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  1. 0562264360. thanks again!
  2. Hi Wade, I am looking for some tires as well and i am trying to find the vendors for michline LTX force and so far all dead end... would you be able to let me know the name of the agency ? thanks!
  3. @Chaitanya D, got some emergent work ... cant make it for the drive. Aplogies. hope to drive with you soon.
  4. @Ale Vallecchi, I will not be able to join the drive due family obligations... apologies for last minute response.
  5. I haven’t suffered any pop outs, but to clear any doubts I did remove the Tyres off the rim and checked... no sand. the desert takes away my balance weights 😅 and then there is vibration...
  6. @Zed @Rob Harper thanks for your advise, I will check as per your posts and come back!
  7. I drive a 2019 grand Cherokee trail hawk with 18 inch wheels and BFG Tyres. From past 3 desert drives, the balance weights on wheel gets lost causing high vibrations after drive and this would have me take the car to the service shop for wheel balancing which is a pain and not worth. While this may not be limited to my car, I am interested to learn from the community members if they have experienced anything like this and what do you do to overcome the issue of wheel unbalance after a desert drive. thanks!
  8. @Kailas, yes I would like to join. Kindly keep me in the waitlist for 2nd drive. Thanks!
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