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  1. Looking forward to the drive @Mehmet Volga. We ended last weeks' Fewbie plus drive at the same meeting/starting point as your drive - the area we used to cross coming from the tar road, to get onto the track (crossing the cycle track) has turned into a large swamp with all the rain over the last weeks! We basically re- inflated right next to (parallel to) the cycle track, after looping on a side track. Just FYI as I wouldn't have known if I wasn't there on Saturday. 👍
  2. Thanks @M.Seidam for the enjoyable drive today..... Great weather and company for the drive, with varied terrain and sand conditions. I must say my favourite part was after crossing (the road) into Al Qudra - where the sand was drier and the pace quicker. By the way, congrats on managing to negotiate the Al Qudra dunes/terrain in your 2-wheel drive Xterra 🤣😂 Imagine what you could do if you used the 4-wheel drive option. Some pics in the gallery. Looking forward to the next one! 👍
  3. @Lorenzo Candelpergher sad to hear but wish you the best in your new chapter. I always appreciated your clear, precise and specific communication. Great explanations and efficient well-run drives... Little did I know that last weekend would be the final drive, with me as your second lead! You'll be missed. Go well!
  4. @Jeepie always sad to see the loss of an asset. I recall your sensible and calm approach, adding a level-headed element to the drives.... A powerful heart-felt post from @Wrangeld . Well done for having the courage to follow your heart - not everyone manages that. We hope to see you in a different capacity, possibly as a passenger next to Richard, in the future! Go well.
  5. @Frederic sounds like a great drive and day out! Unable to join unfortunately as will be at work. Please consider repeating this drive next month - as much as I love the desert driving, it would be good for the family to be included and see some varied terrain! 👍
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