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  1. Wow guys this is a very exiting surprise. Looking forward to this weekend. But really without you guys I am nothing. I have my radio now and will also get the suction mount for the flag. Only 5 more nights.
  2. hello, how do I posted some photos. I do not know if this is the way to do it and hope you like them. I have got some more and if needed I can send higher quality per email. I am sorry my red car is on most of them
  3. Maybe I was the quiet person in the convoy (in the beginning no radio) but I felt I did extreme dune rides for my second time and you cannot imagine how much fun I had. Next week I will try to sign up for 2 rides. I am really addicted and want to learn. I did have a recovery but with excellent guidance of @brette I recovered within a few minutes. It is amazing what you can do with car. Thanks @Srikumar for the beautiful route.
  4. Thanks but i cannot find on the stie the Contact us location.
  5. To all you boys and girls. Thanks for this great first new experience and helping me out with the basics like lowering tires, putting putting car in H gear, borrowing compressor etc Without you guys I would have had several recovery's or stucks. looking for to the next time. See you next week. By the way my name is Pancho, only do not know how to change it in the profile
  6. Pancho

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