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  1. This video is mesmerizing. I am still impressed by old cars still driving on the streets.
  2. For hip hop and reggae fans, Wu-Tang Clan, Talib Kweli, Protoje & Koffee are in the house this week-end.
  3. PS once in Sweihan we met a guy who adviced us to unplugged something under the car hood. Next i'll show you and maybe you can explain.
  4. Thanks for this, Fred. I need to have a conversation with you during the next event about this ('cause i don't understand all the technical language that you're using) I have a 2009 Pajero, and my car is reacting weirdly (changing gear from the 1st to the second even if i'm in manual, when the engine is getting high in RPM), and other things strange. Thanks to talk about this topic, it could explain a lot.
  5. For those who like movies, there is this short animated one (only on line for one month). It's about Le Mans 1955. Enjoy.
  6. That drive in 2 different levels was really awesome. The first part was nice, learning for the newbies and a warm up for the fewbies, and I really enjoyed the second part. Thanks to @Srikumar and @Rahimdad for their advices and their help and to all the guys who were there. See u soon.
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