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  1. @Lisa Pemberton was great driving with your today.. @Kieran McKeown I am truly impressed with the Duster and how you managed it throughout the drive today.. you should claim money from Renault for the positive advertisement you are giving them for this car @Gaurav great lead and coach.. thanks a lot for this beautiful morning
  2. SriKumar, off-roaders.. I won’t be able to make it this Friday.. cleared a spot for others who would like to join.. hopefully c u next week
  3. It was great meeting you all today and I personally had lost of fun and learned a lot.. @Srikumar what a great coach you are.. thank you.. @sertac thanks for helping pulling me out a couple of times.. everyone, sorry I held you back a couple of times today.. promise next time will be better ISA.. see u all soon
  4. Hi 1. Black GMC Yokun 2. Yes 3. Yes but minimum Question, where is best to get the flag? is it necessary for tomorrow?
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