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Desert Champions Trophy - 2021 - Winning Team

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  1. Yes, they have mentioned, the starting point would be a good camping spot. Thanks. Thats great. You guys would be camping at the starting point right ?
  2. Wow. That would be great would love to join. Would the camping location be at the exit point of the Dec 01 drive? I guess very limited hotels in vicinity, that's why decided to camp.
  3. Had an amazing drive - Thank you @Foxtrot Oscar and @Jeepie for guiding us through the technical dunes and the ones on the side slopes and the crossings on top of dunes - they were adventurous. Also learnt a lot on shoveling techniques - "Keep hitting the Single spot". This was my first afternoon drive - the setting sun was harsh on some angles but it was completely worth it - the golden hour was picturesque. Also thank you @Simon Claes - for picking my suction flag pole on our way back. I need to work on a clamp solution for the flag pole.
  4. Thank you for the amazing drive @Srikumar thoroughly enjoyed the drive. Also, special thanks to @Srikumar , @Niki , @Harshad Ashraf , @Nithin Vaidir and @Karthik Raptor - for helping me out when the valve on my tyre broke. @Carnity is truly an amazing and very helpful community. Looking forward for more such drives.
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed the drive today. It was thrilling to drive on the hard ridge of the dunes. On the descents with soft sand, felt what its like to surrender yourself to gravity. Amazing guidance by @Wrangeld - sure will make note and observe my descents. Thank you @Alex Raptor and @Jeepie for the support. Looking forward to the next drive.
  6. Hello All, I am Dinesh, I have had some excursions in the desert - no serious off-roading though. I drive a '14 Prado V6. It does come with front and rear stock tow hooks. I do have a pressure gauge and compressor. Looking forward for the weekend.
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