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  1. Happy birthday @Rahimdad God Bless !
  2. Lucifer and One punch man anime is awesome .
  3. Money Heist First Wife Altered Carbon If you want animes - refer to my list in imdb below . This should last you more than a year https://www.imdb.com/list/ls063955917/
  4. Will the drives still be on considering lot of govt precautionary measures . It seems there are cops patrolling in the sharjah and Dubai deserts ..
  5. Ah I had a friend in the jeepers group who sent me this .. didnt know the recovered vehicle was part of ours ! Below video VID-20200320-WA0166.mp4
  6. That was a nice chilled out drive today morning with @Rahimdad leading beautifully and as usual @Wrangeld sweeping , @Rizwanm2 at the back holding the convoy together perfectly with timely feedback. We did have our share of recoveries but nothing that Richard, Jeepie and Rahim cant take care off Very glad to see all convoy members being dot on time and driving like a pro - Reaching Pink rock in record time of 1 hour - so says Rahim bhai ! Thanks for the after drive chat @Rahimdad.. looking forward to the next one . Cheers As usual have posted them pictures and videos in the gallery:)
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