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  1. Many congratulations to u @Nivin, very well done👍
  2. Many Congratulations to you @Foxtrot Oscar...woho time to gift yourself your camera😉
  3. Hey @Anish S, seen your efforts growing and the passion thereof...well deserved... so happy for you! Congratulations...👍
  4. It was indeed a very nice drive led by @Jeepie, i thoroughly enjoyed while suffering🤪 as @Wrangeld (our new pajeroged 🤣)mentioned in his report. Definitely it turned out to be challenging as second lead since the LWB might require a slightly different path, more momentum of course and the technique which i hope would come with practice 😉.Qudra soft sands is very tricky but i believe it undoubtedly enriches our desert driving skills. Thank you so much @Jeepie for taking us through this enjoyable route. Thank you also to the whole convoy for their patience whenever i had to try again.
  5. Hi @SureshVNair, hey hi am stuck with you in the same traffic... for last 45 mins nw at least...
  6. Good Morning everybody, I just hope I can make it on time as strangely enough am in a standstill traffic on Al khan road S102 and it’s not getting any better😔
  7. This is great doc @Chaitanya D...many congratulations...👍
  8. Great Achievement @Kalahari...congratulations...👍
  9. Many congratulations to you @Vanessa8580...looking forward to more fun and exciting drives with you...☺️
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