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  1. It was long and tiring day but definitely worth it.. wonderful experience and great company.. thanks everyone.. @Tero Vallas it translates to “scary hill”
  2. Hi @Srikumar, got a spot on the intermediate drive.. signing out for next on WL to join .. see u there
  3. @Frederic if there is a spot here I will be signing out of the newbie drive .. let me know.. thx
  4. @Chaitanya D is there an open spot on this drive? I see an open one and Interested to join but not sure if there are any WL
  5. Hi @Srikumar .. can you pls add me to WL .. so far am unable to secure a spot in the Few or Int drives
  6. @Emmanuel I see an open place on this drive and not sure of the WL order.. pls let me know if I can join
  7. Hi @Ale Vallecchi et all fellow Carnities .. sadly I will have to drop out of this drive due to travel.. leaving it to the lucky #1 on WL
  8. Thx @Emmanuel.. as I have another drive so this will be my second.. will wait until Wednesday to confirm as per the new Carnity rules
  9. Thx @Chaitanya D and sorry for the challenge of yesterday.. wish your car a speedy recovery and thanks @Wrangeld for stepping in last minute.. you did amazing today and no one can tell this was an improvised drive without enough time for you to plan it.. thanks a lot
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