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  1. Hi @Jeepie, I have pulled out my rsvp due to personal commitments. Next In line can take my place. thanks!
  2. Sound good for me @Brette I have joined the Quadra fewbie this weekend. you are also leading there right ?
  3. Thanks @Frederic appreciate it! thanks @Athula Dharmadada appreciate it! thanks @topgear appreciate it! thanks @Mohamed Seidam, appreciate it🙂! thanks @sertac appreciate it! thanks @Foxtrot Oscar, appreciate it! thanks @Brette appreciate it!
  4. Thanks @Janarthan, appreciate it! thanks @Anand Nataraj appreciate it! thanks @Gaurav appreciate it! Thanks @Rahimdad i believe i am up for it!
  5. Hi @Alex Sidorov, I pull them out just before the drive and insert then back before hitting the tarmac. Ignition should be ‘off’ during removal and reinstall.
  6. @Alex Sidorov, pls refer to https://fuse-box.info/jeep/jeep-grand-cherokee-wk2-2011-present-fuses and check the details related to your model year. Mine is 2019 model, the F85 & F86 are for airbags and are 1 assembly(yellow coloured) with an inbuilt arrangement to pull them off. F76 is for ESP and would need a nose plier to pull out. There are more fuses which can disable the ABS and ESP like F6, F26 ... i havent tried them yet though... you can also look at the underside of the fuse box cover for your car specific data. WK2 Fuse box diagram 2019.pdf
  7. I drive the grand Cherokee trailhawk and even with 10.6” of ground clearance I would still second the changes advised by @Brette to prevent unintended damages. To disable the techs I use the sand mode in selec terrain and pull some fuses in the fuse box - Fuse# F85- airbag, F76- ESP, I have seen @Ashy drive wonderfully on 20” at higher level drives so you could certainly give it a shot! cheers!
  8. I believe @Ashy drives his grand Cherokee on 20s ... maybe he could give his thoughts here ...
  9. @Vanessa8580, @Arman, yes I got a slot with Ale, thanks for the consideration and apologies for not updating this thread.
  10. Congratulations @Chaitanya D!! Well done! Looking forward to many more drives with you!
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