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  1. Thx @Tbone, actually I managed to sign up for this one and it will be my first .. so we are good now.. c u then
  2. Thx @Lorenzo Candelpergher, however as I got a confirmation to join the IM drive I will be withdrawing from the WL.. thx again
  3. @Lorenzo Candelpergher, after seeing 10 drivers signed in already assumed RSVP is closed as usually it’s 10 cars for F+ so I added my WL request .. but then noticed RSVP is not closed so I opted in!! however realized others have WL before me.. I am not sure if it’s a system glitch allowing more than 10.. anyway I don’t want to takeover others who WLed before me.. all in the rush for finding a spot feel free to take me out for others ahead in the queue.
  4. @Wrangeld I was relying on Adnoc at last exit and was there 1:30 to find it’s closed for some reason so had to make my way back to ENOC at Akoya and then roundabout at the bike roundabout .. my ETA now shows 2:11.. so hopefully will make it.. apologize for this unexpected delay
  5. Thx @Chaitanya D @Kailas @varunmehndiratta @Gaurav Soni for an amazing drive and the nice company.. Definitely worth the minor hurdles to get to Abudhabi but nothing compared to what it offers back.. the short convoy was huge fun too thx @Chaitanya D for all the prep and not giving up on this drive week after the other.. well done @Gaurav Soni for managing the self recovery and hard luck @varunmehndiratta for miserably failing to get your wrangler stuck despite of hard you tried 😂😂
  6. I went last night for the test and was told they changed the validity to 24hrs now, that was after spending 90mins in the queue.. I plan to leave early and get the test then drive to the meeting location.. we meet at Adnoc Alsaad (854) 7:00am, right?
  7. @Srikumar been long time since we drove together and was hoping to catch-up this Friday however I want to explore Sweihan with Chaitanya so I signed out .. happily passing my seat to 1st on WL lucky @Abu Muhammad
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