proud to be part of such a good team. Thanks a lot to @[email protected] [email protected]@Julien [email protected] Nuyttens for all guidance and help. Looking forward more trips together. @Gaurav,As you mentioned , will participate in @Rahimdad newbey Survey as well with comments. Jay
  6. Hi , Thanks for the responds. I am already a member of Off road club and will wait for further updates on the next newbie drive. Regards Jay
  7. Hi Guys , Hope all are doing good. Would like to know, is there any off road trip you guys are planning for beginners? I recently bought 2016 Pajero 3.5 LT and would like to explore the opportunities to drive it in off road conditions. I know there are lot many off road masters in the group so looking for opportunities i can learn bit of off road riding. Thanks Jayakrishnan
  8. Welcome to Carnity.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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