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  1. Congrats @J J great achievement, its gonna get more serious now. Enjoy the new rank. See you soon out there.
  2. Congrats @Biju Abdul great achievement, its gonna get more serious now. Enjoy the new rank. See you soon out there.
  3. Congrats @David Ortells great achievement, its gonna get more serious now. Enjoy the new rank. See you soon out there.
  4. Congrats @Islam Soliman great achievement, its gonna get more serious now. Enjoy the new rank. See you soon out there.
  5. Congrats @VipinShetty great achievement, its gonna get more serious now. Enjoy the new rank. See you soon out there.
  6. Congrats @Veedooshee great achievement, its gonna get more serious now. Enjoy the new rank. See you soon out there.
  7. Congrats @Heisem great achievement, its gonna get more serious now. Enjoy the new rank. See you soon out there.
  8. Congrats @Christian Andras great achievement, its gonna get more serious now. Enjoy the new rank. See you soon out there.
  9. Thank you @Emmanuel for your efforts and support to everyone in the convoy with different level backgrounds, its not an easy task when we think about it to advise and guide other drivers while you driving and while you trying to enjoy your self. Thank you for the advice. I appreciate every advice, comment and guidance this is how we support each other and this how we learn and improve. The reason I increased the RPM was that the car started to move out but i miscalculated the moment. I should have been more patient but as you said i wanted to earn time. Everyone did very well and it was amazing seeing some of the drivers i knew from previous drives improved and developed thier driving techniques in very short time. Its a good practice to lesson to more experienced people to learn and get mentored no shame to ask for help or support without this practice it will take us very long time to learn every step the hard way. I saw passion, enthusiasm and respect in our Friday drive from all members. Thanks to @Kalahari being an amazing second lead and for sharing the extra wooden board it was needed and tested unfortunately but indeed it came in perfect fit with my 2 tons jack. Thank you @Xaf you handled convoy from the Middle with @Emmanuel with constant updates and communication through the walkie talkie conveying the exact situation of the convoy from the first to the last minute of the drive and I completely understood your situation when you wanted to help, my self and @Tbone we just saw your enthusiasm to help we didn't feel bad at the end of the day we all wanted the same thing. But the decision between me and @Tbone was based on my car weight versus his car weight and power and i was trying to avoid him getting stuck with me. But you had it all under control it was a perfect recovery smooth and easy. @Brette it was a real pleasure seeing you handling each situation with none stop support to each one needed it. @Febin Frederic @Rinelle Sanaani @Najeeb Mohammed well done what an amazing 👏 start in the intermediate level it will get more exciting and more serious action will follow be patient and becareful. @Colin Jordan @Tbone was a pleasure driving with you second time in a row great support and help to the team. I would like to quote @Xaf when he mentioned: " In general to all drivers, try to think as a group. If the convoy is not moving in front of you and the cars are coming from behind, try to imagine if there will be enough space for them. If space is available, move yourself, if not, please announce it on the radio so they will wait until the convoy is moving again. In these high dunes we often have no vision what is happening in front of us. " As of my position at the end of the convoy i felt and I wanted to address the same point as it is very important, the more we reach higher levels the more we learn to be more connected as one team imagine each one of us is a piece of a chain, if one of us got in a refusal situation or got stuck we all have to deal with the situation and stop the convoy. Hence if we think more about the cars behind us in the convoy specially once we drive through a tricky dune or difficult route we have to keep in mind that other members might not be able to have enough space to maneuver the situation that could lead to one of two options either the other driver will get stuck or might hit the last car as he/she doesn't have enough space to maneuver which we all don't want to experience in the Middle of the desert specially in the hot summer. Once again thank you all, I hope i didn't forget to mention anyone from our Friday drive, i am looking forward to seeing you all soon in the sand.
  10. Can i have 1 piece please i bought my 2 tons jack but couldn't find the wooden plate
  11. Geolandar G012 is really discontinued I have been looking for this model for long time as well and I know other off-roaders looking for the same tire in dubai, sharjah, al ain and abu dhabi which is bad because whoever has these tires won't find a replacement in case of any incident. however, I do feel that the supplier just stopped importing this model for a better profit percentage with the G015 model. as G012 was the most successful model. The pattern design is different between G012 and G015 however my friends they have been looking even for the G015 and its not available in all sizes now they are saying that the supplier informed them that delivery for more stock will not be before September which again gives me the feeling not to buy Geolandar anymore as you can relay on a company that has now stock most of the year. Don't take me wrong I love these tires but I am stuck now with Geolandar in case of any incident might happen and they don't have stock I don't have any other option other than buying another 5 tires from a different brand or use different patterns for the damaged tire which is bad and i don't recommend. I heard a lot of good reviews about the Cooper tires a little bit more pricy but i hope they will be more reliable. please share the other brands prices in case if in need to change my tires.
  12. The other option is to buy a cheap android tablet and fix it somewhere at front next to the passenger seat but we need a customized mount. The reason for the screen is the big size and ease of use rather than small mobile screen, i have unused mobile but it won't be practical i guess. There is cheap Chinese android tablets which could be used,.maybe by then will not give up my original setup. Unless i find a branded android screen for pajero.
  13. I have rockford, i heard from too many ppl about thier disappointment from the pajero sound system, i was shocked to know that not all pajero models come rockford. Most of them unhappy with the non rockford quality bad sound quality and no way to connect to the sound system other than dvd player or the aux plug and they come without Bluetooth calling system so its bad setup in this case i personally advice those who has this setup to invest in a new modern setup. For me, I am kind of satisfied with the rockford sound quality i have 10 or 12 speakers in total including a subwoofer and Bluetooth calling system all original. Its decent enough good sound quality and covers all my needs but i don't have and i need is a big android screen to have the maps on and rear reverse parking camera. Having an android screen we can install lots of apps that could make our ride more fun.
  14. So i have been looking to replace my sound system with an android screen, however there's a lot of aftermarket options in the market which is confusing. Every time i find a good screen i start hearing bad reviews about it, I would appreciate some advices from our pajero owners.
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