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  1. Congratulations Dr @Chaitanya D... very well earned... your commitment, dedication, kindness always reflects on your drives... I just have loads of fun while learning a lot from you... just an amazing growth you had in a short while is worth all the praises...great leadership always 👍
  2. Wow....just found out that you @Anish S has been promoted to Advance...woho congratulations my super duper off-roader...so happy for you..very well deserved... your dedication is also my inspiration... Congratulations 🎉
  3. My special wishes and big thank you to all marshals..just feels amazing to be part of the carnity family..thank you...
  4. Wishing everyone Happy New Year... always be happy..
  5. Thank you so much @Srikumar... all the leaders are so encouraging that this definitely builds up your confidence to just keep going... keep learning and keep helping others to do same.. Thank you Dr @Chaitanya D... Thank you @Ahab Shamaa...👍
  6. Thank you @Nivin... Richard, thank you so much.. I really enjoy being here and will be my utmost pleasure to keep learning this new lifestyle and also support and help as much as I can... Thank you @sertac...
  7. oh yes sir...thank you @Rahimdad for all your valuable feedback..really appreciate it always...
  8. Thank you so much @Carnity family...Indeed a great gift to start my 2021... Thank you @Anish S for introducing me to the perks of desert driving.. Thank you @Carnity for all support, guidance and encouragement that you provide to each of us... Thank you Freddie..
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