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  1. Thank you @J J☺️ Only after a few drives with @Anish S that I felt unless and until you venture in the desert, you know how exciting and fun it can be...
  2. Officially Completed "My First Drive"(as a driver instead of passenger seat😃) Inspired and encouraged by @Anish S to join the carnity off-road club, i feel very delighted to share a little bit about my first drive under the excellent leadership of @Gaurav. The team registered for the drive was all there in time, deflated and ready to move however there was a small heating issue with @Shamil car and unfortunately he had to exit. Since it was an Absolute Newbie drive (that's why i decided to join this specific one ), @Gaurav took us through some smooth and nice and easy pathway and it starts helping me experiencing how driving a car feels on the sand. For me, this was really important to achieve that self trust to attempt more and more driving in the sand and understand the reaction of my big Pajero LWB. We then started to attempt the downward slopes (descent), i was a bit scared but eventually went through and learnt how to tackle them. As we go on the second one, i had a small refusal, @J J stopped (who was in the second lead) and even before i could communicate the refusal, he did so for me. With some advice of my co pilot @Anish S, we managed a quick self recovery. @Gaurav then took us through some more technical dunes and even steeper slopes (where in my first drive as passenger i was almost closing my eyes 😄) and i managed them quite smoothly. The drive continued with some ascending dunes where @Gaurav advices given before we attempt them, was indeed the game changer in how i deal with them. Eventually we headed to the challenging dunes leading to the fossil rock where i got a stuck. @Gaurav came and did some shoveling and gave me the instructions and we managed a recovery. From there, it was straight to reaching at the top of the fossil rock. However few seconds after @paolo dassi had a stuck in around the same challenging dunes at the bottom and was guided by @Gaurav and ecovered. At the rock was such a great sunset view. Then we headed down via the steep slope under the guidance of @Gaurav and @J J and headed towards the road. It was a very enriching first drive for me and after the first almost half an hour, i started having more faith to handle the drive while enjoying it. Thank you team @Gaurav for managing such a great drive, thank you @J J for always prompting me and keeping an eye for me, thank you @Leo Francis also for watching out, thank you @paolo dassi and @Carlos Fernandez as sweeper for a nice drive.
  3. yes, we just have the new normal rules to still abide by.
  4. Hi @Gaurav, thank you. - I will be driving pajero 3.5 LWB. - No prior off-road experience. - yes the vehicle’s towpoints are in good condition. yes I have gone through the posts and video and already acknowledged the drive post and the Ban post as well. Really looking forward for my first drive.
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