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  1. Barracuda the shop 😈 or the fish 😎
  2. it seems that i missed a lot hopefully next time will be able to come and have fun and get to know the group members face to face. Appreciate this detailed trip report amazing efforts @Rahimdad
  3. Thanks a lot for getting back to me with his mobile number @Jeh
  4. No they're not, i guess it is happening in any car if you direct the AC grills toward the windows. @Frederic
  5. As i mentioned this was done by habtoor however i did not ask for this as a service they have disabled the heater without asking me. I was told about it when i was reviewing what was done in the car. However the service advisor confirmed to me that is a common thing they do for Mitsubishi cars to improve the AC. I have not researched this nor thought about the idea behind i should have but when it comes to the habtoor service i kind of trust them more to do the right thing. If it was a regular car garage i wouldn't have mentioned it or most probably i would have requested them to return it back as it was. Somehow air conditioning got better in my car. I will do a deep research on this point, thanks for highlighting this point, this is why we are all here. To learn from each other experiences.
  6. I tried to improve my Pajero AC every summer however after I have changed too many parts in my Pajero AC I still have low cooling AC compares to my other cars however after trying a lot I managed to reach at least double the cooling I had here some important tips: 1- Check your AC gas level, it might be low or lacking. it's very common and very very important. 2- Change your AC fan, it might be working but not full performance/power. 3- Add an extra fan on the AC condenser (could be fixed along with the main AC fan or with a separate switch or directly connected to the power) recommended to be fixed along with the main AC fan. 4- OR add 2 extra fans one fan for the AC condenser and another fan for the transmission cooler (could be fixed with a separate switch or directly connected to the car power) recommended with separate switch. This is mainly good for the transmission cooling, especially while off-roading. However it also helpful for the AC cooling. 5- Disconnect/disable the heater from the car AC system. (it was done to my Pajero by Habtoor). I never used the heater in UAE you might disable it. 6- If you have a LWB you might switch on both AC front and Rear at the same time as they have 2 different evaporators and in the summer it helps a lot if you use them together. 7- Car tinting, if you don't have window tinting do not expect you AC to perform in the summer. Recommended if you use heat Insulation/reduction tinting. 8- Keep your car AC recirculation switch/button ON all the time or at least until you reach the required temperature. I usually keep it on all the time. 9- Keep your car in shaded/covered parking. ***Even if you have done all the above points and your AC gas is leaking or low you will not get any good results.*** Some people might consider the above point are obvious but believe me for some people they are not I thought to share my experience even if it might help one person that would be enough. **DISCLAIMER** I accept no liability for any harm or damage caused by anyone modifying their car. Always read the workshop manual for your car and consult a qualified mechanic before starting any work.
  7. Guys how many years usually your car battery remain working, in my case its like 1 year and couple of days. as they set it to expire exactly after the expiry date with couple of days i have notice this every year. @Barry how much are the Amaron and where is there dealer in uae ? @Rahimdad
  8. I thought about fixing a tow hitch but they are not cheap, so i guess if you really need to tow a boat or a trailer then you better fix one. Initially i thought to fix one instead of the rear skid plate but i heard it wouldn't help protect the rear bumper in all cases and i might end us loosing my rear bumper.
  9. I had an emergency at home couldn't make it, i didn't have enough time to be online either
  10. Pajero between 2008 till 2011 all gear they auto shift they don't hold the gear so as far as i seen and heard and read here you don't need the car to auto change gear while climbing you lose the momentum. However i am open to learn from the offroading experts, that's why I am here in carnety
  11. You miss understood me i mean about expensive car not to buy a new expensive car for offroading, just a toy car. I always felt pajero is not strong enough in difficult situations and fragile every time small tiny problem it cost a lot to fix, that's why i thought of getting safari tank to be worry free as wt i have seen done with these cars and how much these cars get abused no other cars can deal with much abuse. That's why idea and logic i was thinking about.
  12. Ishould use 40 Even if its not fully synthetic? Bcz i found 10w40 at first but i think it was semi synthetic or not synthetic at all Please advise
  13. 5w30 SN Fully synthetic its Mitsubishi original recommended oil, its my first time to use it i heard from my pajero owners friends that's ideal with our car, lets see
  14. Thanks for the advise, i hope this beast is mine. No i am not heavy offroader yet making my self ready with a dedicated toy car as i never was comfortable driving an expensive car in offroading. But as far as i know all pajero drivers uses the push side manual option when offroading, might be the pajero not as powerful to be drove on D I hope any #pajero drivers support my statment or correct me if am wrong. I am looking forward for the newbie briefing 🙏
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